Narcolepsy Medication and Treatment


Before we get on to narcolepsy medication, it is important to learn about the health ailment first. Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder that affects particular part of the brain whose work is to regulate the urge of falling asleep and to get off the sleep. 

The person suffering from narcolepsy may fall asleep while working, studying, or in some unfortunate cases, even riding or driving. The ailment of narcolepsy affects approximately 1 in 2,000 of general population.

The condition is also thought to origin from our ancestor i.e. no body denies that it cannot be a genetic disorder.

Narcolepsy Medication

Narcolepsy is a lifelong condition. However, the person suffering from this ailment can adopt certain lifestyle changes and  narcolepsy medication that help reducing symptoms, improving alertness and enjoying a zealous active life.

Typical narcolepsy mediation is not yet set but then, a combination of some therapies and medication may help controlling the signs and symptoms of the ailment narcolepsy.

Most of the health care providers recommend treatment for narcolepsy by combining an art of mental counseling, prescription of certain pills or medication, and advising required behavioral changes.

Narcolepsy Treatment

Curing narcolepsy through positive counseling and support group

The symptoms of deep sleep problem especially sleep attacks and cataplexy may cause makeable embarrassment and bring on severe problems on person’s capability to live a healthy life. The episodes of the condition could be dreadful, and the sufferer may get depressed as he or she loses self-control.

The fear of getting asleep or a collapse without any notification makes some victims becoming reclusive and panic. Depression in patients with narcolepsy is clearly not uncommon. Consulting professional psychologists, counselors, or supporting groups may assist solving the case without disturbing the person.

Narcolepsy medication for episodes and symptoms through Behavioral changes

The treatment through behavioral changes is generally accompanied with pills or medications. This helps a victim managing narcolepsy symptoms. A combination of various therapies might improve alertness and assists patient controlling the effects of episodes of the ailment.

Medicines for curing narcolepsy

Medicines are observed to help in treating the major symptoms of the health ailment. The symptoms of sleepiness and cataplexy can be tackled using certain medicines. The most common prescribed drugs for treating narcolepsy include sodium oxybate, stimulants and antidepressants.

As common with modern medicines, all narcolepsy medications may have side effects and hence, it is better to consult concerned health care provider before starting any course for narcolepsy. Hence, it is highly recommended that behavior changes, mental counseling, meditation and other holistic approaches is necessary along with narcolepsy medication to treat the condition fully and without any harm.


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