How To Unclog A Dishwasher – What You Need To Know

A newly cleaned and unclogged Dishwasher

Your dishwasher not draining? Don't let a clogged dishwasher ruin your entire day. Learn how to unclog a dishwasher before calling a costly plumber.

Most of us have been there before. You open up your dishwasher only to find the bottom of the machine is filled with soapy water. However, don't call a plumber yet.

Chances are, you can sort out the problem yourself by learning a few tricks.

How to Unclog a Dishwasher - Step by Step

You purchased the best dishwasher you could afford. Additionally, it even came with a self-cleaning filter. Nevertheless, it seems almost inevitable that there will come a day when that isn't enough. You end up with a clogged dishwasher.

However, unclogging a dishwasher is a relatively simple, straightforward process.

Preliminary checks

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There are a few initial checks to make before you break out your toolset.

Firstly, check your power source. Dishwashers typically plug into an electrical outlet with a switch. Make sure you didn't accidentally turn off the switch in the middle of a cycle.

Secondly, check the dishwasher door. If it isn't firmly closed and latched, it won't properly drain. Try closing the door again, latch it, and rerun the last cycle to see if that solves the problem.

Thirdly, check the dishwasher's cycle. If the cycle was disrupted for some reason, this might be the reason your dishwasher didn't drain. To remedy this situation, look for a button labeled cancel or drain.

If your machine doesn't have one, you may need to press a combination of buttons to drain it. Refer to your user manual or look online to look up this information.

How to unclog a dishwasher

Below is a detailed step-by-step set of instructions for unclogging a dishwasher.

Firstly, you want to unplug the dishwasher just to be safe. Secondly, remove as much of the standing water as you can from the bottom of the dishwasher. Thirdly, remove the bottom sprayer arm. It should lift up. Fourthly, remove any food debris you see.

Fifthly, remove the filter by pushing on the pressure lock and rotating the filter assembly. Sixthly, remove any slime or debris clogging the screen assembly by rinsing it in your sink.

Seventhly, as a precautionary measure, you might want to run a small snake through the drain pipe to dislodge any other clogs. Eighthly, replace the filter assembly.

Chances are, your dishwasher will drain properly now. If not, you might need to call a plumber after all.

What We Learned Today About Unclogging a Dishwasher

We hope you enjoyed our article discussing how to unclog a dishwasher. Following the simple steps detailed above could save you a costly visit by a plumber.

Now we would love to hear from you. Using the comments section below, share your experiences with learning how to unclog a dishwasher.

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