Is Manuka Honey Good for Colds and Coughs? Let’s Find Out


Remember the good old days when your mother fed you with teaspoonful of honey just before hitting the sack whenever you had a cold?

I bet you really enjoyed the treat but I doubt if you were aware it was medicine against the cold flu.

Honey has been used for millennia to treat colds and coughs but the question is, what about Manuka Honey?

Does it have the same benefits against colds and coughs?

At first you need to know....

What is Manuka honey?

Before we delve into whether or not Manuka honey is good for colds and coughs, it would be good to define Manuka honey first.

Manuka honey refers to a special type of honey that is produced by bees that pollinate the Manuka scrub in New Zealand. It has been showed to have numerous healing properties well beyond what other types of honey contain.

The Usefulness of Honey in Relieving Colds and Coughs

The WHO (World Health Organization) and the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) have, for a long time, recommended the use of honey in calming coughs. In this case, the word ‘honey’ is used to refer to all sorts of honey, including Manuka honey.

WHO particularly recommends that the developing nations which might not have access to regular medication turn to honey as a means of dealing with coughs and colds.

Here are a few scientific studies that have been carried out to confirm the capability of honey in fighting colds:

One study done in the United States illustrated that honey performs better at relieving colds than other treatments, including OTC drugs.

Another research was performed in 2012, where one to four different cough treatments were administered to 300 kids. The first three treatments were various types of honey, while the fourth treatment was a placebo.

At the end of the study, it was concluded that one (Manuka honey) of the 3 types of honey was more effective at treating coughs than the placebo.

Upon further investigations, the researchers found out that Manuka honey had more than 180 natural compounds along with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties useful in fighting colds and coughs.

So, is Manuka Honey Good for Colds and Coughs?

Back to the theme of this post – is Manuka effective at treating colds and coughs?

Manuka honey is in a class of its own when it comes to classification of honey. That’s because it’s full of healing agents that ordinary honey does not contain.

Apart from that, many studies have showed the value of honey in dealing with colds and coughs. Even WHO recognizes honey as a great alternative treatment for colds.

My take is, if ordinary honey is recognized as a great remedy for cold flu, Manuka honey, which happens to be a superior type of honey, is most definitely good for colds and coughs.

How to Use Manuka to Treat Cold Flu

Now you’re aware of the power of Manuka honey in kicking out colds and coughs, but you might ask, “How should I use Manuka honey to treat cold flu?”

According to medical experts, you should take the honey alone for best results. If you seek excellent results, do not mix it with other substances. Consider following this dosage plan when taking this special honey for colds and coughs:

  • For adults – A teaspoonful around 3 to 4 times per day
  • For kids above one year – A spoonful just before going to bed. Be sure to consult with your doctor first to ensure there is no potential risk

As for children below the age of 1 year, it’d be good to avoid giving them Manuka honey as their digestive tract has not developed fully.

When looking to use Manuka honey to treat colds and coughs, be sure to go for the best quality to achieve the best results.

Get medical grade Manuka honey, as it has been sourced from hygienic places, extracted safely, and undergone careful testing to ensure that it doesn’t get contaminated with harmful elements.

Aim for medical grade Manuka honey with a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating of 10 and above, as it contains high concentrations of antibacterial and antimicrobial agents.


As far as I’m concerned, there is no better way to deal with colds and coughs than to use Manuka honey. You only need 3 to 4 teaspoonfuls for yourself and a spoonful of this remedy for your child every day.

Remember, Manuka honey is not good for colds alone. It as a full range of other medical benefits, including the ability to ease stomach upsets, heal sinus infections, and boost your immunity.


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