How To Change A Drill Bit On A Cordless Drill


It is a skill that most professionals struggle with yet, knowing how to a change a drill bit extends the lifespan of the power drill. Whether you are using a power a drill for DIY projects or professional work, changing the drill makes it easy for you to work on multiple materials from plastering, wood to metal.

Corded drill  is different from an electrical cord. Both of them require different skill set in changing or adjusting their drill. For instance, an electric drill has a key chuck. And the key chuck is mostly loosened or tightens using a key. All you need is to insert the key and loosen or tighten the key chuck.

On the other hand, a cordless drill has key apart from the drill bit. You only loosen or tighten the drill bit using drill power. Want to know how to do it, here is the exact step you can use to loosen or tighten the drill bit on a cordless drill.

What You Need to Know Before Changing the Drill

The chuck- This is the piece in front of the cordless drill that holds the drill bit together. It has three pieces of jaws which clamp together to tighten or loosen.

If you are going to work with a cordless drill, make sure that the battery is charged. That is the only way it will work. To change the drill bit they are two ways:

Twisting the chuck

When changing or adjusting the bit, there are two ways you can do it. You can either open the chuck or close the chuck.

Working with a trigger

In this method, I will show you two ways of loosening and tightening the drill bit using a the trigger

Opening the jaws of the chuck.

When you want to loosen the drill bit, you open the chuck’s jaws. Here is what you need to do:

Step I

Press the power drill trigger to change the bit.

Step 2

Make sure that the switch is in reverse mode.

Step 4

Hold the drill’s handle and press the trigger while you hold the chucks between the index finger and thumb to loosen the chuck’s jaws.

Step 5

Now you need to release the bit by pulling it out.

Closing the chuck

Here are the exact steps for closing or tightening the drill bit using a trigger.

Step 1

Always make sure that the drill is on power for it to work effectively.

Step 2

You need to hold the power drill on your hand and switch the trigger in a forward mode. This opens the chuck

Step 3

You need to insert the bit in the middle of the chuck.

Step 4

While holding the drill bit between the index and middle finger, also make sure that you hold the chuck with last fingers.

Step 5

After that, you need to press the trigger. When you do that the jaws will automatically close around the drill bit. One thing that can go wrong here is when the drill bit is not parallel to the drill; this will be in a wrong position. That can damage the jaws of the chuck. To avoid this make sure that the index and middle finger provide enough support

Step 6

You can now release the trigger and use the drill bit.

Twisting the chuck

The second way is twisting the chuck either anti-clockwise or counterclockwise. Here is step by step on how they all work.

Opening the chuck

Step 1

Make sure that power drill is running on a fully battery.

Step 2

Hold the chuck with one hand and hold the power drill with the other hand.

Step 3

To loosen the drill bit or open the chucks, twist the chuck counterclockwise.

Step 4

The chuck turning counterclockwise opens the jaws of the chuck which holds the bit.

Step 5

Here you remove the bit by pulling it out of the jaws

Tightening the chucks

Step 1

Once the jaws are open, insert the bit in the middle of the jaws of the chuck. Make sure that the bit isn’t on the edge of the jaws.

Step 2

Pull the chuck backward towards you (clockwise) to close the jaws of the chuck. Your fingers should the bit to make sure that it does not fall out.

Step 3

Continue to tighten the bit, and then squeeze the trigger to make sure that the drill bit is secured and straight.

Step 4

Release your hands on the drill bit. You can now engage with your power drill on the project that you’re working on.

Changing or adjusting the drill bit on a cordless drill is simple. All you need is to follow those two steps. You can either work on the trigger or twist the chuck.

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