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Top 10 Best Socket Sets Reviews For The Money 2018 (UPDATED)

If you are used to doing mechanical works, often you will find difficulties tightening fasteners with simple hand or power tools. There are two reasons for that – whether the tools can't reach the position or can't supply enough torque.

In order to withstand such situation, you will need a socket set. This will give you more control over the whole process.

The market is full of numerous of socket sets and evaluating them is really hard. But our team has done this real hard work for you. From hundreds of socket sets, we have finally select best socket sets for the users. We have done the in-depth review of them so that you can find most suitable one for you. 

If you don't have time to read the whole article, check our top 5 picks below in short!

What is Socket Sets Exactly?

Simply socket means a hollow cylindrical tube that fits into something to revolves. A socket set is a combination of a number of sockets of usual sizes that are used for fastening or loosening any fasteners.

To work with a socket, you will need a ratchet or driver. This is also possible to add extensions with them to work in hard to reach positions. Using universal joint sockets can be driven at any angle. Socket sets are available in different sizes, shapes, and types to deal with different situations.

Our Top 10 Best Socket Sets Reviews 2018

1. Stanley STMT71652 123-Piece Socket Set

With all the sizes of sockets, hex key wrench, and tools that are necessary for everyday fastening, the Stanley STMT71652 doubtlessly the best socket set from whatever perspective you judge.

There is 27 deep socket 40 standard sockets in this set of Metric and SAE units. For general cases, these sockets are adequate for fasteners. These sockets can be driven by ¼" and 3/8" drive with respect to their sizes. And for that, there are two ratchets in this set having ¼" and 3/8" drive.

For engine maintenance, there is a spark plug socket of 3/8" that will work with most of the standard engines. To drive the fasteners into deep there is two extension bar of 3" and one of 6" that are compatible with the drive size of the ratchets. For quick work, there is a spinner handle with ergonomic design. The quality of this handle is fair enough.

There is two set of hex key wrench numbering from 1.5 mm to 6mm that will help the user to do easy fastening tasks. There are also 10 specialty bits with bit holder.

These sockets are forged from chrome vanadium alloy. Forging improves the strength and therefore, these sockets can withstand against heavy torque. There is a chrome polish over the sockets that saves them from rust attack and gives longtime durability.

The precise design of these sockets makes it easy to insertion of the fasteners and the ratchet. Therefore, both the fasteners and socket remains free from damage. The carrying case and the sockets are numbered with both size and unit. Therefore, better arrangement and navigation of the sockets is possible.

Keeping the ROI in your head, if you are searching for self-contained socket set, we strongly recommend you to go for this one that will comprehend you in every situation you face.

Highlighted Features

  • 11 standard SAE sockets from 5/32” to 9/16” of ¼” drive
  • 13 standard metric sockets from 4mm to 14mm of ¼” drive.
  • 10 deep SAE sockets from 5/32” to ½” of ¼” drive.
  • 10 deep metric sockets from 4mm to 13mm of ¼” drive.
  • 11 standard SAE sockets from 1/4” to 7/8” of 3/6” drive.
  • 14 standard metric sockets from 6mm to 19mm of 3/8” drive.
  • 5 deep SAE sockets from 5/16” to 9/16 of 3/8” drive.
  • 4 deep metric sockets from 9mm to 13mm of 3/8” drive.
  • 22 screwdriver bits.
  • Two sets of 8 hex keys.
  • 3/8” and ¼” drive ratchets.
  • 3/8” spark plug socket.
  • 10 drive specialty bits.
  • Three drive extension of 3”, 3” and 6”.
  • Chrome vanadium sockets with chrome finish for strength and corrosion resistance.
  • S2 steel made bits and hex keys.

2. DEWALT DWMT73804 Drive Socket Set (34 Piece), 1/4" and 3/8"

When the socket set is from DEWALT there is no question about the quality of the sockets. DEWALT DWMT73804 is a small pack with 30 sockets and four other tools.

The sockets are forged from chrome vanadium steel and strategically designed with direct torque technology to apply more torque. This prevents round off and saves the fasteners from damaging.

There is both SAE and metric sockets in this set both standard size. The SAE size ranges from 5/32” to 7/8” and the metric sizes range from 5mm to 19 mm. Small metric and SAE sockets can be driven by ¼” drive and the large SAE and metric sockets by 3/8” drive. The ratchet included in this set has a 3/8” drive. To drive the smaller sockets there is a drive converter from 3/8' to ¼". An extension handle will let the user reach deep holes.

For usual mechanical maintenance works, you can have this small set to cope up with different cases.

Highlighted Features

  • Direct torque technology for effective application of torque.
  • 3/8” drive ratchet.
  • 3” drive extension for deep reach.
  • 3/8 to 1/4 Drive Adaptor for the ratchet.
  • 15 SAE sockets from 5/32” to 7/8”
  • 15 metric 5mm to 19
  • Chrome vanadium steel forged standard size six point sockets.
  • Prevents corrosion and round off of fasteners.

3. Craftsman 165 pc Mechanics Tool Set # 38165

Craftsman manufacturers a wide range of machine tools and they have a good reputation for manufacturing great socket set. Among those socket sets, this one is the great socket set for an average user.

This jumbo set contains 92 standard and deep sockets of different sizes in both metric and SAE units. They can be driven by ¼" 3/8" and ½" drive ratchet. For the ease of use, there is three different ratchet regarding the drive sizes of the sockets. But the finishing quality isn’t that much good for these ratchets. There is two universal joint for wrenching from an inclined position.

12 combination wrench with 10” handle comes with both metric and SAE units. Two extension bar will help the user to reach further deep for fastening without any hazard.

This jumbo pack also contains nut driving bits, screwdrivers bit and hex keys for small but difficult fastening works. To drive bits, there is a spinner the built quality of the spinner is appreciable.

For large verity of tasks, a large verity of tools is needed and if you are one of them who have to face such situations, this will be the most suitable socket set for you.

Highlighted Features

  • 92 different sockets in both metric and SAE units as shallow and deep size.
  • Covers all the usual sizes.
  • 12 combination wrench in metric and SAE unit.
  • Two extension bars and two universal joints.
  • Three ratchets of 1/2", 3/8" and ¼" drive.
  • Nut drivers, hex keys, and screwdriver bits.
  • One spinner drive for screwdriver bits.
  • Chrome vanadium steel forged sockets with chrome finish.
  • S2 steel made bits and hex keys. 

4. TEKTON 1/2-Inch Drive Socket Set, Inch/Metric, 6-Point, 3/8-Inch - 1-5/16-Inch, 10 mm - 32 mm, 84-Piece

Although the socket count isn't pretty high, having universal joint, 72 toot ratchet and better navigation of sockets, the Tekton 13203 is superior to most of the other socket sets.

The universal joint lets the ratchet and its extensions move both vertically and horizontally. Consequently, this enables you to operate this one from any angle and position.

The ratchet has 72 teeth and having a fine gearing system and hence, this requires very small movement to work properly as low as 5-degree. Therefore, if the position is really tough with very little space, you can operate this tool.

Both the ratchet and the extension is 10 inches long. Therefore, this is easier to generate more torque with less force.

The master pack of this socket set has 78 sockets of both deep and shallow sizes that cover from 3/8 inch to 1-5/16 inches and from 10 mm to 32 mm without leaving any standard sizes. These six point sockets are made of chrome vanadium steel.

So there is no doubt about the strength of the sockets against torsion. Another specialty of this socket is it works on the flat side of the bolts or fasteners. Therefore, they don't damage the edge of them and prevents from rounding off. These sockets are polished with pure chrome. As a result, they barely face corrosion and dirty due to oil and grease.

This socket set also offers a breaker bar that is made for applying greater load such as loosening the struck nuts and rusted bolts. Again, inside the box, every socket and extension holders are marked with their size and name. So user can easily navigate them without any difficulty

If you are looking for the real flexibility in wrenching, I recommend you prefer this ahead of others.

Highlighted Features

  • 16 sockets from 3/8 to 1-5/16-inch for both deep and shallow depth.
  • 23 sockets from 10 mm to 32 mm for both deep and shallow depth.
  • 72 tooth ratchet with a 5-degree minimum required rotation.
  • 10-inch ratchet extension.
  • One universal joint for any angle operation.
  • Breaker bar for higher load application.
  • 3-inch extension.
  • Forged from chrome vanadium steel.
  • Glossy chrome polish.
  • 6-point ratchet with round off prevention design.

5. 69 Pieces - EPAuto 1/4” & 3/8” Drive Socket Set with Pear Head Ratchet

The popularity of EPAuto 92-824 is huge due to its master build quality and reliability at a comparatively low price. Although the number of the socket is lower than some of the most advanced socket set for the dual ratchet, plug socket and extender this one is preferable. 

With two different size ratchets of ¼" and 3/8", this is easier to conduct wrenching in different situations. Again their difference in length of handles different circumstances effectively. This set also has two extenders of different length. Therefore, you can apply torque precisely. Moreover, two spark plug of 5/8" and 13/16 inches makes it possible to work with all kind of spark plug for the motor mechanics.

There are 63 sockets in this pack and all are the 6-point socket. The distribution is – 16 SAE deep from 3/16" to ½", 15 deep metric sockets from 6 to 13 mm. As semi-deep socket, there are 15 SAE socket from 3/8" to 13/16" and 17 metrics in between 10-19mm. You will rarely find any missing size here as most of the commons are covered. This won't create such problem if you don't work as an airplane mechanic. But if you used to work with larger bolts, its recommended you choose socket sets with larger locket hole. 

 All the 69 pieces are forged from chrome vanadium alloy. Therefore, the strength is sufficient.

Putting these all together, this can be said that, in a moderate budget, this is the best quality socket set for home and light mechanical purposes.

Highlighted Features

  • Forged from chrome vanadium alloy.
  • The dual ratchet of 3/8” and ¼”, extension and spark plug socket.
  • 16 deep SAE socket from 3/16” to ½”
  • 15 deep metric socket from 6 to 13 mm
  • 15 semi-deep SAE socket from 3/8” to 13/16”
  • 15 semi-deep SAE socket from 3/8” to 13/16”
  • Made for home and light mechanical works.
  • Corrosion resistance and glossy.
  • Size indicator for better navigation of socket in the box.

6. Neiko 10288A Master Hex Bit Socket Set, S2 Steel | 32-Piece Set | SAE and Metric

This pack is different from the other socket set of our list. While other socket sets only come only with hex sockets, this one also offers hex bits. If you are flexible with your budget, this premium socket set will be a good option for you.

S2 type steel is used for making the bits. This is noteworthy that only a few companies use this type of bits as the price of this type of steel is higher. For the same reason, the price of this socket set is comparatively higher.

Due to hardness, this prevents ware-outs and lasts long. But on the other hand, this makes the bits less ductile and more brittle. So you have to be careful while using these bits. Excess pressure may break them eventually.

In order to maintain the accurate size, the head of the bits is chamfered. Therefore, they insert into the holes easily and prevents the fasteners ant bits from losing their edges.

The sockets are made of chrome vanadium steel alloy as usual. They are very much strong against torsion and lets the user apply higher torque.

The number of bit socket pair is less than the normal socket sets. There are 16 metric pairs from 2 mm to 19 mm and 16 SAE pairs from 5/64” to ¾”. They can be driven by ¼ 3/8” and ½” ratchet.

Note that like other socket sets, this pack doesn’t have any ratchet or extensions. Therefore, you have to buy them separately.

For professional performance and longtime durability, you can have a try of this set. We can assure the satisfaction.

Highlighted Features

  • S2 steel made bits.
  • Chrome vanadium steel forged hex socket.
  • 2mm to 19mm SAE socket bit pairs.
  • 5/64” to ¾” metric socket bit pairs.
  • Chamfered bit heads.
  • Corrosion resistance coating.

7. Great Neck Saw PSO40 Drive Socket Set, 1/4-Inch and 3/8-Inch Drive, 40-Piece

When you don’t want to break the bank for your socket set the Great Neck Saw PSO40 will be the most suitable package for you on a low budget. This set is designed mainly for home purposes but also somewhat enough for light motor maintenance. 

This economy pack also contains a 10" ratchet. This is long enough for torque application. But the problem is with the ratchet head. This is cheaply built and after a couple of months of use, it loses and hence can't hold the sockets.

This pack has 13 8-point metric sockets numbering from 4 mm to 13 mm and 12 6-point SAE sockets from 5/32 inches to ½ inches. These sockets are forged from chrome vanadium steel and also has chrome coating for preventing corrosion.

But the bad point is that they are thin and hence if you work with rust or stuck bolt, they may break. There is also a socket driver and two extended sockets in this pack that will help you eventually.

We would only recommend you this item if you rarely need socket sets for home purposes. And for professional or normal motor works you better choose another set. 

Highlighted Features

  • 10-inch ratchet for 1/4” and 3/8” drive.
  • One socket driver for smaller sockets.
  • 13 8-point metric sockets.
  • 12 6-point SAE sockets.
  • Chrome finish for anti-corrosion.


​​​8. Astro 7412 1/4-Inch Drive Flex Socket Set, 6 Point - Metric, 12-Piece

Astro 7412 is made for professional. The sockets of this set are super performer where regular sockets fail to prove themselves such as precise electro-mechanical instruments and high-end motor vehicles. So if you have to deal with wrenching at such situation, this set can help you most. 

The specialty of the sockets of this et is that they can be used from any angle. Weather the bolts are in horizontal, vertical or inclined position driving them with this sockets are very straightforward. There are only 12 sockets in this pack and all are metric having 6 points. All can be driven by ¼” ratchet drive. The sizes are from 5mm to 15 mm.

These sockets are made of chrome vanadium steel just like the other sockets. But the finishing of these sockets is really great that everybody will love. Also, the hinge system in these bit is very smooth and hence driving them is effortless from an inclined position. Therefore, for hard to reach position, driving the bolts is possible with these sockets.

The manufacturer has used surface driven technology that gives strong grips with the fasteners and prevents round off totally. As a result, the torque can be applied more efficiently. It saves both the sockets and fasteners and extends their life.

For critical works in the modern machinery, this set will be most helpful if neglect the socket count and only metric measurement.

Highlighted Features

  • 12 6-point metric sockets sizes from 5 mm to 15 mm.
  • Easy driving of bolts.
  • Works with ¼” drive.
  • Superfinishing with durable chrome vanadium construction.
  • Any position driving – vertical, horizontal and inclined.

9. Sunex 3580 3/8-Inch Drive Master Impact Socket Set

At highly tough mechanical jobs most of the times the chrome vanadium steel sockets fail to handle the high torque. In such situation, chrome-molybdenum steel is a good solution.

If you have to deal with such situations, then the most suitable socket set for you will be the Sunex 3580.

Most of the socket isn't made of chrome molybdenum steel because of the high cost of this type of steel and forging cost. Just for this reason, the price of this set is higher. Also, note that this set is made for the impact wrench. Because normal sockets can't withstand the torque of impact wrench.

The inside of the sockets has kept radial. This enables the sockets to apply more torque and reduces wear. Most of the cases you will found a normal socket rounding off because of not having this specialty.

There are 12 metric deep universal joint sockets in this set having the size from 8mm to 19 mm and 8 deep universal joint SAE sockets having the size from 5/16" to 3/4 inches. The universal design makes it possible to fasten hard to reach places. This lets you work from 22-degree inclination. To work with lug nuts in the deep, the deep socket helps most. Mechanics frequently needs to face this type of situation in the automotive. There are also four different extensions of 3”, 5”, 10”, 15” to reach further deep.

There are also 10 internal and 9 external star sockets. External star sockets size from T20 to T55 and the internal from E5 to E16. For low clearance reach in light automotive like motorcycle engines.  

Without breaking the bank, you can have this socket set for high-grade performance, flexibility and ease at every situation.

Highlighted Features

  • High-grade chrome molybdenum construction for strength.
  • Rounded socket design for more torque application without round off.
  • Resistance to corrosion.
  • 12 deep metric universal joint socket from 8 to 19 mm.
  • 8 deep SAE Universal joint socket from 5/16 inches to 4/4 inches.
  • E5 to the E16 internal socket.
  • T20 to T55 external star socket.
  • 3”, 5”, 10”, 15” socket extension.
  • All sockets compatible with the 3/8-inch drive.

​10. Lisle LI70500 Tap Socket Set

Sometimes, normal socket set and T-handle doesn't fit. Right? In such case, tap socket is the right solution. Lisle LI70500 is an ideal socket set for maintaining motor cars in such condition.

This is an 8-piece tap socket set that has 8 different variants. This variant has been module according to the motor car series from 1930. Therefore, whatever the series of your car is, you can have a set accordingly.

All the sockets are according to the M.C.T.I standards. Therefore, the sockets don't escape any of the tap sizes. The hole of these sockets are firstly rounded inside and then there is four-point bit holder. This provides two benefits, applied the torque more efficiently and easy in and out of the tap.

You will need two different type of driver to drive these sockets, ¼” and 3/8”. You can also use an impact wrench with these sockets. They are strong enough to withstand the high torque of this machine.

For straightforward effortless tapping, this set can be a good investment for the maintenance of your motor cars. 

Highlighted Features

  • 8-pieces sockets with M.C.T.I. standard.
  • The 8-different variant according to the motor car series.
  • ¼ and ¾ inch drive for the first four and second four drive.
  • Square hole for bits.
  • Easy in and out for taps.
  • Vinyl holders for containing sockets.

11. Stalwart 75-HT3014 SAE and Metric 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 Drive Socket Set, 52 Piece

This is an economy pack that includes most of the common and widely used sockets and also two ratchets and one socket driver.

The sockets are made by drop forging of steel. Drop forging increase the strength of steel. But as this is not a chrome vanadium alloy, the strength may not be adequate for heavy wrenching. Therefore, this pack is only suitable for light home purposes. There is chrome vanadium finish over these sockets. This protects the sockets from corrosion and rusting but the overall finishing isn’t that much appealing.

The metric sockets cover from 4mm to 22 mm and SAE sockets covers from 5/32" to 1/2". There are also two spark plug sockets in this set of 13/16" and 5/8". A 70 mm extension bar will help driving the sockets in the deep hole.

This pack also contains two ratchets of ½ inch and 3/8 inches. They are for driving larger sockets. And for the smaller sockets, there is a 1/4" spinner.

Ratchet quality is good enough to withstand the heavy torque. But the spinner is very cheaply made and breaks on the handle.

We would only recommend you this one if you are on a tight budget but also need all the components and don't need to deal with the hard situations.

Highlighted Features

  • 8.5" and 7.5" ratchet 3/8" and ½" drive respectively.
  • One spinner handle of ¼” drive.
  • 4mm to 20mm metric socket.
  • 5/32” to ½” SAE sockets.
  • Two spark plug sockets.
  • 3/8” by ¼” bit adapter.
  • 70mm extension handle for deep driving.
  • Sturdy Polypropylene carrying case.
  • Chrome vanadium coating for corrosion resistance.

12. Capri Tools CP30031 Master Torx Star Socket Set, 60-Piece

Besides of having the six-point sockets, often you will require star sockets because the use of star bolt is increasing. If you have considered having one set of them, we recommend you Capri Tools CP30031. This sockets also have bit pairs and therefore, the will add extra advantages to our work.

The bits are manufactured from S2 type steel. This type of steel is very much strong against torque but brittle as well. Bit head are chamfered for easy insertion into the hole

The sockets are made of chrome vanadium alloy and strong enough to face even the heavy torque breaker bar, torque wrenches, and ratchets.

There three two types of star sockets. T and TT and both ranges from #6 to #70. The star plus TP ranges from #8 to #60. There are also external sockets ranges from E4 to E24. These can be driven by ¼”, 3/8” and ½” drive with respect to their size.

There is no ratchet or spinner include in this set. Comparing the price with the sockets, this may seem to be little pricey, but if the quality of the sockets and bits are taken into account, this is very fair.

Along with 6-point socket set, you can keep one set of this star sockets to handle a different situation in the maintenance of motor cars, machines, and appliances.

Highlighted Features

  • High-grade S2 steel bit.
  • Special design for easy fitting.
  • Chrome vanadium socket with chrome polish.
  • High torque application capability.
  • #6 to #70 T and TT star sockets.
  • TP8 to TP60 Star Plus socket bits.
  • E4 to E24 external sockets.
  • ¼", 1/2" and 3/8" inch drive according to the size of the socket.

13. GearWrench 84934N 1/2" Drive Deep SAE Impact Socket Set (19 Piece)

GearWrench 84934N is a premium impact socket set made for the professionals who have to deal with the heavy machines.

This set contains 19 sockets of different sizes and all can be driven by ½” drive. This is set has only the SAE models and all the sockets are of deep size. That means this is this very much suitable for the automobile maintenance.

Like other impact socket sets, chrome molybdenum steel alloy is used in these sockets. Therefore, they can deal with the heavy torque of the impact wrench while working with the heavy vehicle, electromechanical machines or engines. Moreover, there is phosphate coating over these sockets and the numbering process is done by leaser for higher visibility and better navigation. The carrying case of this set is sturdy and durable against the mechanical environment.

The 6-point torque application surface comes with surface drive technology. This prevents rounding off of the fasteners. The inner hole is also rounded to increase the effectiveness of applied torque.

The lowest size of this set is 3/8" and the highest is ½". If you think the size won't match, then you may consider from three other models of this impact socket set series. When your budget is flexible and all you need is the premium socket set, this set will be a great choice for you.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality S2 steel socket for heavy torque application.
  • Black phosphate finish for preventing corrosion.
  • Round off prevention by surface drive technology.
  • The extra round in the inner of the socket and thickness for better strength.
  • 19 sockets from 3/8” to ½”.
  • ½” square drive hole.

14. GearWrench 80550 57 Piece 3/8-Inch Drive 6 Point Socket Set

With all the necessary pieces and an affordable price, the GearWrench 80550 is the awesome socket set for the money of our list.

There are total 52 pieces of sockets in this set. As Metric socket, this set has all sizes of standard and deep sockets from 6mm to 19mm and as SAE sockets there is ¼" to 1" standard sockets and ¼" to 7/8" deep sockets. Having the standard and deep sockets in both metric and SAE sizes, this set is adequate for any wrenching situation.

These sockets are made of chrome vanadium alloys. And there is glossy finish over them. As a result, they are strong enough to face high torsion and can apply better torque in the fasteners. The coating saves them from rusting.

There is two ratchet in this set both having 3/8-inch drive. They are well made comparing to the price of this set. You will also get a universal joint converter with this set. Therefore, if you need to wrench from an inclined position, that is also possible. In some hard situation, this will help you the most.

Sometimes it requires extra torque and reaching deep from the surface which generally doesn't become possible by the standard or deep sockets. To handle such situation, this set also has two extensions of three inch and six inches. Therefore, the application of torque becomes possible with less force.

Proper identification of the sockets in both their body and case helps the user to identify an organize the sockets in the proper place. There are also 10 other models of this socket set series. So if you think this is not the best fit for you, you can consider one of them.

Putting these all together, this can be said that, this one really worth the money with covering the usual needs of users from all era.

Highlighted Features

  • 6mm to 19mm both standard and deep sockets.
  • ¼” to 1” standard sockets and ¼” to 7/8” deep sockets.
  • Two 3/8” drive ratchet.
  • 3” and 6” extensions for deep reach and extra torque.
  • Marking for better organization.
  • Chrome vanadium construction with a glossy finish.
  • Round off prevention.

15. Crescent CSWS7 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Wrench Set, 20-Piece

Crescent CSWS7 is small socket set that will be suitable for everyday use for home purposes. This convenient pack is also economic to have one for DIY maintenance work.

There are total 20 piece sockets in this value pack made of chrome vanadium alloy and further plated with nickel chrome. Therefore, there is no doubt about the strength of these sockets and durability against rusting and corrosion is also good. Surface-driven technology is used in these sockets and they are kept rounded. Therefore, there is a better application of torque to the fasteners and also by preventing the round-off, this saves the fasteners edges from damage.

You will get bot metric and SAE sockets in this small pack. Metric ranges from 9mm to 19mm and the SAE range from 5/16" to 13/16” without escaping any usual size.

Crescent has also added a ratchet in this values pack. The ratchet has 72 teeth and requires as low as 5-degree rotation to work properly. A three-inch extension will help you to apply more torque and reach deeper holes.

Doubtlessly, this one will be the best small socket set for home maintenance for anyone.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact and convenient pack.
  • 9mm to 19mm metric sockets.
  • 5/16 to 15/16” SAE sockets.
  • 72 tooth ratchet requires 5-degree rotation area for work.
  • Three-inch extension bar for the deep hole.
  • Round off prevention saves fasteners from damaging.

16. Neiko 10083A Master Torx Bit Socket and External Torx Socket Set | 60-Piece Set | S2 and Cr-V Steel

If you are looking for Torx bit socket set at comparatively lower price, a good option can be the Neiko 10083A.

This is a 60-piece set having 23 socket bit pair and 14 solo sockets. The sockets are made of chrome vanadium alloy and are made of S2 steel. As a result of master construction method, both the bits and sockets can handle higher torque.

But make sure you don’t apply excessive torque n the bits as the S2 steel is brittle just like their higher strength. There is also corrosion resistance coating of chrome over the sockets for long durability.

Precise cutting of bits saves the fasteners from damaging and the extra round of the sockets makes it possible to apply more torque and prevent rounding off the fasteners. 

This set has total 17 pieces of torx star bit socket pair from T6 to T70, 17 pieces TT (tamper-proof Torx) bit socket pair from TT6 to TT70, 12 pieces of TP (torx plus bit sockets) from TP8 to TP60 and 14 external sockets from E4 to E24.

Covering most of the sizes of these four types of sockets, doubtlessly this socket set will be the best socket set for mechanic. We recommend you this set if you are looking for an awesome set of torx bit socket set at an affordable price.

Highlighted Features

  • S2 steel made chamfered bit.
  • Chrome vanadium made sockets with chrome coating.
  • Round off prevention and better application of torque.
  • 15 pieces of E4 to E24 external sockets.
  • 12 pieces of TP bit sockets from TP 8 to TP60.
  • 17 pieces of TT bit socket from TT6 to TT70.
  • 17 Pieces of T bit socket from T6 to T70.

17. BOSTITCH BTMT72287 Pass Through Socket Set, 65-Piece BTMT72287 Pass Through Socket Set, 65-Piece

If you are looking for the best pass through socket set, then the BTMT72287 from BOSTITCH can be a good option for you.

This pack contains two pass through ratchet of ½" drive and 3/8" drive. The ratchets have 72 teeth need a 5-degree arc for working. These ratchets also have rubber grip for ease of use.

There are 61 standard pass-through sockets in this set. And two deep pass through sockets. These sockets come as both metric and SAE sizes and cover all the standard sizes.

These sockets are manufactured from chrome vanadium steel just like other standard sockets. Further chrome mirror polish gave these sockets glossy look and also prevents the attack or rust and corrosion. These sockets are marked with their size and unit and therefore finding the right socket is easy. This also makes it easy to arrange them orderly in the box.

Whether for home or professional work, this will fit in every situation withstanding the users need. 

Highlighted Features

  • 61 standard pass-through sockets in both SAE and metric sockets
  • 2 deep pass through sockets.
  • ¼" and 3/8" drive ratchet with rubber grip and 72 tooth gear.
  • Chrome vanadium steel construction with chrome finish.
  • Size marking with carrying case.

18. Replaitz 46pcs 1/4-Inch Socket Ratchet Wrench Combination Tools Kit for Auto Repairing 1/4

In relatively low price, this is the right socket set for car maintenance I have seen so far. This tool and socket combo is very much suitable for every stage of DIY automotive maintenance.

The socket set has a ¼" drive ratchet. The handle has a rubber grip for ease of applying torque. Having both bit socket and standard socket, this one withstand every situation of fastening. You will have 13 pieces of DR sockets having a ¼" drive from 4mm to 14mm and 21 pieces of DR bit sockets from PH1 to PH3, PZ1 to PZ3, FD 4 to FD7, HW3 to HW8 and T10 to T40. So, having this set of sockets you can deal with any kind of fasteners that are used in the automobiles.

The universal joint allows the user to do wrenching from an inclined position. And to reach the deep position, there are three extensions of different sizes. There is also a spinner handle for quick work. With the bit adaptor, you can use all of them with the ratchet. Three-piece hex key wrenches make it possible to deal with most common sizes quickly.

For keeping the price low, Replaitz didn't lower the material quality. They used the same chrome vanadium steel to construct the sockets and S2 steel for the bits.

With a very affordable price, this set is going to satisfy every motor mechanic doubtlessly.

Highlighted Features

  • 13 pieces of ¼ inch drive metric sockets.
  • 21 piece of bit socket.
  • 3 hex key wrench.
  • One ¼” spinner handle.
  • Bit adapter for easy size conversion.
  • Three-piece extension with a flexible one.
  • One ¼” ratchet with rubber grip handle.
  • Universal joint for inclined fastening.
  • ¼ inch drive sliding bar.
  • Chrome vanadium sockets with chrome finish.
  • S2 steel bits for more strength.

Things to Before Buying Socket Sets

Units and Sizes

Socket set has two different units, the SAE and the Metric. Most of the sets contain sockets of both units. Therefore, you have to consider the whether you buy dial unit ones or single unit ones according to the auto, engines or other types of machinery fasteners units.

Again you have to consider the sizes. Make sure that the socket set that you are going to buy covers all the sizes that you are going to need. Moreover, you check that you don't buy sockets that you won't need. For that, you have put some effort into searching the right one.

Types Of Sockets

Sockets are available in different shapes as the shapes of fasteners. Six points, star, bit socket, star torx, internal external sockets and many other types of sockets are available. But you don't need all of them because not all the machinery use them and some of them are only for the professionals. Therefore, for DIY home maintenance work you don’t need most of them. So have look on your fasteners before you go for any type of socket sets.


Strength is a great issue for the sockets. For light maintenance works, you don't need huge strength. But sometimes you have to deal with stuck fasteners and rusted bolts. In such condition, you are going to need strength to transfer the torque from the sockets to the fasteners. Normally, chrome vanadium steel has enough strength to take this load.

But if you work with heavy automobiles, where impact wrench is used, you are going to need more strength. And for that, chrome-molybdenum steel is used constructing these sockets. Even after long-term use, these bits can hold their durability and shape. Some socket set includes bit socket. These bits are made of S2 steel that gives ultra-strength to them but as well makes them brittle.


This is obvious that you can’t use sockets without any driver. If you don't have a ratchet, you can consider one of those sets have included ratchet. Make sure all the sockets can be driven by the ratchets and if not there is a drive converter.

Some of the socket set offers additional tools like spinner, hex keys, screwdriver bits, and other small accessories for the ease of work. You will often need them. So better you choose them for smoothness in your work.

Advantages of Using Socket Sets

For fastening works, there is large verity of tools. But using socket sets has more advantages over them. For the following reasons, a socket set is preferable over them.

  • Sockets sets are available in different size, shape, and units.
  • They are small in size compared to other fasteners and hence requires small space to room.
  • Handling them is very easy.
  • Socket sets work with ratchet and ratchet is very easier to operate than the other tools.
  • Organizing the socket is very easy.
  • Due to the fixed size, they easily fit with the fasteners and prevents round off. That saves the fastener from losing their edges.
  • Deep sockets can reach into holes where normal tools won't.
  • Sockets can be operated from an inclined position with the universal joint.
  • They are very light and hence easy to carry from place to place.

How the socket sets made? 

Watch This video to know more about socket sets.

Types of Socket Sets

There is a large verity of socket available for different tasks. But here we will discuss only the most common types of them.

Six Point or Hex Sockets

This type of socket is widely used. They are for six point fasteners. They can be different in size like deep, shallow, semi-deep. Generally, they are forged from chrome vanadium steel and suitable for light to moderate mechanical tasks. 

Impact Socket

Impact sockets are used by professionals and mostly work with the impact wrench. Due to the heavy torque of impact wrench, these sockets have greater strength and forged from chrome molybdenum steel. These type of steel is very hard and also brittle. So care is needed while driving these type of sockets. Make sure you don't apply an excessive load to them for removing any rusted fastener. You will find a wide use of these type of bits in the automobile manufacturing factories and professional garages.

Universal Joint

Generally, a socket can be driven vertically or horizontally but what if you have an inclined position? In such situation, a universal joint is a good solution. There is to hinge on this type of sockets that can move in two directions and thus give the user an inclined driving facility.

Pass-Through Sockets

Pass through sockets are used when the shaft of the fasteners is large. This type of socket has passed through the hole in them. To drive this type of sockets you will need a pass through ratchet. Where regular sockets can't reach, this type of sockets can help you.

Spark Plug Socket

Spark Plug sockets are for removing Spark Plugs of motor engines. Generally, they have the size of 3/8”.

Bit Socket

Bits socket is simply a combination of bit and socket. Bits can be of any size and shape and the sockets are of hex shape. They are used as a screw driver.

Star Socket

For star type fasteners they are used there is no big difference between hex and star type of sockets except the shape. They can be standard star socket and star plus socket. They are used for new model wheel fasteners.

Top Socket Sets Brands on the Market

There is large number of socket set manufacturers all around the world. Most of them are based in China, USA, and Germany. Some of the best brands available in the market are as follows.


Stanley is a United States based manufacturer. This one of the oldest manufacturer of handy tools. Stanley was founded by Frederick T. Stanley in 1843. They work with black and decker. They produce, both solo tools and tool sets of a verity of types for mechanical works. For years they have held their reputation by maintaining quality and introducing new technologies. 


Craftsman was known as Marion Craftsman. Then 1927 Black and Dacker bought this and now this is controlled by them. They manufacturer high strength tools and gives a lifetime warranty. They are famous for both power and hand tools for home and garages. Currently, they are also manufacturing smart products and gears. 


Kobalt is a lowe's owned tool brand first introduces in 1998. This is based on America and supplies handy and power tools in USA, Mexico, and Canada. Although Lowe's has two other tool brands, the quality of Kobalt id higher than them.

Harbor Freight

With over 800 physical stores and a wide range of tools, this is one of the largest tool brands. Harbor Freight is a USA based company founded in 1977 by Eric Smidt and Allan Smidt. They have their own quality assurance center in California. They manufacture power tools, hand tools and machinery of a wide range. Its considered one-stop solution for all kinds of mechanical needs.


Husky is owned by Home Depot that is well known for manufacturing hand and pneumatic tools. This was founded by Sigmund Mandi in 1924. Both solo tools and tools set are available in a verity of type.

How to take care and maintained socket sets properly for long lasting

No tool will last long if proper care isn't taken. Same for the socket set. For long-term durability of your socket set, you can follow these tips.

Torque Maintenance

When you work with rusted bolts or stuck fasteners, never use a socket to apply very high torque. They can be damaged. In such condition, you can wet the fasteners with oil and then use a heavy duty wrench.


Always clean the sockets after use. You will often find sockets getting dirty with dust and oil mix. Sock them with clean oil and then dry with cloths. You can also use flossing brush to clean small sockets and old toothbrush for large sockets.


You will have a carrying case with all socket set. So always keep the sockets organized in them. If you don't have a box to store, buy one and put the socket covered with clothes so that there is no friction with the box and sockets.

Different Uses of a Socket Sets

Wherever there is a use of fasteners, there is a use of socket set. Some of the most common use of socket set are as follows.

Car Engines

Car engines have very complex design and in most of the cases, a general wrench can reach the position of the fasteners. Therefore, the only solution in these case in sockets.


In every automotive, a wide range of fasteners are used. Therefore, the one who works with them has to deal with fasteners of different types, sizes, and shapes. But maintaining a wrench for every type isn't possible. Therefore, here socket sets help most.

Home Maintenance

Look over your rooms and you will find the use of fasteners everywhere. And for maintenance of them, you will need socket set as having a different wrench for them isn't possible.


Different types of appliance and electronics use small fasteners of numerous size. Some of the socket set has large verities of drivers for these fasteners.  

How to Use Socket Set?

Using sockets is very straightforward. To use them you have to follow these steps.

  • Select the correct socket that matches the fasteners. Check both the SAE and Metric sockets for best fit.
  • Attach the socket with the ratchet. Make sure the socket and ratchet drive is the same.
  • Check the turning direction and fix accordingly to the direction of fastening or loosening.
  • Place the socket on the fastener.
  • Turn the fastener and keep turning.
  •  Remove the socket from the ratchet.

Use an adapter if the socket drive and ratchet drive doesn’t match.

Use an extension bar or universal joint for hard to reach the place.

Combo wrench set vs socket set - which is the best

A combination wrench has two turners, one open end and another socket at the other end. This is an old type of tool that was widely used in the past and now the usage of it is going lower.

What is good with combination wrench set?

  • No need to attach any extensions.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Ratio maintain size and handle

What is bad it with combination wrench?

  • Takes more place to room.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Can’t reach complex places.
  • Fixed handle length.
  • A socket is used for fastening fasteners with the help of a ratchet. This is no widely used for mechanical works.

What is good with a socket set?

  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy to organize and carrying.
  • Can reach the harder places.
  • Attaching extension is possible.

What is bad with a socket set?

  • Needs to be attached with a ratchet for use.

Between these two, I prefer socket sets for work because of their ease of use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Socket Sets

1. What are the general sizes of ratchet and socket drive?

Answer: The sizes of them are 3/8 inches, ½ inches, and ¼ inches. You can also use converters if these don't fix with one another.

2. Can I use a general hex socket with impact gun?

Answer: Yes, you can. But keep the torque less to prevent damage.

3. What to do to prevent round off of fasteners?

Answer: Only use the right socket of the best quality.

4. How many teeth do the ratchets have?

Answer: In most of the cases there is 72 tooth. Remember the more tooth you have the less place it will require to work.

5. Which is the standard type of socket?

Answer: The hex socket is the widely used and this is considered as standard.

6. Which is the strongest material for sockets?

Answer: Chrome molybdenum steel is the strongest material used for this job. You will find this material in the impact socket set. But generally chrome vanadium steel is used and this is enough to carry torque.

Final Thought

You can depend upon any of the socket sets that we have featured in this socket set review. We assure you will feel the difference in your wrenching experience.

Sometime you may not find the socket number not adequate for you. As a solution of this, we recommend you to check the different versions of these sets.

Finally, hope this guide was helpful for you to find the best socket set.