The Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

garage floor epoxy benefits

We all have a floor at the garage which we’re not so attentive in. It’s barely taken care of in spite of being one of the essential reasons of productivity and safety.

But if you do care about the health of your garage floor, epoxy coating can be one of the best options for you to make it last longer. In this section, that’s what we’ll be talking about.

For reminding you about the perks of it once more, here are the top 5 benefits of having an epoxy coated garage cleaner.

Resistance to Floor Damage

That’s many of our favorite reason to put an epoxy coating on the floor. Harmful materials like gasoline, oil, bleach, cleaners, transmission fluids, lubricants are very likely to stick to the floor while working. Same occurs to automate industries as well.

Epoxy coating is a premium quality water and heat resistant material absorber. Also, it’s impervious to most of the chemicals. So, no matter you’re cleaning the car or doing some automobile works, you can leave the worries of floor damage away.

To Boost Up the Durability

Epoxy coats have an active effect to increase the active lifespan of garage floor. In fact, epoxy floors are way durable than many other types (concrete is an exception though). Besides, they decrease the impacts of fatigue structure.

But one condition applies to make this happen. When you do an epoxy coating on the floor, it needs to be perfectly sealed and maintained.

They Are Easy to Clean

When you think of those sticky oils and grease on the garage floor, hardly you’ll want to do a clean job on it. Those stubborn dirt leaves even its permanent marks. But with an epoxy coated floor, that’s not a problem anymore.

On such a floor, a smooth and textured coating can be easy broom-swept or vacuum-cleaned. No manual effort is needed to take all the dirt away.

Safe and Slip Resistant

On many of the smooth coats on floors, I’ve seen it to be too slippery after the job. But that doesn’t work at all for epoxy coating. Also, they are not only slip-resistant, but also resistant to fire and excessive heat. So, the threat of security is long gone.

Attractive in Outlook

Lastly, they have a charming visual appeal to everyone. I know that the garage is not a place that has to get a lot visitors. But it’s a mental peace to yourself. And also, it will create a visual appeal to any visitors it has.

How to Take Care of Your Garage Floor

Taking care of a garage floor isn’t that hard but you have to make sure you do this regularly because if you not, the small particles will be compounded and create the ultimate bad appearance.

Here’s a small checklist for proper maintenance of a garage floor.

  • Always use a welding mat when you weld because the small iron particles that come out from the welder is hot and causes damage to the epoxy floor.
  • Use a welcome mat to keep the dust-out.
  • Don’t use any cleaner that contains acid.
  • Scrub the floor regularly.
  • Place a mat under the metal gears.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor.
  • Don’t apply heavy load on any dust, they can get permanent.
  • If anything requires to scrub out, scrub lightly.

Hopefully this is helpful to show what the benefits of epoxy coating for your garage floor are as well as how to maintain a nice garage floor.

Let us know if you have any questions about epoxy coating your garage.


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