Everything You Need To Know About a Golf Push Cart


Golfers these days are not like the olden days when it was a game for the rich. This means carrying their golf bags was done by their caddy and the golfer just had to walk around the golf course.

However, same is not the case these days as more people have taken to the sport of golf.

Although more people have taken to this sport, not all of them are able to afford a caddy to be able to carry their golf bags around the course.

The solution to this is said to have come along with the use of a golf push cart. Most of us either use a push-pull cart when they are out to play in the green. This is can greatly reduce the burden of carrying the equipment around the golf course.

You may notice that most golf courses or clubs provide golfers with equipment that they can rent. This also includes a push-pull golf cart which may be available at the course.

However, you may have to pay a rent each time you prefer to use a golf p-pull cart at the club you play at. If you are a regular golfer, you may not like the idea of having to pay a rent to use the equipment at a golf course.

One of the main reasons to it would be that each of the carts may vary in design and require different type of assembling or disassembling. You would not want to waste too much time with this process at all. The way in which you use a cart may also vary which may at times turn out to be more of a hindrance than a help to you.

This is why you can choose to buy a golf pull-push cart for yourself which may suit your requirements. There are both sophisticated pull-push carts and ones which are basic.

Although both serve the same purpose they differ when it comes to its pricing. You can choose between the ones which fit your needs just about perfectly.

Here are a certain things you can consider before buying your own push-pull cart:

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Larger Wheels:

You would have to understand the science involved with different types of push-pull carts. It is important that you would have to not just understand this but also buy your push-pull cart based on this so as to have a smooth pull or push when at the green.

There are a lot of terrains which are involved with a golf course. This includes solid ground as well as rugged areas. Sometimes one has to even maneuver the cart into areas of instability.

If you are able to choose a golf cart with large tires then it is possible for you to have easy maneuverability through all terrains.


More often than not you would be carrying your golf push-pull cart from and to the golf course. If you are able to choose a golf cart that is collapsible then things would become easier for you.

You may just collapse it and put it in the trunk of your car and take it out when you use it at the golf course.

When you go home you can take it out and store it in the place that you like. This would give you the luxury of not having to carry your golf bag around the golf course.

Easy handling

There are so many features that come along with golf push-pull carts these days. One has to look at all these features and only purchase the one with the features that they require.

It is because the more the features the heavier the golf cart can become. So you would have to select a golf cart which only has the features that you require and not more.

Fancy features which you may not use must be avoided which can become a burden to you later with the weight or heaviness it brings to the cart.

Breaking system

Keeping the cart stationary when on an incline is mandatory for any golfer. After all you would not want to run behind their cart when you have to leave it on an incline. So having an effective breaking system is necessary for your cart.

While most of the models in the market come along with breaks at the wheel they often serve only one purpose. This purpose is to keep the cart stationary and nothing else. While you would have to move the cart downhill it is possible for you to lose control of the cart easily.

You should find a cart which has a cable breaking mechanism. This can help you slow down the cart when downhill which can give you better control over the cart at all times.


You would come to agree that golfing is a game which involves a lot of standing and walking around the green.

If you are a person who gets tired easily then you should consider purchasing a golf cart which has a seat in it. You can use this seat while waiting for your turn.

Optional accessories

You can consider things such as a water holder, umbrella and a gear compartment. These things can come in handy for your golf cart which may also be something that you can consider.

If you purchase a golf cart taking the above things into consideration, then you can be rest assured that you would enjoy the game even more than ever before.

There are online stores, online auction stores, sports supply stores, and even golf supply stores.

Some of these stores may even be able to provide these golf carts to you at discounted prices if you are able to look around for them.

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