How to Pack and Smoke From a Bowl? Here Your Answer

So you’re a big boy or gal now and you’ve bought yourself a pretty little bowl to smoke from. But since you’re here, we gather you need to learn a thing or two about how to properly pack a bowl.

This will not only help you with using your weed pipe correctly, but it will also ensure you’ll be getting the best high possible.

First off, you should know that if you have lung problems, it may be best to put your pipe to sleep. And if you’ve never done it before, just take it slow and easy to avoid any health issues. And now that we’ve got this out of the way, let’s proceed with our guide on how to smoke from a bowl. 

What You Need?

Let’s start with the essential things you need to pack for your trip:

  • Weed (Duh). If you’re a beginner, it’s best to find a stain that is high in CBD (Harlequin or Pennywise) or low in THC (Waui, Plushberry or Chernobyl).
  • Bowl (of your pipe/bong). They come in all shapes and sizes and they pretty much have the same components, so we’re not going to go into further detail.
  • Matches or a lighter.
  • Comfy furniture for you to relax on.

How to Smoke From a Bowl- Step by Step Guide

1. Clean the Bowl

Before anything else, make sure the bowl is clean and there are no remains or ashes from the previous use.

2. Grind the Weed

Using a weed grinder, you need to grind your cannabis to utmost artistical precision. Just check again that there isn’t any clogging in the pipe, OK?

3. Choose a Nug

Find a bigger nug or two that are just a bit larger than the hole at the bottom of your bowl. Remove the seeds and stems and place the pieces at the bottom. By doing this, the nug or nuggets will act as support for the ground weed we’ve discussed earlier. It will prevent those smaller bits from getting to the water chamber.

4. Put the Weed in the Bowl

So, we’re finally here. It’s time to put the cannabis in your bowl and press down gently on it. The mound should be even with the rim of the bowl. It’s important you pack the bud sufficiently. Otherwise, it won’t burn well. But don’t pack it too much either, it’ll just result in dead spots.

5. Light It Up

There you have it – the best way to pack your bowl. You’re done! Congrats! Now all you need to do is to burn it up and smoke it up. Savor it, you’ve earned it!

A Few Other Tips

  • Use a glass bowl. Glass bowls are the best for smoking cannabis. They provide the purest smoke because glass is noncombustible and non-porous. This ensures your weed will taste better than with bowls made of wood, clay, or other materials.
  • Position the flame as you inhale. A common mistake among beginners is that they don’t hold the lighter to the bowl while hitting it. You must keep the flame over the top of the bowl while inhaling until it stays lit on its own. This way, you can pass it on to your friends without relighting it.
  • Don’t exhale with the mouth still on the pipe. This will only have the weed flying out the bowl and ruin it.
  • Cough if you feel like it. Coughing does not mean you’re high. So if you feel a cough coming up, it’s best to exhale.
  • Buy a screen if needed. If the hole at the bottom of the bowl is too big for you to “fix” with a nug or two, buy a screen. It will prevent the pieces of weed from falling into your bong or pipe as you smoke it. You’ll find plenty of screens at smoke shops, and they’re also quite cheap.
Final Weedy Thoughts

Now – at least in theory – you know how to pack a bowl the right way. We hope you wrote all this down like a nice boy or gal, and will properly put this knowledge into practice.

Just remember that, as will all things, it takes a bit of practice. But you’ll probably master the whole process in no time.On a last final note, remember that smoking etiquette is important too. 

So when you’re smoking with friends, “corner the bowl”. This means you have to burn a small part of the green cannabis so everyone has the chance of enjoying fresh weed. 
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