How Does a Steering Wheel Lock Work Everything You Need to Know

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More and more people are seeking an answer to "how does a steering wheel lock work?" which isn't all that surprising, considering that more than half a million vehicles are stolen in the U.S. each year.

If you don't want to become a victim of vehicle crime, then you must take the necessary precautions. And no, investing in an ignition lock cylinder, which secures your wheel in place until you insert your key in the ignition, isn't enough. An experienced thief will have no trouble removing the ignition lock assembly.

Those who own cars with keyless entry shouldn't assume that they're safe, either. Criminals now have access to specialist tools with which they can break into vehicles with a remote keyless system in mere seconds.

A steering wheel lock is an old-fashioned but reliable solution. So, how does a  steering wheel lock work?

What Is a Steering Wheel Lock?

A steering wheel lock is a device that locks your steering wheel, making it practically impossible to move it unless you remove the lock first.

If a thief decides to steal your car, he won't be able to turn the wheel far enough to maneuver the car around corners and turns successfully. In some cases, the thief might not be able to drive the vehicle at all.

Types of steering wheel locks

Traditional lock

Wheel-to-pedal lock

Enclosed lock

How Does a Steering Wheel Lock Work?

A steering wheel lock works by locking around the steering wheel of your car. The exact way in which it does this differs depending on the type of steering wheel lock that you choose. All three types discussed above are super easy to install.

As mentioned already, a steering wheel lock acts as a physical barrier, which hinders the movement of the wheel. But it's also a great visual deterrent. The chances that a thief will choose to break into a car with a steering wheel lock are very slim.

Just think about it. Thieves want speed and silence. A steering wheel lock prevents them from making a quick getaway. It also stops them from doing so quietly as the only way to get rid of a steering wheel lock is to use power tools.

A Short Guide to Buying a Steering Wheel Lock

Some steering wheel locks are better than others, so make sure that you do your homework before you make the purchase.

It's all about the size

Choose steel

Visuals matter too

How Does a Steering Wheel Lock Work? Now You Know!

The answer to "how does a steering wheel lock work?" is straightforward. However, just because you secure your steering wheel with a lock, it doesn't mean that your car is safe.

Even with the steering wheel lock in place, always lock your car doors, close all the windows, and park in well-lit and busy areas. If you want to take it a step further, invest in the best wheel locks.

Now that you know the answer to "how does a steering wheel lock work?" are you 

thinking of getting one for your car? Let us know below!

Featured Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash


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