Everything You Need To Know About a Sleep Apnea Mask


Sleep apnea masks are specially made devices that help curing the sleep disorder (sleep apnea) wherein the person or sufferer feels a lot of problems in breathing while sleeping. Popularly known as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is the technique that assists the person in breathing in without any difficulties. 

The machines help for continuous positive airway pressure push controlled blow of air through the medical pump, which is attached to a flexible tube.

The flexible tube is attached to patient’s mouth through sleep apnea mask and its role in this scenario is to allow air gently blowing into the posterior wall of the throat keeping the whole airway open and wide.

How Sleep Apnea Masks Should Be?

The sleep apnea masks are the devices that help in keeping the windpipe and tract widened and opened so as to have flawless breathing without any hassles. The mask should both make a seal and equally should be comfortable for wearing. It sleep apnea mask is too large, the straps it has needs to be overly tightened that may create problem for the wearer. It may also cause skin irritation and soreness. On the other hand, if mask for sleep ​apnea is too small, it won’t seal the area properly and hence the air would leak through the borders. It is therefore important to get sleep apnea mask that is fitting good.

Types Of Sleep Apnea Masks

Full Facemask is used for sleep apnea problem. This mask includes covering of both the nose and the mouth. This kind of mask used for sleep apnea is used when other masks are not fitting properly onto the patient.

Nasal Mask for sleep apnea, as the term suggests, is fitting particularly the nose of the sufferer. It is most commonly used CPAP sleep apnea mask. If this mask is not fitting properly, the health care provider may opt for full face mask described above.

Nasal Pillows are specially designed pillows that use soft silicone tubes fitting directly into the nostrils. These pillows also help eliminating the air leaking which is the commonest problem for most of the masks. Greater freedom and easy use of nasal pillows as sleep apnea masks make them widely adopted devices to treat the sleep disorder.

Sleep apnea masks are generally triangular in shape so that to fit perfectly onto the mouth and nose that make triangle area on the face. Masks do have adjustable straps for wrapping around the head as to keep them in their places.

They are made up of hard plastic and a soft silicone seal that is generally skin-friendly. In some rare cases, these masks may develop skin irritation for what one has to contact health care provider. Also, since they come direct in contact with patient’s airway, it is very important to have hygiene maintained. Sleep apnea masks are never to be reused.


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