Things to Consider Before Buying Youth Baseball Bat


Baseball has been a sport that many people follow as well as play in the world. There are lots of teams which are around in each country playing this sport. If you have to be good at baseball there are lots of things that you would have to do which includes practice.

Practicing the sport should start at a very young age which is the only way you can become good at it. As parents we should ensure that we get the right gear for our kids if they are interested in the sport of baseball.

This is the only way in which we can nurture the interest and talent that the child has towards playing baseball.

The baseball bat is something that every kid who wishes to play baseball should have. Getting the right type of baseball bat according to the age of the kid is very important. The sizes of the baseball bat differ and they have to be selected according to the body type of the child.

There are a few things that one has to consider before choosing to buy  Youth Baseball Bats for your child:

  • Material that the bat is made of
  • Length of the bat
  • Handles and grips of the bat
  • Weight

Material that the bat is made of:

There are also different types of bats which are available which are said to be made of different material. Commonly the baseball bats are either made of wood or metal. If you choose to purchase an aluminum bat for your child they can start using it immediately as it does not require a break-in-period.

However, if you choose to buy a bat made out of composite material it would require a break-in-period which can be about 100-150 bits. The advantage of using these bats made of composite material is the lesser amount of vibration it produces when the bat connects with the ball.

You may also choose to go for a hybrid version which is available in stores which are made of composite handles and aluminum barrels. These also do not require a break-in-period and can be used immediately by your child.

So keeping these things in mind you can choose the right material that you would want the bat to be which compliments your child’s requirement.

Length of the bat:

It is very important that you choose the right length of bat for your child. There are a few factors which determine what bat length you ought to choose for your child. This would include the height and weight of your son.

Typically, there are sizing charts which are available that you can choose to use which can help you determine the length to choose. You would however have to weigh your son before you start shopping which is the only way you can choose the right length for him.

In case you choose a longer bat it would require more strength from your son to be able to control it and swing it as well. They would help reach the ball better though than a shorter bat which is something you should consider too.

Handles and Grips:

You should consider the two options at hand for your child in terms of handles and grips. It is important that you talk to your son and get to know if he wants a thinner or thicker handle.

This is important because when it comes to absorbing shock and providing stability the thicker handle is a better option. The thinner handle on the other hand helps the player move quicker when it comes to bat swing. It is also better if you get a baseball bat with a knob as it would help the bat from slipping when your son swings it hard.


The weight of the bat directly affects the swing of your son. You should only choose a heavier bat if your son is strong and the advantage of it being providing mass during a hit.

You would have to keep in mind that a heavy bat would slow down the swing of the child as well. Bats of lesser weight are often for kids who are small and are not too strong.

So if you are able to take all these things into consideration before your purchase they you would be able to get your son the ideal bat. Despite taking all these things into consideration, the child has to be comfortable with the bat and swing.

That is the most important thing that matters for every kid. After all, if they are not comfortable with the bat that you buy for them it is not possible for them to be good at baseball at any stage. So ensure that you take your kid along while you go shopping for a youth baseball bat.


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