How to Disassemble a Reclining Sofa to Move: Expert Guide

How to Disassemble a Reclining Sofa to Move

Recliners are convenient furniture's that are necessary to be in the house but when it comes to moving them, you will find out that they are not so convenient.

Recliners are designed to be bulky in size and a heavy weight Also the dimensions used to design them would not allow you to move it smoothly out of the doorway.

To disassemble your reclining sofa so that you can move it to a different position in your house or when you are packing out from that particular house is not an easy task to accomplish.

Most of the time, you will need the services of professionals to achieve this task.

Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to face this problem alone, carefully follow these instructions to enable you effectively carry out the job.

Before You Start with The Disassembling:

  1. Make sure that the electrical power of your recliner is switched off if the model you are using moves the footrest by electricity. This will prevent accidents like electrocution and damages to the recliner itself.
  2. Take a picture of the recliner before you start disassembling it and a picture after disassembling.

Provide separate plastic bags that you will use to put all the different screws, washers, nuts and bolts from different parts of the recliner.

Tools for the Disassembling Recliner Sofa:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Plastic zipper bags or container
  4. Straps
  5. Flat-blade screwdriver
  6. Moving blanket

When you have procured all these things, prepare for the disassembling by considering the following;

The Backrest:

For a successful disassembling, you need to bring down the reclining back of the sofa. If the model of your recliner is designed with levers which are situated at the back seams of the sofa, you can use a screwdriver to adjust the lever. If your model does not have levers, gently turn the recliner onto its back to see the bolts that connect the backrest to the seat.

The Velcro Paneling:

This panel is padded up with fabric that is joined together with strong Velcro. Therefore, if you lose it; you will be able to get to the levers and the screws that hold the recliner together.​

The footrest:

You will need to extend the footrest so that you can remove the bolts and the screws that are holding it together. If the connecting bolts or screws are not visible, you can push the recliner forward so that the bottom of the sofa will come up for easier visual. Only when this is done, will you be able to lose the center consoles, the cushion covering and the spring sets sometimes known as armrests.​

Disassembling Proper

  • Clear out all the slipcovers or paddings on the recliner. You can only achieve this by sliding your hand inside the space between the base and the back of your recliner then lose the lever that is located at the end.
  • Release the padded back of the recliner. Pull upward when the cushion is being held down so as to release the clips that connect it to the recliner.
  • Pull the recliner face down to Check the underneath parts. Then lose the screws that held the bracket joining to the armrest.
  • Clear out the bracket joining to keep the recliner in a vertical position. Then with the seat base faced up, lose the bolts from the lower back of the recliner to arms.
  • Remove all the loose screws and package them then lift the cushion that is used to cover the recliner away from the frame base.
  • Reposition the recliner sideways so that you can bring out all the bolts that are used to join the arm to the base.
  • Straighten the recliner up again and pull out the arms one after the other so that they will be free from the frame.
  • Package all the screws, nuts and bolts you loosed out after taking a picture of the disassembling.

You don’t need to be the next time you want to disassemble your reclining sofa. Just follow these steps which we have outlined above and you will handle it like a professional.


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