How to Use and Take Care of Socket Sets

socket sets

How to Use Socket Sets

Using sockets is very straightforward. To use them you have to follow these steps.

  • Select the correct socket that matches the fasteners. Check both the SAE and Metric sockets for the best fit.
  • Attach the socket with the ratchet. Make sure the socket and ratchet drive is the same.
  • Check the turning direction and fix it accordingly to the direction of fastening or loosening.
  • Place the socket on the fastener.
  • Turn the fastener and keep turning.
  • Remove the socket from the ratchet.

Use an adapter if the socket drive and ratchet drive doesn’t match.

Use an extension bar or universal joint for hard to reach the place.

Maintaining and Taking Care of Socket Sets

No tool will last long if proper care isn’t taken. Same for socket sets. For long-term durability of your socket set, you can follow these tips.

Torque Maintenance

When you work with rusted bolts or stuck fasteners, never use a socket to apply very high torque. They can be damaged. In such condition, you can wet the fasteners with oil and then use a heavy duty wrench.


Always clean the sockets after use. You will often find sockets getting dirty with dust and oil mix. Sock them with clean oil and then dry with cloths. You can also use flossing brush to clean small sockets and old toothbrush for large sockets.


You will have a carrying case with all socket sets. So always keep the sockets organized in them. If you don’t have a box to store, buy one and put the socket covered with clothes so that there is no friction with the box and sockets.

Different Uses for Socket Sets

Wherever there is a use of fasteners, there is a use of socket sets. Some of the most common use of socket sets are as follows.

Car Engines

Car engines have very complex design and in most of the cases, a general wrench can reach the position of the fasteners. Therefore, the only solution in this case is sockets.


In every automotive, a wide range of fasteners are used. Therefore, the one who works with them has to deal with fasteners of different types, sizes, and shapes. But maintaining a wrench for every type isn’t possible. Therefore, here socket sets help most.

Home Maintenance

Look over your rooms and you will find the use of fasteners everywhere. And for maintenance of them, you will need socket sets as having a different wrench for them isn’t possible.


Different types of appliances and electronics use small fasteners of numerous sizes. Some of the socket set has large varieties of drivers for these fasteners.


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