Leather and Polyester sofa, which one is the Best for Your Home Use?

Normally, anybody who is shopping for home furniture will be looking for the best quality. They will want to make sure that what they paid for is what they are getting.

If carefully chosen, the material you used for your Sofas will surely bring you happiness in the long run.

Therefore, when you are choosing the Sofa for your home, the first thing you should look for is the fabric and the level of its quality.

There are assorted types of sofa materials available but you should take into consideration the style of life you are living, the occupants of your home and the environment surrounding your home.

This will help you to make the perfect choice of Sofa which will be comfortable and suitable for you.

In this article, we chose the Leather and the Polyester materials to compare which is better for your home use.

The polyester material is a commonly used material in the design of a sofa. It is made up of natural chemicals found in plant cuticles and synthetic fibers like poly butyrate.

Polyester sofas are designed with microfiber, canvas, velour, satin, polyester, tweed and a few faux types of leather.

There are so many benefits you can derive from polyester made Sofas. It is solid and its synthetic fiber enables it to withstand the stress of everyday use.

Polyester material is good to be used on sofas because it is highly resistant to stain.

The color cannot fade easily or alter very fast. When a polyester material is spun together with other materials like cotton, it becomes more resistant to shrinking, resistant to tear and wrinkle free. Though it is not resistant to fire hence it tends to shrink and known to trap water easily.

Sofas made with polyester material are known to have the following features;

  • They are highly strong
  • They last for a long time
  • Polyester sofas are resistant to tearing, shrinking, some chemicals, stretching and abrasions.
  • It has a hydrophobic nature which enables it to dry out water easily.
  • You can dry clean your polyester Sofa and dry it without problems.
  • Polyester sofas maintain its shape due to the elasticity of the fibers and its resilience. You don't need to worry that your sofa will sag one day due to age.

Tips on how to make your polyester sofa last long

  • Do not expose your sofa to too much heat or burning.
  • Remember not to remove the cushion covering of your sofa or passing it through the dryer.
  • Do not place hot irons or another heat object on it
  • When cleaning your sofa, use mild liquid detergent, a soft brush, tape roller or a lint brush.

On the other hand, leather materials are strong natural materials that come from animal skin. Leather comes from the whole pieces of animal hide.

If you get the top-grain leather material, you will find out that it is smoothest, natural, supple and the best kind of Sofa material that you can buy with money.

Every inch of the leather material is unique and has its own individual feel. Leather material is a natural product and this made it too easily change to the weather conditions.

Real leather generally feels tough when you touch it and if it is used in the designing of a sofa, it does not expand.

Sofas designed with the leather material have the tendency to last five years more than Sofas designed with other materials.

This is as a result of the pure animal hide that is used in the construction. The leather is highly strong and resistant to tear, wear or abrasions.

Leather made sofas are likely to last you for a very long time unlike other soft materials in the market today. It can be easily cleaned up and can survive the tests of time.

If your home is graced with leather Sofas, it signifies class because nothing equals the sophistication of leather Sofas in a home. Leather Sofas in your lounge gives a room dignity airy without the help of cleaners.

In fact, if your home is decorated with leather Sofas, you don't need to worry about having pets, babies or kids around.

Although leather sofas are tough and powerful, they still require a lot of pampering. The downside of leather material is that it seems to be affected by the weather conditions.

Whenever the temperature is high, leather materials can be sticky or sweaty to touch or sit on and when the weather is cold, it tends to be too cold to sit on. Also, leather Sofas are a bit on the high side when it comes to the buying price but when you finally acquire one, you will have a sense of pride and accomplishment.

If you want your leather Sofas to maintain its unique nature, you will have to do the following;

  • When purchasing, make sure to acquire the real high-grade leather and not the bonded leather. This is because bonded leather is not the entire skin of an animal rather it is left-over pieces of skin that are reconstituted to form a leather material.
  • You will need to moisturize the leather material constantly so that it remains soft to the touch.
  • Choose colored leather instead of white that will be high-maintenance.
  • Make sure that the temperature of your room is kept at the right comfort levels.
  • When cleaning your leather Sofa, apply gentleness, only clean with a conditioner or saddle soap.
  • Keep your leather sofa away from the sun.
  • Make sure to condition your leather sofas two times every year.

In summary, buying the furniture for your home is an important venture and any decision you made will totally reflect on you rightfully or wrongly.

Although the Sofas designed with the Polyester material are strong and can last longer, they are created from chemical contents.

Whereas leather Sofas are made from a natural real animal hide that brings out the naturalness in a room. It lasts for a long time while maintaining its initial dignity.

In fact, leather material Sofas will bring class, high-end and sophistication to your home that will give you joy and a sense of accomplishment.


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