How To Increase The Oxygen Level While Sleep: 3 Things You Can Do

How To Increase The Oxygen Level While Sleep

Keep in mind that anything below 90% oxygen level puts your health at risk and requires quick medical intervention. I didn't want to scare you with that, but the brain needs only 4 minutes to survive once the oxygen is cut off your body.

Many people with sleep apnea or COPD face similar challenges. The good news is that you can control and regulate the oxygen. In this article, you will learn the following:

>>Oxygen level during sleep.

>>The 3 ways you can raise your oxygen level.

At the end, you will be in a position to tackle and take care of this problem with ease.

How the Oxygen Level Drops During Sleep

The upper airway muscle tone narrows and closes temporarily when you sleep. This stops breathing, leading to a drop of blood oxygen level and arousal from sleep.

The low oxygen levels lead to fatigue and causes more restless. A drop in oxygen level leads to a rise in carbon dioxide level in the blood. The onset of this leads to morning headaches, fatigues and sleepiness in the cause of the day. Here the three ways to increase oxygen levels.

Add plants

A natural alternative approach is to add a plant in your house. Addition of plants like areca palm, snake plant and money plant leads to increase of the oxygen level in the house naturally.

In addition to that you can also add natural purifiers like a salt lamp, peace lily and bamboo charcoal. These purifiers clean the air that you breathe at home.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machine.

If you have a serious problem and you want a permanent solution, then consider having CPAP machine. The CPAP machine supplies you with enough oxygen and keeps the breathing airways open.

Try the Pulse Oximeter.

If you're on treatment, know that you need to monitor the condition. That's the only way of knowing if you're making progress. One way of finding out is through the Pulse Oximeter. The Pulse oximeter checks and tracks oxygen changes in the room. If there is low oxygen, you will get informed immediately using this little device.

Change in lifestyle.

Low level oxygen is not something that happens out of the blue. There are few cases where one is born with low oxygen levels.

The major causes of this happen because of lifestyle adjustment that we make. To lower risk of this try quitting the following habits:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Misuse of illegal drugs
  • Smoking
  • Poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, which leads to obesity
  • Sleep apnea.

Healthy Fluids.

Stay and remain hydrated. Hydration improves your energy level. Water is a combination of two molecules, hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms.

Hydration makes it easier for the blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the body. You don't need to limit yourself to water. You can try fluids like smoothies, shakes or organic juice they will help you recover the benefit of drinking water every day.


It is not what you would expect from me to say but exercises are known for healing any breathing problem that anyone may have. Not only do they open your lungs but make you live a healthy lifestyle at home. Since oxygen level is mostly associated with obese people, exercise becomes a vital way of opening up for the lungs.

Breathing Techniques That Improve Body Oxygen (DIY Test)​


You can raise the oxygen level at night if you apply these strategies. Oxygen reduction is dangerous; it is something that leads to death if not taken care of fast. If you have severe conditions consider investing in a CPAP machine and pulse oximeter.


  1. Can you Help me I’m on Cpap so that will Help my Oxygen Levels to Not Drop at Night Hopefully, is it Better that I have a 90-94% Oxygen level most of the Time? Today I Did a 6 minute Lung Function Walk with the pulse oximeter on
    Well at First Start Oxygen was at 94% then after 4 Minutes I Dropped to a 88% they gave me 1 liter if Oxygen and the other 2 minutes of Walking I went to a 90%, Don’t want Full Time Oxygen, Have to see what Pulmonary Dr.Say’s, Think I’m ok far as My Oxygen Number’s
    Just wanted to know if Someone Understands!
    I Prayed about it,
    Very Concern about this Suddenly Oxygen Levels!!
    God Bless, Can Someone Respond Please!! Would Appreciate it!!!


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