How to Take Care of and Maintain Recliners

maintain recliners

Did you know that taking great care of your reclining chair will significantly increase its lifespan without losing its great functionality? Follow the tips below to see how to maintain and take care of your recliner:

  1. The first step to taking care of your recliner involves regular oiling of all its mechanics. Apply three to five drops of suitable oil to the moving parts to prevent squeaking issues and ensure they function smoothly.
  2. To help maintain the form and shape of your recliner cushion and increase the comfort, be sure to have them refilled with the correct fillings.
  3. Regularly vacuum your recliner to prevent food, dust, and other particles from accumulating in its crevices. If you have pets that shed, you may want to keep them off your chair to help reduce pet hair accumulation.
  4. Ensure your chair upholstery doesn’t come into contact with harmful chemicals that might damage it or discolor it. This can affect its good looks, which can affect the entire look of the room. However, there are some products like faux leather polish that keep the material looking brand new.
  5. Always ensure that there’s sufficient space behind your recliner before deploying. Slamming your chair against the wall not only damages it, but this action also leaves your wall with ugly skid marks.
  6. If your chair has a microfiber upholstery, exposing it to air is recommended as it enables it to maintain its texture. Because the material has high water repellent properties, consider cleaning it off with a gentle cloth.

Leather Recliner Care and Maintenance

If you’re using leather recliners, follow the tips below to keep them highly functional and aesthetically appealing for a longer period of time:

  • Keep them out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Exposure to sunlight can lead to the development of cracks and other damages to the material. Likewise, keep it far from other heat sources like radiators and fireplaces because it can also cause damage.
  • Keep sharp objects from the sides of the chair as they can easily rip it off, causing further damage. If you’ve got kids, you need to be extra careful with your leather seat.
  • You can also condition them regularly with a valid leather condition to help maintain their brand new look. If your recliner does not have genuine leather upholstery, you can also buy faux leather polish for polyurethane upholstery.
  • In case of any spills, simply blot your leather chair to help maintain its shape, form, and texture; don’t use water or other liquids for this process. Dusting is enough.
  • After some months or years of use, your seat might become dirty and dusty. That means you’ll need to clean it to make it look as clean as new.

But how do you clean leather upholstery? It’s simple.

First, mix some lemon juice and cream of tartar in a bowl to form a paste.

Then, with the help of clean clothing, gently apply the paste on the ugly spots. Allow it to stay for several hours, and then you’ll notice magical improvements in the looks.

Finally, wipe away the used paste and enjoy the clean chair.

Along with these great care and maintenance tips for your reclining chair, I’d also advise you to check your user manual for more information. The manual should give additional tips on how to take care of and maintain your chair.

Hopefully these tips help so that your recliners last long. Make sure to get the most comfortable and durable recliners from our top picks and reviews.


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