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Difference Between CPAP and BiPAP Machine with Features

You've heard the doctor say that you need either a CPAP or BiPAP machine to help you control the obstructive sleep apnea?

You've come to a decision to buy one. But you've got one problem. You don't know which device is perfect for you. You're right.

Information can be overwhelming given the wide variety of choices that exist for you. Sometimes making the right one turns out to be a disaster and a waste of money for something that doesn't truly help you.

In this article, you will spot out major features and difference present in both types of machine. Then, from the information, you will be in a better position to make the right decision. The truth is both CPAP and BiPAP have the same function and design. The trick is knowing which device if perfect for you. Let's start.

What is CPAP and BiPAP machine?

CPAP is the gold standard for treating obstructive apnea. The CPAP delivers a specific set of pressure with a continuous air flow. The air flow is delivered through a mask that you fit on the nose or mouth.

"Bi" stands for two. BiPAP machine delivers a two way set of pressure. Like the CPAP machine, the BiPAP delivers the air flow through a mask that you fit on the nose or mouth. BiPAP delivers both exhale and inhale pressure separately.

Major Difference Between CPAP and BiPAP Machine

CPAP machine is set for a single pressure while BiPAP machine has two pressure settings: The inhale and exhale pressure. In other words, CPAP has one pressure setting while BiPAP has two pressure settings. Both CPAP and BiPAP machine allow you to breathe easily and regularly while you sleep.

When you exhale, the BiPAP machine triggers a set of pressure and when you inhale, the machine delivers a higher pressure and the circle continues.

Most CPAP machines have a ramp feature that allows it to start at lower pressure than the expected. And as you fall asleep this pressure rises slowly to meet the therapeutic pressure.

One similarity with both of these machines is that you'll have to wear a mask that fits the nose or mouth

When To Use CPAP or BiPAP machine.

If you're diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep technician will carry out a titration study to observe your breathing pattern and habits throughout the night.

It is from this result that the doctor will tell you the best machine to use. However, if you have used a CPAP machine in the past and you've had a difficult time exhaling against the incoming air, then you need to use a BiPAP.

A BiPAP machine is perfect in the following cases:

  • Have a sleep obstructive apnea with high pressure settings or low level of oxygen.
  • When the CPAP machine has totally and completely failed for you.
  • Have cardiopulmonary disorders like congestive heart failure.
  • Have a lung disorder or neuromuscular disorder.

In such extreme cases a BiPAP machine is ideal for you. Getting a titration study gives the doctor an easy time for knowing which machine is best for you.


There is no much difference between these two machines. They all work the same, but the major difference comes in the pressure settings. One gives a single continuous pressure and the other gives two pressure settings.

Try using BiPAP machine if the CPAP machine has failed for you. Both of these devices are life savers.

Not only do you have a regular breathing pattern, but you save your life against future ailments that may come up as a result of obstructive apnea. It is the best solution if you're opposed to taking the surgical approach

How To Stop Grinding Teeth While Sleeping? Let’s Find Out

You might wake up one morning and notice that your jaw is a bit tender to the touch or that your tooth is sore. You might even think that you are coming down with something. Well, don't because what it all means is that you have been grinding your teeth while sleeping.

Teeth grinding is the constant clenching and unclenching of jaws. This condition normally occurs unconsciously when the person is sleeping although it can also happen when they are awake.

When somebody is concentrating hard on the job at hand or trying to lift a heavy object during the day, there is a tendency to clamp the teeth together or grind it.

Teeth grinding or otherwise known as Bruxism; is the habit which a person may unconsciously form. This habit is not like the normal teeth grinding that occurs while you are eating rather the involuntary and automatic grinding. This condition is suffered by almost 10% of both adults and children you may see today.

Causes of Bruxism

It hasn't been confirmed yet of the particular causative agent of teeth grinding but there seems to be other theories such as;


When a person is under stress, there is a tendency that he or she will resort to the involuntary action of grinding the teeth. This may be a subconscious act of trying to reduce the impact of the stress.


Unknown to you, while you are anxious about something, you may resort to grinding or chattering your teeth.

Sleep Disorders:

Some of the people who are suffering from other sleep disorders like Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, Snoring, Sleep talking or Hypnagogic Hallucinations have been known to suffer from teeth grinding.


Most times, people who suffer from teeth grinding has an immediate family who also does it. This shows that it can be passed down or inherited.


There are some drugs that you may be taking that can induce teeth grinding while you are sleeping. For instance, if you are such a person that takes Cocaine, anti-depressants or amphetamines like Ecstasy, you are bound to grind your teeth when you are asleep.


This is a condition that usually happens to those that has unequal teeth. The unconsciously try to slowly grind the offending teeth down while sleeping.


Most times, the type of food you chew during the day may lead you to grind your teeth while sleeping. Some people who unconsciously chew on pens or pencils throughout the whole day have caused their jaw to lose its balance thereby move out of its alignment. It is also the case with those that bite their nails, chew ice or gums. These unconscious actions are harmful to the teeth alignment.


When someone is dehydrated, the stress level always escalates. This condition can lead to the muscles not to function properly as it should and this can cause grinding of teeth.

Your lifestyle

The way you live your life or your habits are amongst the factors that can cause teeth grinding. For instance, if you are such people that drink alcohol, smoke or fund of caffeinated drinks, you are liable to suffer teeth grinding.

The emergence of new teeth:

Children who are in the first stages of teething have the tendency to grind their teeth together. This type of teeth grinding usually stops when the new tooth comes out.

Conventional Treatments of Teeth Grinding

Mouth Guard

This is one of the commonest devices that are specifically designed to separate your teeth. This splint or guard helps to prevent your teeth from clenching together or grinding. Although most people find the mouthy guard bothersome, it is amongst the best conventional devices that can stop teeth grinding.

Correction of the Teeth Alignment

This is another method that can be used to help teeth grinding. When you find out that your teeth are not aligned properly and this in effect causes you to grind your teeth while sleeping, it is important to meet your orthodontist for correction.

Using Muscle Relaxants or Anti-Depressants

These drugs can definitely help your condition but it is advisable to meet with your doctor first of all before taking these drugs because they are liable to have their own side effects.

Botox Injections

When other conventional remedies fail, the only alternative is to take the Botox injection. Although the safety and efficacy of the Botox injection are still disputed by researchers, at least it helps reduce the pain associated with teeth grinding.

Natural treatment of Mouth/Teeth Grinding:

For these natural treatments to take effect, you will have to get to the root of what caused the teeth grinding in the first place. If you find it, you will be able to use these natural methods to bring relief and prevent damages to your teeth.

Splint plus the Cognitive Behavioral therapy:

The combination of the splint and the behavioral therapy in the treatment of teeth grinding is known to be effective in relaxing the muscles for the best result. The behavior aspect of the therapy will teach you how to position your mouth and jaw appropriately to prevent teeth grinding.


This type of natural treatment is usually applied when the healthcare workers believe that your teeth grinding are caused by habit. Then they will help you with the use of their machines to overcome such habit by showing you how you can control the activities of your muscles.

Managing your stress:

It is important to learn how to manage your anxiety or stress levels. This will help you to treat your teeth grinding. For example, constant exercising, meditation, yoga, eating balanced diets and making use of the essential oils helps to naturally treat your teeth grinding.

Vitamin C:

When you are learning how to stop grinding your teeth, it is important to increase your Vitamin C intake as this will help. Vitamin C is normally used by the Adrenalin which affects the stress level and mood regulation so it is important to take them regularly.


This is another compound that helps in the natural treatment of teeth grinding. It helps to prevent hyperactivity, anxiety, irritation, insomnia, and restlessness.

Vitamin B-complex:

The deficiencies of any of the vitamin B-compound are psychological stress, depression, and panic attacks. Therefore it is important when trying to use the natural method to cure teeth grinding.

The Valerian Root:

This natural herb acts as a sedative and an anti-anxiety remedy. It can be used to promote quality sleep without causing any side effects. Therefore it stands to fact that it can help your teeth grinding during sleep.

This involuntary act of grinding your teeth regularly while sleeping can cause many problems that will need medical attention. So it is important to seek a lasting solution in order to avoid exposing yourself to harm.

Top 4 Reason Why You Should Use a Recliner Chair

A recliner chair can simplify your life if you have a problem getting in and out of the conventional chair. Besides that a recliner chair makes your life in the house more comfortable. After a long day of at work, all you need is a good chair to rest your head and legs.

And a recliner chair offers both of those worlds. Simplifies your life and makes you comfortable at home. It soothes the mood and elevates your spirit.

Thinking of buying a recliner chair?

They are many reasons to have these babies in your basement, gazebo, patio and living room. Here are the top four reasons why people continue to buy recliner chairs today.

Customized Comfort.

A recliner is a super chair that gives you comfort and support when you sit. The chair makes standing and getting up a cinch for many old and young folks. Making it perfect for people who have the challenge of sitting down and waking up in a typical chair.

Improvement in technology and furniture industry, has led to the rise of recliner chairs that employ a variety of positions. They are recliner chair that comes with different position such as the a remote control that moves the chair in a different position.

This type of chairs gives you the ability to switch on position when you want to watch tv, when you want to lie flat and rest position when you want to eat. All these different positions offer maximum comfort and benefit to you.

Pain Relief

Apart from comfort, a recliner chair is needed for the health benefit. As you grow old, you meet lots of health challenges that you have no control.

The seat of a recliner chair distributes your weight to ease the pain and reduce pressure points on your muscle and joints. If you have chronic neck pain, a recliner can ease the pain by supporting the back of your neck.

If you have a back, neck, arm and leg pain, invest in a recliner massage chair. They are expensive, but the cost is worth it, because they provide relief from pain saving you thousands of dollars on a regular massage therapist.

Style and Design Capabilities.

Today they're different recliner chairs. They come in different styles and options. We have an electric recliner chair that comes with a remote control. With this type of chair you can control any position that you want the chair to take.

Massage recliner chair is common, because people want to save money that they would spend using a massage therapist every year. This type of chair offers massage on the neck, leg, back and arms. If you have severe pain in any of those places, consider investing in this type of chair.

You can also choose the recliner chair based on the interior decor of your house. They come in different fabrics and choice of colors.

Safety and Support.

Old folks buy a recliner chair because of the safety and support they can get from it. The current lifestyle and the choice of food that we eat, gets us tired quickly making it harder to get up. A recliner or lift chair gives the support and safety you need to get up and sit down. Which can be a challenge if you're in the late 70s and 80s.

Invest in Comfort and Health.

Buying a recliner chair is investing in comfort and well-being of your health. Besides that, the seat lowers the stress level and elevates your mood in the evening when you're tired from work. A recliner chair in your house is the best investment because of the four benefits that it provides.

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Everything All About Insomnia – Define and Definition of Insomnia

If we want to define insomnia in a scientific and medical way, we may say that – “Insomnia is most often defined by an individual’s report of sleeping difficulties. While the term is sometimes used in sleep literature to describe a disorder demonstrated by polysomnographic evidence of disturbed sleep, insomnia is often defined as a positive response to either of two questions: 

“Do you experience difficulty sleeping?”


 “Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep?””

This is how you can define insomnia by asking these two questions.

What Is Insomnia In Layperson’s Language?

The problem of insomnia is getting difficulties to sleep and remain asleep for the whole night. The problem is quite commonly seen nowadays across the world. No doubt that we have achieved a lot of great things in our lives but then, busy and tight schedules of daily routine has also brought plethora of health and mental issues due to which, it becomes difficult to sleep without any pills.

Sleeplessness –Define Insomnia

Sleeplessness is becoming the major problem in these days. There are millions of people suffering from insomnia and the number is worryingly increasing. Due to improper lifestyle, bad dietary habit and most importantly, no proper timing for sleep, eat and rest has make today’s person struggling to find an optimum health state. So it is important to define insomnia early as possible.

How to define insomnia:

•Feeling no sleepy until late night
•Even though you try to sleep, you feel uncomfortable
•A kind of hangover feeling when you get up
•Stress, depression and anxiety without any specific event
•Lethargy and tiredness without being physically worked for any task
•Irritability and peevishness –a part of mood change due to insomnia
•In a long term, memory decrease, giddiness and sedative effects during the day.

Define Insomnia In Holistic Way

There are many ancient texts like Ayurveda (probably the oldest medical science in the world, originating in India) that define insomnia in a unique way. It is not that the problem does not exist then but the cases of insomnia were much lesser than what we find today.

Ancient sciences like Chinese medicine and Ayurveda believe that insomnia is due to mental disturbance. Said this, if the brain constantly thinks and is kept busy for one or the other reason, insomnia or sleeplessness occurs.

The treatment for insomnia of such kind included meditation, pranayama (breathing techniques) and other holistic exercises such as yoga. Also, there are certain herbs mentioned in Ayurveda that possess natural sedative properties used in insomnia cure.

Since we have define insomnia, it is easier for you to work upon it and cure it earliest possible.

Insomnia Definition

In layperson’s language, insomnia can be defined as a condition where you face difficulties initiating and maintaining the sleep or both though you have perfect ambiance and circumstances to sleep. Sleeplessness or insomnia can be because of poor quality or quantity of the sleep pattern.

What Is Insomnia And Why Is It Common?

Insomnia or sleeplessness is quite common and found in 30-60% of general population. Furthermore, 10% of the general population is found suffering from chronic insomnia i.e. sleeplessness problem since quite a long period (long-standing).

Irrespective of the age and gender, insomnia can affect everyone on this planet. However, it is more common in adults and its frequency increases as the person advances in the age.

Said this, an old person is more likely to suffer from insomnia as compared to child, adolescence and adult. Also, women in general are more likely to suffer from insomnia according to some health care experts. Now me go through other types of insomnia definition.

Insomnia Definition According To It's Types

The ailment of insomnia or sleeplessness can be divided into 3 categories that are based on the duration and its presentation. Let us now learn basic information about it…

Definition of transient insomnia

The sleeplessness problem that has been lasting since one week or less than that is considered to be transient insomnia.

Definition of short-term insomnia

If a person is suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia since more than one week but then it resolves in less than 3 weeks is considered to be short-term insomnia. Nevertheless, this is not a great problem if diagnosed earlier.

Definition of long-term or chronic insomnia

This is probably the most stubborn type of insomnia. The insomnia definition of this type is the problem of sleeplessness that has been lasting for more than three weeks or one month. This kind of ailment is difficult to treat as compared to its both previous versions.

Whatever the type is, the problem of insomnia or sleeplessness is to be addressed as early as possible to prevent its complications and harm to body systems. Since now you know the insomnia definition, it is easier for you to judge and carry out the diagnosis.

Narcolepsy Definition, Causes and Symptoms

Narcolepsy definition includes a sleep disorder that is associated with indocile sleepiness and frequent sleepiness during the day time in spite of having slept in the night without any disturbance.

After having looked at narcolepsy definition as a chronic neurological disorder that influences particular portion of the human brain governing the wishes and requirements of falling asleep and when to be awake, it is now important to know causes and symptoms…

Causes of Narcolepsy

After knowing the narcolepsy definition another important thing you must know is the causes of narcolepsy. Health experts continue struggling learning the root causes of narcolepsy. The general unanimity is that a genetic factor, accompanied by certain environmental triggers like viruses, for example can influence the brain chemicals responsible to develop narcolepsy. Scientists also revealed that the person who lacks in hypocretin (also known as orexin), a brain chemical responsible for activating arousal and regulating the urge of sleep.

People suffering from narcolepsy usually do not have adequate Hcrt cells (the neurons responsible for secreting a brain chemical hypocretin) that inhibits their capability for fully controlling their wakefulness and tendency for falling asleep.

Symptoms of Narcolepsy include…

  • Cataplexy (loss of control over the muscles) is quite common. A person suffering from narcolepsy often faces a sudden loss of control over muscles while awake. This is generally triggered by powerful emotion like laughing too loud.
  • Nighttime wakefulness is another problem seen in patients with narcolepsy. People with narcolepsy might suffer from periods of wakefulness during nights, with hot flashes, increased heart beats, and in some cases, even intense alertness.
  • Hallucinations can be seen in these patients. Some patients labeled with narcolepsy face vivid, unusual fear, visual or auditory sensation when they are sleeping or just after waking.
  • Microsleep is a unique feature that we find in patients with narcolepsy. Microsleep is a very small sleep episode lasting for several minutes. During microsleep, the victims amazingly continue functioning (talking, keeping things away, etc.), and then when we awake them, they have no memory of those involuntary activities.
  • The victims of narcolepsy may also face rapid entry into REM sleep. Narcoleptics got unusual sleep cycle. The sufferers get into the state of the REM, start dreaming, or enter phase of sleepiness soon after falling asleep where most of patients require one and a half hour for entering the REM phase. In some cases of narcolepsy, the patient experiences the characteristics of bright dreams and weakness of the muscles in the beginning of falling asleep, even though that is during the day
  • Sleep paralysis: Sleep paralysis is incapability for moving or talking in the beginning or end of the sleep.

Since now you have learned about narcolepsy definition, causes, signs and symptoms, you are in a better position to understand the ailment and taking the narcolepsy medication earliest possible.

Narcolepsy Medication and Treatment

Before we get on to narcolepsy medication, it is important to learn about the health ailment first. Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder that affects particular part of the brain whose work is to regulate the urge of falling asleep and to get off the sleep

The person suffering from narcolepsy may fall asleep while working, studying, or in some unfortunate cases, even riding or driving. The ailment of narcolepsy affects approximately 1 in 2,000 of general population.

The condition is also thought to origin from our ancestor i.e. no body denies that it cannot be a genetic disorder.

Narcolepsy Medication

Narcolepsy is a lifelong condition. However, the person suffering from this ailment can adopt certain lifestyle changes and  narcolepsy medication that help reducing symptoms, improving alertness and enjoying a zealous active life.

Typical narcolepsy mediation is not yet set but then, a combination of some therapies and medication may help controlling the signs and symptoms of the ailment narcolepsy.

Most of the health care providers recommend treatment for narcolepsy by combining an art of mental counseling, prescription of certain pills or medication, and advising required behavioral changes.

Narcolepsy Treatment

Curing narcolepsy through positive counseling and support group

The symptoms of deep sleep problem especially sleep attacks and cataplexy may cause makeable embarrassment and bring on severe problems on person’s capability to live a healthy life. The episodes of the condition could be dreadful, and the sufferer may get depressed as he or she loses self-control.

The fear of getting asleep or a collapse without any notification makes some victims becoming reclusive and panic. Depression in patients with narcolepsy is clearly not uncommon. Consulting professional psychologists, counselors, or supporting groups may assist solving the case without disturbing the person.

Narcolepsy medication for episodes and symptoms through Behavioral changes

The treatment through behavioral changes is generally accompanied with pills or medications. This helps a victim managing narcolepsy symptoms. A combination of various therapies might improve alertness and assists patient controlling the effects of episodes of the ailment.

Medicines for curing narcolepsy

Medicines are observed to help in treating the major symptoms of the health ailment. The symptoms of sleepiness and cataplexy can be tackled using certain medicines. The most common prescribed drugs for treating narcolepsy include sodium oxybate, stimulants and antidepressants.

As common with modern medicines, all narcolepsy medications may have side effects and hence, it is better to consult concerned health care provider before starting any course for narcolepsy. Hence, it is highly recommended that behavior changes, mental counseling, meditation and other holistic approaches is necessary along with narcolepsy medication to treat the condition fully and without any harm.

Baby Won’t Sleep? Video Tips For Baby Sleeping By an Expert

A disturbed baby sleep can be a result of many things and therefore the need for the mother to investigate to know why the baby wont sleep.

Normally if the little angel has a full stomach and is warm enough, he should sleep like the angel it is. Nevertheless, no matter what the mother does to satisfy the above conditions, the baby wont sleep.

Baby Sleeping Pattern

A newborn baby is expected to spend 65 percent of the time sleeping. To ensure that the baby sleeps, it is good to make a clear distinction between day and night. If is at night, make sure that the room where the baby is sleeping is dark enough. Do not use bright bulbs, have deemed ones.

Another way of curbing an instance where the baby wont sleep is by ensuring that the baby is kept warm at night and if you have to do some feeding at night, do it under the cover of darkness and do not take long to feed the baby.

Note that you are not expected to play with the baby at night. With time, the baby will distinguish feeding at night and feeding during the day. You are now quite closer to solve your worry about baby wont sleep!

Why Baby Won't Sleep?

If you are to avoid saying, “my baby wont sleep,” you need to determine whether your baby is sensitive to noises. If so, then ensure that after he is through with feeding he is laid down to rest and the TV volume scaled down.

If it is during the day, ensure that your baby sleeps in something that can be carried without waking it up. If a baby has disturbed sleep, he will be irritable and might spend most of the time crying and in the worst-case scenario refuse to sleepagain.

If you are still worried that baby wont sleep, the other way of ensuring that the baby spends most of the time asleep is the mother sleeping next to the baby so that breastfeeding becomes an easy task. In such a case, it is difficult that the baby refuses to sleep after feeding.

Tips For Baby Sleeping

If the baby is to sleep peacefully, the temperatures need to be regulated. When cold, the baby wont sleep and when too hot, the baby may wake up as well. If it is daytime and the baby is sleeping outside, let the baby sleep under a shade and let the little one be well wrapped and there should be no direct sunlight contact. Never let your baby be out of your sight no matter what.

In conclusion, the only way to ensure that your baby gets the required sleep is by making the baby comfortable. Change the little one at regular intervals and make sure that the diaper is easily accessible. Remember a disturbed baby sleep impacts negatively on the baby’s growth and no mother will be at peace when the baby won't sleep peacefully.

Sleeping Techniques – How To Sleep Peacefully

Though there are many sleeping techniques or tricks for sleeping, you need to understand that in order to know how to sleep peacefully; you may be required to try many remedies for sleep disorder for different sleeping tricks work differently as insomnia cure in different people.

The genesis to having quality sleep is making a determination of the many hours you need per night. Having done that then try to see how many more hours, you need to add to your sleep pattern. This though will vary from one individual to the other. Armed with this information on techniques for sleeping, you will easily find many remedies for sleep disorder available in books and on the internet.

Sleeping Techniques On How To Sleep Peacefully

The first and foremost among all sleeping techniques is getting a rhythm of your body’s sleep pattern. You need to have a regular sleep pattern. This will involve going to bed the same time every night and waking up the same time every morning. 

This is different from sleeping the same number of hours in a disjointed manner. Remember the key of sleeping techniques here is consistency.

This consistency will be enhanced if you slept at the same time every night. There is normally a time that you experience absolute fatigue and when you go to bed, you travel directly to dream land.

This is the time you should schedule for going to bed. Ensure that any change in the time you go to bed is done gradually to give your body enough time to adjust as a part of following sleeping techniques.

You will realize that you will have devised a way of how to sleep peacefully by keeping to this schedule. Wake up time will also come out naturally and before you know it, you will not require your alarm clock.

Due to unavoidable situations, you might find yourself interrupting your sleep pattern. In that case, all you need to do is repay the debt by getting a daytime nap for insomnia cure. A nap is best taken in the early afternoon and it is advisable that it does not exceed an hour. You may find sleeping techniques that help in getting a short sleep too.

How To Induce Sleeping As a Cure For Insomnia?

The best way to go for any sleeping techniques is the efforts of falling asleep on a particular hour that is fixed as schedule. The sleep starts courting you before your time to sleep has come; you need to get something involving to do as you await your scheduled sleeping time.

Going to bed earlier than usual will end up interrupting you schedule and you will have the dreaded sleepless night for you are bound to wake up before time and going back to sleep when you should be awake.

In conclusion, though people claim that they can sleep while there is noise, research has shown that even if one falls asleep, the sleep will be interrupted hence the need to employ switching off noise technique to sleep.

Other way of approaching sleep disorder better known by many as sleeping techniques include ensuring the bedroom is dark enough and that the bed is comfortable as a measure to insomnia cure.

Everything You Need To Know About a Sleep Apnea Mask

Sleep apnea masks are specially made devices that help curing the sleep disorder (sleep apnea) wherein the person or sufferer feels a lot of problems in breathing while sleeping. Popularly known as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is the technique that assists the person in breathing in without any difficulties. 

The machines help for continuous positive airway pressure push controlled blow of air through the medical pump, which is attached to a flexible tube.

The flexible tube is attached to patient’s mouth through sleep apnea mask and its role in this scenario is to allow air gently blowing into the posterior wall of the throat keeping the whole airway open and wide.

How Sleep Apnea Masks Should Be?

The sleep apnea masks are the devices that help in keeping the windpipe and tract widened and opened so as to have flawless breathing without any hassles. The mask should both make a seal and equally should be comfortable for wearing. It sleep apnea mask is too large, the straps it has needs to be overly tightened that may create problem for the wearer. It may also cause skin irritation and soreness. On the other hand, if mask for sleep apnea is too small, it won’t seal the area properly and hence the air would leak through the borders. It is therefore important to get sleep apnea mask that is fitting good.

Types Of Sleep Apnea Masks

Full Facemask is used for sleep apnea problem. This mask includes covering of both the nose and the mouth. This kind of mask used for sleep apnea is used when other masks are not fitting properly onto the patient.

Nasal Mask for sleep apnea, as the term suggests, is fitting particularly the nose of the sufferer. It is most commonly used CPAP sleep apnea mask. If this mask is not fitting properly, the health care provider may opt for full face mask described above.

Nasal Pillows are specially designed pillows that use soft silicone tubes fitting directly into the nostrils. These pillows also help eliminating the air leaking which is the commonest problem for most of the masks. Greater freedom and easy use of nasal pillows as sleep apnea masks make them widely adopted devices to treat the sleep disorder.

Sleep apnea masks are generally triangular in shape so that to fit perfectly onto the mouth and nose that make triangle area on the face. Masks do have adjustable straps for wrapping around the head as to keep them in their places.

They are made up of hard plastic and a soft silicone seal that is generally skin-friendly. In some rare cases, these masks may develop skin irritation for what one has to contact health care provider. Also, since they come direct in contact with patient’s airway, it is very important to have hygiene maintained. Sleep apnea masks are never to be reused.

Why Is Sleep Important??

Whether they know why is sleep important or not, there are lots of people who confess that they will do anything just to get that elusive sleep and will give you tips for sleeping while at work and goes on detailing how to sleep tricks they might have read somewhere in a magazine to show you sleep is essential. Some people would rather they forgo lunch just to catch up with sleep.

Sleep Is Essential

If we do not get enough sleep, we are unable to function properly. Why is sleep important because when one undergoes a sleepless night, something from within tells the person that somehow things will not work out well for that day. Sleep is a tool that helps us to relax after a day’s long work.

Sleep helps rejuvenate ones energies and offers a temporal escape from the harsh realities of life when one travels to the world of fantasies when asleep.

Studies have shown that one thing that our body cannot go without is sleep though the body can go for days without food or even water and that shows why is sleep important and essential for the body systems.

Sleep is essential in boosting our body immune system. This occurs naturally by default. This means that whether a child or an adult, everyone needs to have enough sleep. If you do not understand importance of sleep and get inadequate sleep, you might end up feeling tired or even gaining some weight.

You should understand why is sleep important and must know that when your body fails to get the required sleep, the body will not have enough energy to let you go through routine day’s activities.

School going children will even have a hard time engaging in play. The society understanding why is sleep important has thus turned into reliance on drugs to cure some illnesses that would naturally have been taken care of by enough sleep.

Why Is Sleep Important To Everyone

Sleep is important. The lesser sleep one has, the more the body wants to have increased calories to cater for the energy that would have otherwise been produced by your body when you are asleep. 

The only way to take care of this deficit then will be through eating. If you spend most of your time on that laptop, you will end up eating more snacks. The excess sugar in your body is usually stored in form of fats and you will end up gaining weight.

In conclusion, it is good to stress the importance of sleep to the young ones. When our school going students fail to get the much required sleep, they will be having lapses in concentration at school. 

This might provoke the wrath of the subject teacher if the teacher knows for sure that the child is good at the subject. The child can also start experiencing thought and memory pattern problems.

 Because of lack of required alertness, the child might be injured easily all the reason we should realize how essential sleep is! When you know why is sleep important, it is easy to start work working on sleeping techniques for our kids through showing them how to sleep by giving out tips for undisturbed sleep.

Why Can’t I Sleep? Check Our Expert Video Guide Now

Keep questioning yourself of why cant i sleep? 

Many articles talk about sleeplessness cure tips and forget to talk about the genesis of lack of sleep that is paramount for one to understand before embarking on insomnia cure. There are many reasons that make one questioning why cant I sleep –because of a wide range of problems such as stress, pain, medical condition leading to sleep disorders problem of insomnia occurs.

If you find keep on asking why cant I sleep without any difficulties, probably this is a high time that you need to find out what is stressing you for this is one of the leading causes of insomnia.

Insomnia cure for stress can be realized if you take time to exercise. While exercising, you will relax your body and mind and will experience tranquil, necessary for a good sleep. Practicing yoga, which stresses on meditation, is another sleeplessness cure tip you need to bear in mind when looking forward to a nice night sleep.

Sleeplessness Cure –Tips On Insomnia

Another possible cause for sleepless nights is poor quality of mattress. Many articles on how to sleep peacefully advocate for the right make of mattress. Remember that depending on distribution of your weight as you sleep, you can have either a good sleep or a sleepless night; check this out before you think about internal body problems as why can't I sleep?

If you find yourself being irritable, this is an indication that you have not been having enough sleep. Lack of sleep will make you moody and impatient and hence the need to understand how to sleep peacefully. This is why is sleep  important to everyone.

You might be facing difficulties in sleeping or deprived of sleep because of a medical condition referred to as sleep apnea. This condition involves one chocking while asleep. Such people usually snore.

If you have sleep apnea, you will be forced to wake up form time to time while asleep though you might not realize and then wonder why cant I sleep?

 This is therefore very important for one to get treatment for insomnia cure from a doctor. Sleep apnea masks are device designed to help curing sleep apnea wherein the person  feels a lot of problems in breathing while sleeping.

If you are used to taking bountiful quantities of caffeine or herbal supplements during the day, these energy giving supplements might impact heavily on your sleep for they buildup as time goes by.

One of the sleeplessness cure tips you need to apply here is ensuring that you do not take them a few hours to your sleeping time.

Why Cant I Sleep -Sleeping Causes and Issues

Though sleeplessness affects both the genders, women are the most affected by lack of sleep, hence the need for them to seek insomnia cure. This is because to a large degree, insomnia is caused by hormonal imbalances.

Again, if you are woman and wondering about why cant I sleep, probably this is because production of sleep inhibiting hormones is specific to your body.

Age factor is another key player in whether you get enough sleep or not so if you are aged and asking . As one ages melatonin, a chemical responsible for bringing about sleep, is produced in small dozes and therefore an aged person will not experience the desire to sleep and will thus be seen to sleep late and wake up early.

No matter what causes you not to sleep, you need insomnia cure, so wake up look for tips to get good sleep and learn a thing or two on how to sleep peacefully so hopefully you will never be asking yourself why cant i sleep anymore.

What does it mean when you talk in your sleep?

Have you woken up one morning and your sibling or friend asked you; "old boy what was all that talk about". You will surely be confused because you wouldn't know what they are talking about. What it means is that while you were sleeping, you were probably chattering.

This nighttime chattering maybe funny and harmless or it could be graphic and vulgar.

Some people are more eloquent while others issue forth nonsensical mumblings that are difficult to understand. You may see your friend shout or whispering and gesticulate as if he were discussing with somebody whereas nobody was present. Unknown to them, the people sleeping with them are disturbed by all these night-time activities.

This abnormal behavior usually happens when a person is sleeping. Although it is a common occurrence, it does not necessarily mean that it is a medical condition.

If you are one of the people that are suffering from this malady, it really means that you are suffering from a condition known as Somniloquy.

Somniloquy otherwise known as talking in your sleep is a sleep disorder that makes you chatter in your sleep. It usually happens many times during a sleep cycle for instance during the less-deep delta-wave or at the time of interim wakefulness.

It usually lasts for about 30 seconds for every episode although some people may sleep talk many times during the night.

Other times, it occurs when you are in a deeper sleep stage that therapists call "motor breakthrough" which is a kind of dream speech.

It is a condition that induces a sleeping person to speak while he or she is still at the sub-conscious state. Those that engage in this nighttime activity do it either spontaneously or in reply to somebody else talking to them while they are sleeping.

Anybody sleeping with them might be shocked because the voice the usually speak in is quite different from their normal voice.

This condition usually occurs to everybody but those who are prone to this condition are children and males.

Children that are between the ages of three to ten years and adults from the age of 25 years are usually talked in their sleep.

The majority of the children that are afflicted with this malady usually grow out of it while an estimate of 5 percent adults still suffers from this disorder.

Before you can call it a sleep disorder, you will have to monitor the frequency of its occurrence. This is because sleep talking alone does not need treatment but when it joins together with other sleep maladies like "parasomnias" otherwise known as night terrors, sleep walking or sleep apnea, you definitely need treatment.

Causes of Sleep Talking

This sleep disorder can be caused by the following factors;

Lack of sleep: if you are deprived of sleep, it is certain that you will talk while sleeping. So it is advisable to go to bed in time to ensure getting enough sleep.


when you are not sober, you are surely going to be sleep talking. Imbibing alcohol at night can cause talking while you are sleeping so try to abstain from alcohol close to your bedtime to avoid disturbing people as you sleep.


sometimes there are drugs that you will take that can lead you to sleep talking. Such drugs like the local anesthesia or others that induce people to sleep can have the side effect of sleep talking. Therefore, if you want to run away from this condition, avoid taking such drugs.


when anybody is running a high fever, they are liable to hallucinate and this makes them feel that they are seeing somebody that is not really there. When this happens, they will be comfortably carried on a conversation with the figment of their imagination. When you are sick, take the appropriate medication to avoid putting yourself in this situation.


when you are stressed, you will find out that you are liable to sleep talk. Therefore if you do not want to talk while you are sleeping, try to reduce the stress factors in your life.


this is another condition that is likely to induce somebody to sleep talk. When you are anxious about something, your subconscious mind will be trying to resolve the issue even while you are sleeping and this can cause sleep talking.


this is a state of mind that someone may fall into that makes them unable to differentiate reality from illusion. People who are suffering from this condition are usually prone to sleep talking.

How can you find out if you are sleep talking?

The reason this condition is called sleep talking is that it is an activity you do while you are sleeping.

Therefore, there is no way for you to know that you have been participating in this nighttime activity except your sleep mate.

A roommate may complain that you are keeping him or her awake with you chattering then you will confirm that you really sleep talk.

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What is The Difference Between Denatured Alcohol and Isopropyl Alcohol?

They all have one similarity. Both are forms of alcohol. They have a hydroxyl group as their natural functional group. Alcohol is an organic compound that has a wide range of uses.

In most cases it used in the cleaning of spare parts and machines. In this article, you'll learn the difference in definitions, application, usage and chemical compositions of these two alcohol compounds.

Definitions of  Denatured Alcohol?

Denatured alcohol has many names such as methylated spirit, denatured rectified spirit. Denatured alcohol is therefore an ethyl alcohol mixed with chemical substances such as methanol and methyl isobutyl ketone.

Don't confuse the normal alcohol with denatured alcohol. Normal alcohol beverages have 5 to 40% alcohol based on the total volume.

Due to the toxic substance such as methanol in the composition, denatured alcohol is poisonous for consumption. It is undrinkable. Aniline solution is added to make it smell bad causing people vomit. Know that you can when you drink denatured alcohol, you can either go blind or die in the process.

Properties and Characteristics of Denatured Alcohol

  • This is a colorless solution.
  • Aniline solution is added to it so that it can be recognized.
  • Extremely flammable, toxic and volatile because of the ethyl alcohol and methanol. Because of that, you can't use it to make perfume.
  • Bad odor.

Uses and Application of Denatured Alcohol.

  • Humans can't use denatured alcohol but they can use it for other purpose:
  • The alcohol component kills mildew on leather surface.
  • Likewise this solvent can also be used for dissolving glue, wax and grease. That's happens because it does not react with glass.

What is Isopropyl Alcohol?

Isopropyl is alcohol with a branched alkyl group. Isopropyl alcohol is most popularly known as rubbing alcohol because it used to heal wounds and cuts.


  • Forms a homogenous mixture with water because, its intermolecular hydrogen bonds forms in the water.
  • It can't dissolve in salt water. Therefore, it is an aqueous solution that is separable by adding salt.
  • It is flammable and toxic.
  • Volatile alcohol, if you open it, it will evaporates
  • Like denatured alcohol, it has a bad odor and a sour taste.

Uses and Application of Isopropyl Alcohol.

  • It is a solvent solution for non-polar compounds like disinfectant and as a cleaning agent.
  • It is also used for medical purposes. It can serve as an antiseptic.
  • Isopropyl alcohol used in the laboratory is for DNA extraction. It is added to the DNA solution to isolate or separate the DNA from the rest of the solution.


Denatured alcohol is toxic causing injuries to the skin if used.

Isoproply is less toxic, that's why it is used for medical purposes.

Chemical compositions.

The main chemical components of denatured alcohol are ethyl alcohol together with methanol, methyl isobutyl ketone and benzone.

The main chemical component of isopropyl alcohol molecules under components such as C1, Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms.

How To Remove Pencil Marks from Wood: 4 Easy Steps With Video Guide

Pencils are good. They are pieces of stationery that we use in our everyday life. They allow us to make simple sketches to sophisticated patterns on our drawing.

The sad truth is pencil marks or graphite can be painful to remove when they come in contact with the surface rather than paper. For a carpenter or woodworker the easiest way to remove it is through sandpaper.

The problem with this approach is that, it takes time and can tamper the original finish. Pencil graphite can also fall on other surface like other than wood like a wallpaper.

When such marks happen on the other surface rather, you want to be in a good position to remove it and leave the surface crisp cleaner. In this article, I want to show you the 4 steps you can use to remove pencil marks plus the things you can use to remove the stains.

The 4 Easy Steps You Can Use To Remove Pencil Marks.

Step 1 : Get a rag.

To remove the stain, you need to have the right tools on the table. You need a rag. A rag helps in scrubbing and wiping the area when kept in a solution.

After a rag, you will need a solution. The best solution in our case is denatured alcohol. Apart from denatured alcohol, here is a list of other things that can work.


I know what you are thinking? ​

truth is an eraser can work. In fact, it is the first thing that you need to try before trying out other options. The problem with an eraser is that it leaves some dirt.

Liquid detergent.

When the eraser fails, you try liquid detergents. They have proven to work on other types of wood and fabric.

Vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil is a good solution for those who want to take the green alternative approach. It has worked for me in the past, but if you feel awkward using it, you try other options.

Acetone solution.

The solution works, but on limited types of woods. You want to try it if works on your wood.

Denatured alcohol.

When all the above won't work, you remain with the ultimate solution, the denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol is a strong solvent remove solution for any kind of hard or soft surface. Most woodworkers and carpenter prefer it than the other options listed in this article.

Step 2: Choose a remover.

There so many removers for removing pencil marks from the wood. Let me give you a description for the most popular removers that you can use.

Step 3. Dip the rag inside the remover.

Now that you have selected the remover, the third step is for you to remove the stains. You do that by dipping a small amount of rag into the solution.

Step 4: Start scrubbing and wiping.

When the rag is moist with the solvent, the next step is scrubbing. Scrubbing will requires lots of friction to get rid of the stains. You need to apply more force and effort if the area is big enough.

It takes 10 to 15 minutes, sometimes less depending on the spot that you're working on and the type of wood. After some minutes, the pencil marks disappear and the alcohol solution evaporates.

Getting rid of pencil marks.

From the 4 steps above, you've seen how easy it is to remove the pencil marks from wood. It is a simple procedure that will take you in most cases 10 to 15 minutes. If other solvents or ways don't excite you, you can always use alcohol to remove the stains from wood.

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How To Increase The Oxygen Level While Sleep: 3 Things You Can Do

Keep in mind that anything below 90% oxygen level puts your health at risk and requires quick medical intervention. I didn't want to scare you with that, but the brain needs only 4 minutes to survive once the oxygen is cut off your body.

Many people with sleep apnea or COPD face similar challenges. The good news is that you can control and regulate the oxygen. In this article, you will learn the following:

>>Oxygen level during sleep.

>>The 3 ways you can raise your oxygen level.

At the end, you will be in a position to tackle and take care of this problem with ease.

How the Oxygen Level Drops During Sleep

The upper airway muscle tone narrows and closes temporarily when you sleep. This stops breathing, leading to a drop of blood oxygen level and arousal from sleep.

The low oxygen levels lead to fatigue and causes more restless. A drop in oxygen level leads to a rise in carbon dioxide level in the blood. The onset of this leads to morning headaches, fatigues and sleepiness in the cause of the day. Here the three ways to increase oxygen levels.

Add plants

A natural alternative approach is to add a plant in your house. Addition of plants like areca palm, snake plant and money plant leads to increase of the oxygen level in the house naturally.

In addition to that you can also add natural purifiers like salt lamp, pace lily and bamboo charcoal. These purifiers clean the air that you breathe at home.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machine.

If you have a serious problem and you want a permanent solution, then consider having CPAP machine. The CPAP machine supplies you with enough oxygen and keeps the breathing airways open.

Try the Pulse Oximeter.

If you're on treatment, know that you need to monitor the condition. That's the only way of knowing if you're making progress. One way of finding out is through the Pulse Oximeter. The Pulse oximeter checks and tracks oxygen changes in the room. If there is low oxygen, you will get informed immediately using this little device.

Change in lifestyle.

Low level oxygen is not something that happens out of the blue. There are few cases where one is born with low oxygen levels.

The major causes of this happen because of lifestyle adjustment that we make. To lower risk of this try quitting the following habits:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Misuse of illegal drugs
  • Smoking
  • Poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, which leads to obesity
  • Sleep apnea.

Healthy Fluids.

Stay and remain hydrated. Hydration improves your energy level. Water is a combination of two molecules, hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms.

Hydration makes it easier for the blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the body. You don't need to limit yourself to water. You can try fluids like smoothies, shakes or organic juice they will help you recover the benefit of drinking water every day.


It is not what you would expect from me to say but exercises are known for healing any breathing problem that anyone may have. Not only do they open your lungs but make you live a healthy lifestyle at home. Since oxygen level is mostly associated with obese people, exercise becomes a vital way of opening up for the lungs.

Breathing Techniques That Improve Body Oxygen (DIY Test)​


You can raise the oxygen level at night if you apply these strategies. Oxygen reduction is dangerous; it is something that leads to death if not taken care of fast. If you have severe conditions consider investing in a CPAP machine and pulse oximeter.

How To Get Rid Of Blocked Nose In Bed: 7 Executive Tips for You

Imagine spending the day sneezing and people looking at you with horrible eyes, avoiding your company in the hope preventing flue.

Frustrating, right?

But it is even worse when you lose an important event or that invitation to be with the most important people that you love.

Nothing disrupts the day like waking up with a blocked nose. It kills confidence and self-esteem. It is no secret that a blocked nose can make your day difficult or end your day in bed/recliner rest.

In fact, if not treated early it can lead to something else like flue or the common cold. You don't have to worry, because in the next minute, I want to show you how to get rid of a blocked nose in 7 easy ways. My 7 ways comprise of both home remedies and medical treatments that you can take at home.

7 Tips to Get Rid Of Blocked Nose In Bed

Take a Hot Shower

Although not scientifically proven, a shower is a better way of decreasing the nasal congestion. The steam from a hot shower assist in the draining of the mucus and this open up the nose thereby improving the breathing.

In other words, hot shower provides temperature relief. When you wake up, this is the first thing that you should do before thinking of other remedies.

Saline Spray

Saline Spray is known for one thing: Decreasing the inflammation in the nose. This reduces stuffiness in the nose because it opens up the nasal cavity. Saline Spray is safe because it doesn't contain any medication. You can get it through over the counter.


If you experience nasal congestion most of the time, it may be a time to consider a permanent solution. That's investing in a humidifier. A humidifier relieves you from stuffy nose and sinus pain.

What this machine does is convert water to moisture that fills in the air; this increases humidity in the room. Before buying a humidifier know that they are different types of humidifiers. We have warm mist and cold mist humidifier. A good humidifier helps you empty the fluids in the nose and makes you have a normal breathing.


Stay hydrated. Fill your body with fresh fluids like water, sports drinks and juice. Hydration thins the mucus; open the nasal cavity to push the fluids away. Hydration also lessens the pressure you experience in the cavity and this reduces the inflammation. When you have blocked nose, try drinking warm water the rest of the day. You see better changes than when you use cold water.


Make a good spicy decongestant. Decongestants have been proven to decrease the nasal cavity congestion. What decongestants do is narrow the small blood vessels?

Narrowing the blood vessels decreases the lining of the nose and reduces stiffness.

Decongestants come in different forms. You can buy one in the form of pills or you can make one at home. Nasal sprays, OTC and other prescription work well because they don't have to be absorbed in the stomach.

People with lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or pregnant mother should ask the doctor before using it.

Use a warm compress.

Warm compress involves a piece of cloth that you soak in warm water and place it on your head. A warm compress works like a hot shower. It decreases the sinus congestion and the stiffness in the nose and face.

Use lukewarm water when using a warm compress. Feel free to use ginger or lemon in the water; it will help speed up your recovery.

Drain your sinuses.

Flushing clogged nostrils look weird, sometimes is the best options. The best way to do this through neti pot. A neti pot flushes mucous and fluids out of the nostril, opening up the clogged passage.

Feel confident using it because FDA approved and recommend that you use it with distilled or sterile water. Here is what you can do: Stand with your head next to the sink. Put the neti pot inside the nostril.

Then, you do the crazy part, which is titling the container, so that water enters the nostril. Do it well to avoid chocking. Know that when you put water into one nostril, it comes over the other nostril.


Blocked nose is not something that you have often. It shouldn't way you down or cut you from having fun with your friends. But when it occurs, you want to use these 7 tips to decrease the nasal symptoms fast before it leads to flue, common cold or another condition.

How To Clean CPAP Machine? What Happens if You Don’t Clean CPAP?

CPAP therapy has helped than 18 millions of Americans with obstructive sleep apnea. The therapy keeps the sleep apnea symptoms under control. It is the most effective nonsurgical treatment for sleep apnea condition.

The CPAP machine comes has filters, humidifiers and mask which are important for the machine to operate smoothly. Time after time the whole unit will get dirty. Before you learn about the cleaning tips, it is wise to know the dangers of using a dirty CPAP machine.

What Happens If You Don't Clean Your CPAP Machine?

A dirty CPAP machine poses lots of harm to your health. It may not work well in the long term and this reduces the lifespan of the equipment. Poor maintenance of the devices leads to leakage.

With a leak on the machine, you won't get the specified pressure. Which means, you will still have the symptoms of sleep apnea in your life? The leakage makes the machine to release the air to other parts like the eye.

Air released to the eyes makes them look dry and may irritate the skin in that area. Know that dirty CPAP can also leads to build up of sebum when the mask comes in contact with the skin.

This may make the mucus to enter into the mask system and moisture from the humidifier. If this situation is not corrected, the mask can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and germs.

You need a clean CPAP machine to avoid the risk of leakage and bacteria build up.

How do you know the right time to clean the CPAP machine?

Am glad you asked that. If you experience the following signs, you need to clean the device:

  • The machine reporting high rates of leakage.
  • Rashes or acne build up near the skin surface in contact with the mask.
  • Respiratory irritation.
  • Smelling funky.

You may like this video about CPAP Cleaning Processes 

CPAP needs to be cleaned in parts.

Cleaning Tips for CPAP Humidifiers.

Modern CPAP comes with humidifiers. The purpose of the humidifiers is to purify the air. It can either make the air warm or cool. The major role of a humidifier is to prevent you from having a dry mouth. To keep this part of the CPAP clean, here are cleaning tips to follow:

  • When cleaning, make sure that the humidifier chamber is separated from the CPAP. This prevents the water from getting inside the machine.
  • Wash the humidifier chamber with warm soapy water.
  • Rinse it well and dry it using a paper towel or clean cloths. Make sure that you keep it out of direct sunlight.
  • Only fill it with distilled or sterile water. Avoid tap water because they have germs which may enter the machine.
  • Clean the humidifier at least once a week. It only takes you 15 to 20 minutes.

Cleaning Tips for The CPAP Mask.

The mask is the area where air enters the nose or mouth. The mask is a delicate thing if not cleaned well. Its silicone material has a short life span if not maintained well. Here are the cleaning tips for the CPAP mask.

  • •Wash the mask everyday with warm water using soap or nice detergents.
  • Rinse the mask and dry it with a clean towel or cloth. Make sure it stays away from direct sunlight.
  • Wash your face every night before you put the mask on. Avoid facial cleansers and moisturizers because they tend to break down the silicone fast.
  • Soak the mask in a solution of vinegar once a week before rinsing it with distilled water.
  • Headgear and chin straps that hold supports and hold the mask should stay free from dirt.
  • Check the manufacturer’s instruction about the best time to replace the mask. Also check with your insurance provider if they have a policy for mask replacement.
  • The tube leading from the device to the mask needs to be cleaned once a week. All you need to do is sink it in warm water and rinse it well.

How to clean CPAP Filters? 

Filters located at the back of the CPAP machine should be clean. It is the area where the device draws lots of air from. Here are the cleaning tips for the filters.

  • Using a warm water and soap, clean the filters well.
  • Rinse the filters with distilled water.
  • Check on the manufacturer's instruction on when you should replace the filters.


Keeping the CPAP machine clean is vital if you want to stay healthy and prolong the lifespan of the machine. If you have a sleep apnea condition, you don't want to run to other health challenges of because of a dirty CPAP machine. There are some parts of CPAP machine that can be washed with a machine. Before you do that look at the manufacturer's instruction so that you do the right things.

How Do Sleep Trackers Work? Everything You Wanted To Know About

With so many doctors recommending us to have a good night’s sleep. It is becoming a necessity for one to measure the quality and quantity of sleep to beat the threshold.

Many devices come up every year, claiming to assist you track your sleep patterns. The question is that bugs many is that, how accurate is this data. Is there is any chance that is this data is reliable to make the correct judgment and improve the quality of sleep.

I have scoured the studies and the internet to give you a comprehensive answer to your question. Here are the thoughts and opinions of medical experts and research gurus.

A Deep Dive into the Sleep Tracking Technology

Sophisticated software and devices have been developed to monitor sleep patterns. To understand these patterns, let me walk you through basic concepts.


An actigraphy is an invasive way of measuring movement. The basis of this concept comes from the fact that when you sleep, you don't make any movement. You're at rest.

Personally, I will have to agree that it is a smart way of looking at sleep patterns but it has certain limitations. One being that, you can sit for two hours watching television in a stationery position and the device will measure that you're asleep. Which is not effective according to some experts.

In other words, actigraphy measures only one single metric, movement.


This device uses MEMS technology( Micro-Electric-Mechanical Systems), the tiny components act as sensors in actigraphy. Their role is to measure the quantity and quality of sleep. The accelerometer is found in most sports and fitness tracking devices.


It is the traditional ways of measuring sleep patterns. This procedure involves a person going to the lab and over 20 wires are attached to the person's head while they're asleep.

Polysomnography measures breathing rate, heart rate, eye movement. Some experts vouch for the Polysomnograghy over actigraphy. However, many still disagree with it, because when a person is in the lab, they can't have a good night sleep. And that makes the polysomnography not a good indicator of measuring sleep quality.

Research and Studies

Hakim and Martin published a report in 2011, the research was to determine the usefulness and accuracy of the actigraphy. They looked at the following factors in their assessments:

  •  Daily sleep diaries.
  • Clinical interviews and sleep questions.
  • Laboratory polysomnography (PSG)
  • Videosomnography in charts.

Both of these two researchers concluded that an actigraphy is useful in the assessment of sleep in the natural environment. In other words, you can get an accurate data from actigraphy if you have a normal sleep pattern.

A normal pattern of sleep is where you sleep without making considerable movements. From the research, you can't measure the quality or quantity of sleep using an actigraphy, if you have sleep disorders.

You can only use to estimate information, where you can get the accurate data on the total time your sleep, sleep percentage and how after sleep waking occurs.

Another interesting quote comes from Michael Scullin, from Emma University School of Medicine's Department of Neurology:

" Consumers should not expect that these devices will be able to distinguish between sleep because this devices rely on the movement, when sleep stages are defined primary by the brain activity."

From these three researches, it is true that waking time is tricky for the actigraphy to measure, because periods of no movements can be registered as sleep.

What about polysomnography?

Polysomnography gives accurate data on the measurement of sleep patterns. You can get accurate data from this device if you have sleep disorders.

In other words, people can't use polysomnography if they have healthy patterns of sleep. That's because when they go to the lab they won't sleep well. It is difficult to sleep when you have over 20 wires on your head get information from you.


It's not that easy to judge how sleep trackers operate, and even how they work. Actigraphy works when they measure the total amount of time spent when one is sleeping.

There is little independent scientific research test on those devices. You can't fully trust them to give you accurate information. What you can do with sleep trackers is to have a realistic expectation into what they can do.

Even if researchers decided to test different sleep trackers, by the time they have published the results, new devices would be in the market.

How to Sleep With Sleep Apnea Without CPAP with Video Guide

The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device otherwise known as CPAP mask is one of the standard treatments of Sleep Apnea. Due to the discomfort that is associated with this method of treatment, people find it necessary to look for another alternative for Sleep Apnea.

Some patients with the Sleep Apnea disorder find it difficult to wear mask continuously while sleeping at night.

Others complain of not being able to adjust to the pressure of the CPAP machine when they want to breathe out. While those that have a busy life like traveling wouldn't like to carry their CPAP therapy around with them.

All these complaints joined together made them look for other option that is different from CPAP.

This therapy is not the only option that is open to you so as a patient, you have the right to choose the best therapy that will be suitable for you. Therefore, if you have tried the CPAP remedy and it is not working or comfortable for you, you can try the following options;

Losing weight:

if you reduce a little weight from your usual weight, it will go a long way to shrink the fat cells in your body and this is advantageous to overweight people suffering from Sleep Apnea. Even it has been known to totally eradicate the Obstructive Sleep Apnea if you are committed to reducing your weight.

Change your lifestyle:

you can try living differently from the way you are living your life before. If you do this, it will really help in reducing the seriousness of your Sleep Apnea.


This is one of the primary methods of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. When you sleep flat out on your back, your sleep disorder skyrockets to the highest degree. Therefore, you should learn how to sleep on your left or right sides as this will help to prevent the collapse of your airways.

Exercising your throat:

 If you learn how to properly exercise your throat, you will be toning the muscle surrounding your throat and this will help the improvement of your airways.

Oral Appliance Therapy:

This therapy is used to prevent the failure of the tongue and the soft tissues that are located at the back of your throat. This helps to position the jaw forward thereby enhancing the opening of your airway while you are sleeping. Although this therapy is good for those with OSA, those with Central Sleep Apnea should not try it.

The Night Shift:

This type of sleep disorder therapy is designed so that you can wear it around your neck. This device will prevent you from sleeping on your back due to the vibrational effect that kicks into action immediately you turn on your back.

The vibrational effect will increase continuously to the highest level until you change position. It's not advisable for those that have back pain, acute neck or shoulder pain

The Winx Sleep Therapy:

This system is used produce negative pressure in the oral cavity and this pressure will then drag the soft palate together with the Uvula forward. This process will help to maintain the position of the tongue thereby enlarging the upper airway.

This therapy is helpful to those suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea and to patients that usually change positions when they are sleeping.

Winx sleep therapy is not advisable for a patient that is suffering from a serious respiratory disorder, severe lung disorder, advanced periodontal disease, anybody with loose teeth or under the age of 18 years.

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy:

This system is designed in such a way that while you are breathing, the proprietary micro-valve technology used in the design will open up. When this happens, the user will then breathe freely and when you are breathing out, the microvalve will close up thereby allowing air that is directed from the nose to pass through 2 little air channel. With this procedure, the pressure is maintained and the airway stays open until the time you begin to breathe in again.

This therapy is the best for those who have mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea or those who were newly diagnosed with the disorder. It also comes in-handy for those patients that like to travel with their device.

Any patient suffering from serious breathing disorder like airway muscle weakness, bullous lung disease, upper airway bypass, pneumothorax, and pneumomediastinum should not use this therapy.

Again those with severe heart disease, pathological low blood pressure or acute upper respiratory inflammation, infection or perforation in the ear drum should not use it.

Pillar Procedure:

This is done by carefully inserting small woven inserts into the palate when the place is anesthetized. This helps to toughen the soft palate thereby reducing its flexibility and maintaining the position of the retropalatal airway. Any patient that suffers from the implant material allergy or known palatal component should not try it.


This is a therapy that is controlled by radio frequency currents. With the help of surgery, radiofrequency current is inserted to decrease the tissue volume to the appropriate manner needed. This surgery is risky to the patient's health and can cause bleeding infection.

UPPP Surgery:

This is a type of Oropharyngeal procedure that is commonly performed on patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. This surgery is used to enlarge the retro-palatal upper airway when a part of the posterior soft palate, Uvula, and Tonsil are exercised. Those above the age of 40 years should not try this operation.

Bariatric Surgery:

This procedure is used to induce weight loss thereby reducing overflowing fat tissues found in the upper thorax and around the neck. Due to the weight loss, there is an improvement to the airways which improves the OSA. Any patient that is suffering from serious pulmonary high blood pressure should not go through this surgery.

Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation:

This therapy uses an implant mechanism that recognizes the pattern of breathing so that it can provide gentle stimulation to the main airway muscles. This procedure ensures that the airways are kept open all the time that the patient is sleeping. It is not advisable for patients with Central or mixed Sleep Apnea.

There are other simple home remedies that you can use when CPAP fails or patients are irritated by it. They are as follows;

Exercising the throat

patients suffering from Sleep Apnea that doesn't want to use the above-listed therapies can exercise their throat as an alternative. This is done by blowing up a balloon through your nose. When you do this for at least five times every day, it will help the improvement of your breathing.


This substance has properties that reduce inflammations. Therefore, when you mix a tablespoon of honey to a cup of warm milk and drink it before going to bed, it lubricates the throat and the swelling around it.


This is a brand of spice that helps sleeping disorder and induces sleep. Therefore when you mix the Cinnamon powder with a cup of water and drink every day, it helps your Sleep Apnea.


This is another home remedy that has anti-inflammatory properties that help the large tonsils thereby opening up the airways for freer breathing. When you eat two cloves of garlic and dilute with water daily, it helps your sleep disorder.


This is a home remedy that prevents the obstruction of the throat muscle. It also has soothing and calming properties that can work as a sedative. Therefore, when you put some drops of Lavender oil on a towel and place it beneath your pillow at night, it surely helps your Sleep Apnea. You can even drop some of it in boiling water in inhale.


This herb has a chemical compound that serves as a muscle relaxant and can induce sleep. When you drink it with a cup of water before going to bed it is surely helpful to Sleep Apnea.

Epsom Salt Bath:

This is another home remedy that has relaxing properties. If you take a warm bath with Epsom salt before going to bed, you will have a very sound sleep.


This herb prevents snoring while sleeping due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Add drops of peppermint oil to water and gargle or drink it for the whole day, it is also helpful.


This herb has a high rate of magnesium which is a compound that relaxes the muscle for a comfortable sleeping. When you eat Almonds every day, it helps your Sleep Apnea.

Warm Turmeric Tea:

This herb is an anti-inflammatory and sleep promoting herb that works at the respiratory system to cause easy breathing. When you boil one tablespoon of the powder, add one glass of milk, allow cooling down for 30 minutes then drink it before going to bed. It surely is a way to help your sleep Apnea. You can also add honey in your tea.

We have outlined many options which you can chose from other than CPAP. Try out any of them today.

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How to Disassemble a Reclining Sofa to Move: Expert Guide

Recliners are convenient furniture's that are necessary to be in the house but when it comes to moving them, you will find out that they are not so convenient.

Recliners are designed to be bulky in size and a heavy weight Also the dimensions used to design them would not allow you to move it smoothly out of the doorway.

To disassemble your reclining sofa so that you can move it to a different position in your house or when you are packing out from that particular house is not an easy task to accomplish.

Most of the time, you will need the services of professionals to achieve this task.

Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to face this problem alone, carefully follow these instructions to enable you effectively carry out the job.

Before You Start with The Disassembling:

  1. Make sure that the electrical power of your recliner is switched off if the model you are using moves the footrest by electricity. This will prevent accidents like electrocution and damages to the recliner itself.
  2. Take a picture of the recliner before you start disassembling it and a picture after disassembling.

Provide separate plastic bags that you will use to put all the different screws, washers, nuts and bolts from different parts of the recliner.

Tools for the Disassembling Recliner Sofa:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Plastic zipper bags or container
  4. Straps
  5. Flat-blade screwdriver
  6. Moving blanket

When you have procured all these things, prepare for the disassembling by considering the following;

The Backrest:

For a successful disassembling, you need to bring down the reclining back of the sofa. If the model of your recliner is designed with levers which are situated at the back seams of the sofa, you can use a screwdriver to adjust the lever. If your model does not have levers, gently turn the recliner onto its back to see the bolts that connect the backrest to the seat.

The Velcro Paneling:

This panel is padded up with fabric that is joined together with strong Velcro. Therefore, if you lose it; you will be able to get to the levers and the screws that hold the recliner together.​

The footrest:

You will need to extend the footrest so that you can remove the bolts and the screws that are holding it together. If the connecting bolts or screws are not visible, you can push the recliner forward so that the bottom of the sofa will come up for easier visual. Only when this is done, will you be able to lose the center consoles, the cushion covering and the spring sets sometimes known as armrests.​

Disassembling Proper

  • Clear out all the slipcovers or paddings on the recliner. You can only achieve this by sliding your hand inside the space between the base and the back of your recliner then lose the lever that is located at the end.
  • Release the padded back of the recliner. Pull upward when the cushion is being held down so as to release the clips that connect it to the recliner.
  • Pull the recliner face down to Check the underneath parts. Then lose the screws that held the bracket joining to the armrest.
  • Clear out the bracket joining to keep the recliner in a vertical position. Then with the seat base faced up, lose the bolts from the lower back of the recliner to arms.
  • Remove all the loose screws and package them then lift the cushion that is used to cover the recliner away from the frame base.
  • Reposition the recliner sideways so that you can bring out all the bolts that are used to join the arm to the base.
  • Straighten the recliner up again and pull out the arms one after the other so that they will be free from the frame.
  • Package all the screws, nuts and bolts you loosed out after taking a picture of the disassembling.

You may like this video:

You don’t need to be the next time you want to disassemble your reclining sofa. Just follow these steps which we have outlined above and you will handle it like a professional.

How to Fix a Broken Recliner Footrest- Expert Guide

People love their recliners because it feels like a safe haven for them. Your recliner is a place where you can relax with a book, watch a game, cuddle with a pet or fall asleep in at the right time.

This made recliners a comfort zone for people and as such, it tends to be over used. If your favorite recliner has been used thoroughly and sustained some injuries due to over use, do not throw it away rather call furniture repair man.

There are many issues that you may face while using a recliner.

A broken mechanism:

​This is the worst thing that can happen to a recliner. It incapacitates the entire recliner but since the mechanism of your recliner is usually covered by a warranty, you can look up the manufacturer.

​Broken footrest:

Repeatedly slamming down on the footrest of your recliner usually results in the breaking of the footrest at the long run.

​Collapsed Seating Area:

When the springs of your recliner are designed to be over high when you flop yourself down repeatedly, the entire seating area will surely buckle under. This means that the spring of your recliner has broken apart from the frame.

In this article, we are concentrating more on how to repair the footrest of your recliner when it breaks down. The footrest of every recliner is an important part of the chair hence it brings the support that you need to achieve the optimal relaxation.

The footrest serves as a supporter which enhances the rate of comfort you can derive from your recliner.

Therefore if you have a broken down recliner footrest, follow the procedures in this write-up to help you with the repair.

  • The first thing to do when you want to repair the footrest of your recliner is to extend the recliner and flip it over. This action will help you to have access to the underside of your recliners footrest. When you have done this, you will then be in the position to check out the screws and tighten or replace them.
  • The next thing to do is to tighten the screws with the appropriate screwdriver or change the whole screws entirely. you can use a socket set for this task.
  • Totally change any of the screws with screws that are a bit longer than the former one. Remember not to use screws that are too long as this will result in driving out the screw at the top of the footrest. Screws with the appropriate length will smoothly go through the solid wood to hold the footrest more tightly. You should also tighten the bracket of the footrest with new screws to make sure that they are strong and then turn the recliner upright.

If the problem with your footrest is amongst the following problems follow these corresponding instructions accordingly;

If your footrest is stuck up in a position

  • Use the lubricant WD40
  • Turn the recliner over so as to gain access to the bottom of the footrest. Then proceed to lose the screws attached to the metal wooden frame.
  • Cover the bottom of the cushion with a rag or cloth so that it will not be stained by the lubricant.
  • Apply the WD40 on all the joints.
  • Then exercise the handle again to see if it is still stiff or will release the footrest.
  • Take an additional 3-in-1 oil and apply it on the each of the joints to make sure that they are well-lubricated always.
  • Turn the recliner over once more and try out the footrest to see if the problem is solved.

If all your footrest needs is adjustment to unstuck

  • Again turn the recliner over so that you can pinpoint the ratchet that locked the footrest.
  • Bring out the bar which is attached to the ratchet and the seat front; remove the pins and spring to disassemble it.
  • As the ratchet is undone, test the footrest to see if it will still remain locked or go up and down.

If your footrest refuses to lock in place

  • Flip your recliner over
  • Check the mechanism to see if the spring is still working.
  • If the spring is broken or over stretched, replace it with a new one so that the tension can come back to the mechanism of the recliner.

Tools for the job

  • Screw driver
  • Rag or disposable cloth
  • Lubricant
  • Spare parts

Following the above steps will save you the cost of getting an outside help. So the next time your recliner breaks down, fix it yourself.

Watch This Video :

See This Recliner chair mechanism diagram for your clean idea

Recliner chair mechanism diagram

Does Sleeping in a Chair Help Sleep Apnea?

It is good to have a sound sleep because it is beneficial for to our physical, mental and spiritual states and ensures efficiency in all our daily routine.

There are many people in the world today who suffer the sleeping disorder known as Sleep Apnea and this makes it difficult to have a good rest night after night.

Medical doctors have produced many remedies for this particular sleep disorder but in this write-up, we are going to know if sleeping on a chair is a good idea and one of the remedies of Sleep Apnea.

You may ask, what is Sleep Apnea? 

Well, it is a type of sleeping disorder that is known by pauses in breathing or long interval of shallow breathing during sleep.

The pauses in the breathing rhythm may last for few seconds or minutes many times during the night. If you see somebody who snores loudly, choking or snorting sounds while sleeping is suffering from Sleep Apnea.

If you are feeling tired, having impaired alertness, vision problems or drowsy in the day time, you are surely suffering from Sleep Apnea. This sleeping disorder comes in different forms namely;

What Causes Sleep Apnea?

Some of the causative agents of Sleep Apnea are the following;


Unnecessary weight gain is a sure way to find you a Sleep Apnea candidate. Weight gain tends to bulk up tissues surrounding your airways and this causes the airways to become fragile and susceptible to collapse when the muscles relax as you sleep.


Alcohol causes the muscles around the throat to relax or slacken more than they are supposed to during sleep. This in effect induces the airways to become vulnerable to obstruction.So forget alcohol and try to drink clear water for better health.

Prescription Drugs:

If you are taking prescription drugs like a muscle relaxant, you are just making yourself a victim of high-level snoring and Sleep Apnea. Then if you make the mistake of taking sleeping pills, it will become more difficult for you to wake up.

Sleeping Position:

The position you lay down as you are sleeping is another causative agent of the Sleep Apnea. Anybody that is suffering from Sleep Apnea who lies down on his back is worsening the whole condition.

When it comes to what will really help to remedy this sleeping disorder, sleeping on a chair comes in-handy. This is because it all comes down to the right position that can help you to breathe appropriately.

If you are lying flat out on your back, this is the fastest way to escalate your Sleep Apnea. Sleeping upright on a chair is much more helpful to this condition.

For instance, when you are sleeping on a chair your position is upright and this will prevent the throat tissues from pressing down on the breathing passages. Due to this, your breathing will become easier and you find yourself enjoying a sound but normal sleep.

Again sleeping on a chair or recliner makes sure that your head and your upper body is elevated while sleeping. Also, there will be no mistake of slumping down from your pillow to lay flat on your back thereby escalating the rate of the Sleep Apnea.

You should bear in mind that not all chairs are helpful to Sleep Apnea. It is rather special chair like the La-Z-Boy recliner with high head elevation can really help.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the type of Sleep Apnea that can be helped by sleeping on a chair is the Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Therefore if you are suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, make haste to get a recliner so as to help you remedy the condition.

If you do not treat your Sleep Apnea, your daily activities will be ruined. You may find yourself performing badly in school or involving you in accidents.

Also, untreated Sleep Apnea can lead to more dangerous conditions like;

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Stroke
  3. Heart failure
  4. Irregular beating of the heart
  5. Diabetes
  6. Heart attacks
  7. Headaches
  8. Depression
  9. Worst stage of ADHD

You don’t have to wait to go to the hospital if something as cheap as a chair can save you from many years of distress. Try it today and be free.


Best Recliners for Sleeping 2018 (Updated)–Reviews By An Expert

Where did you sleep at night?

On the couch!

You might be frowning eyebrows at this awkward of dialogue from so many sitcoms but people do have alternative choices when it comes to sleeping or taking a nap.

Many of the people do go for floor bedding. Others go for Recliners to Sleeping. It is a matter of comfort and personal preference for them.

I’ve seen people with medical issues opting for recliners as well.

To some, it is more affordable option while doing things nursing their baby or coming home from a tiring day’s work.

Whatever the reason is, if you are here for best recliners for sleeping, you are in for a treat! This article of mine goes in-depth in what these things are, what are the different types of recliners, and what are the top rated sleeping recliners on the market.

That’s right!

It is your one-stop guide if there ever was one!

Need a quick decision? Here's our top 5 List of Best Sleeping Recliners

Our Recommended Product:

What Are Sleeping Recliners?

“Recliner” is a sofa or cushioned chair with a twist. You can lay back putting the weight of your spinal cord against the cushioned backrest for a well-earned rest. Not to mention there will be a footrest that’ll move up as you lay back.

As a result, you can even enjoy sound sleep or a little naptime once in a while.

These products are particularly helpful for the elderly and pregnant women. However, for the “Busy” people in our families, this chair can be a makeshift bed to relieve the fatigue.

Our 10 Best Recliners for Sleeping Reviews

When it comes to the recliners, it is difficult to get a hold of just one and tell you, “This Is The Best.” With so many intricate features, such detailed designs, and too many shapes and sizes; most reviewers won’t be able to pick a favorite.

I couldn’t either. That’s why I came up with the Top 10 Best Sleeping Recliners that should meet up with your needs.

Interested? Let us have a look!

1. Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Leather Rocker Recliner

I am talking my nap-time here. I will not compromise a single bit when it comes to afternoon naps.

Looking for something cool to cradle your exhausted body into? With a combination of cushioned seat, arms, back and an all-in-one comfort, Flash Furniture Men’s Leather Rock Recliner is one of my favorite recliner for men.

Let me explain why-

First and foremost, what caught my attention is its ultra-comfort. With a wide seat of 19” W x 21” D, everyone can fit inside comfortably. In addition, the thick cushion made of durable leather makes it smoother than ever. In together, you can feel it like a soft paradise of leather.

A lever recliner combined with back and forth rocking feature, lead you to ultimate level of comfort. Just with a little press, you can turn it from work position to fully-reclined relax position and vice versa. This is supposed to give you a hand to get rid of backpains due to desk jobs.

For home users who avoid those hassle in assembling furniture and are of plug-and-play type, it’s the good news. This recliner chair arrives with only two parts- the back and the base. Putting them together is as simple as lining up two metal tabs.

The cozy and spacious recliner is a great player too when it comes to design. As you know, it’s brown in color and has some gorgeous finishing at the top. But in together, the shiny royal recliner makes such an appearance which can’t be explain in words. No doubt, it will add up to your interior beauty too!

Another of it’s vital virtues is its versatility in functions. You can kick up your feet to switch among different positions. Like working on laptop, taking a nap or just rocking on the recliner. Amazing, isn’t it?

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of eco-friendly materials.
  • Staffed with padded seats, arms and back.
  • Comfortable with versatility in uses.
  • A full-functional level recliner.
  • No-noise rocking mode.
  • A level recliner included.
  • To assemble and craft is quite easy for first timers.
  • Perfect padding with sturdy indulgent and hardware.
  • Affordable price.

2. Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner

Let’s kick off our list with something many people take as most comfortable recliner to sleep in. Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner is packed to the bones with features.

Firstly, it has what you can call Massaging Zones. Meaning, it targets certain areas of your body for slow massaging. This is one recliner people love to sleep on. First of the two massage systems is there at the back.

Just lay down and let the chair do the trick. In minutes, you’ll feel gentle and warm vibes running through your spine.

The second massage chamber is there under the seat. This thing allows you to sit comfortably and massages the lower part of your body (AKA the base).

The best part is, you can operate each of the massage systems separately. People with “Just” the back problems can easily go for this recliner. They get the other feature as a “Bonus.”

Anytime you want this chair to switch to a sleeping recliner, just pull the lever. The reason I am referring this thing to you is the fact that it supports your knees and legs. The “Upholstered Design” is a leaf towards the right direction for the makers.

You have sewn-in cushions. Don’t worry about this “Peach” of a furniture falling apart or tearing up anytime soon.

Even the back part is sewn-in. So, no problems there either. On top of that, you get durability assurance from the foam coating on your back. This rocking chair is a good bargain for money.

Features That Caught My Eye:

  • Works on “Zones” of your body for effective massaging.
  • Dorel Recliner comes with multiple modes of massaging your body.
  • You can cycle through these modes manually without any troubles.
  • You can switch between standard sofa to a recliner with the pull of a lever.
  • The design provides this product longevity; it won’t tear up anytime soon.
  • Upholstered design is easy to clean and maintain.

3. HomCom Heating Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner Chair

Need a place to relax when you’re pissed off?

Or a place to work when you’re in working mood?

What if you get both in one recliner chair that comes with something even more! Presenting the Amazing HomCom Heating Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner Chair for you!

It has a lot of reasons to be called one of the best recliners to sleep in.

Let’s start by its structure-

The HomCom Heating Vibrating PU Leather Massage Recliner Chair is cushioned with extra chunky sponge and is butter-smooth in real. The material itself is PU leather merged with a beautiful fishing. In together, you can hardly feel like getting off this awesome seat.

As the name show us, how much recline-able it is in real?

Well that’s something surprising. A combination of lever recliner, 360 spin and rocking feature makes it a mean of preventing backpain or relieving the work stress in seconds. You can never imagine any better option to relief some stress while working.

Moreover, it has got something more that even most of typical best sellers don’t. It spins 360 degrees on its axis and the rotation is completely controlled by the remote. The remote is, however, something that controls many of its functionalities on your command.

When you’re tired and in need of some massage, this chair can be the source. It has a 5-settings vibrating massage function which is controlled by an attached remote.

Too cool for an ordinary recliner chair, right?

Lastly, to add something more to the vibrating massage, it has a heat-enabled feature for each part. Combined with the vibration, it can be your greatest source of automatic warm massage and rub-down.

Highlighted Features:

  • A sturdy, yet flexible structure with gorgeous look.
  • To enhance your fitness, vibrating warm massages are enabled.
  • Five vibrations setting and four heating nodes.
  • Recline-able with an easy-to-operate handy lever.
  • Can swivel up to 360 degrees on remote-control.
  • Two different rocking speeds- low and high.
  • A handy remote is there to control all functionalities.
  • Adjacent backrest and leg rest.

4. Baby Relax Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner

Although Mikayla Swivel Recliner is for everyone, it is one particular product best suited for pregnant women and for post pregnancy nursing. The backrest features button tufted design to make it comfortable. The tagline rightly says, “Lay Back, Stay a While.”

 The “Track” arm design alone makes it the best chair to sleep in for pregnant women. During and after pregnancy, women need a sleeping recliner that can rest their backs and upper body. But what about the arms?

You might not know but the arms need to be in a comfortable position for the ladies to sleep well. The design of Mikayla Swivel Gliding Recliner does just that.

People can operate it thanks to the “Pull” mechanism. It is conveniently placed at your arm’s length. I prefer the “Ball Bearing System” for a reason. This mechanism gives people the liberty of swiveling to the full extent and rocking back and forth at the same time.

Thanks to the pull mechanism, you can support your legs and knees while you recline on this chair to sleep. Thanks to the cushions at your feet, the blood circulation will be normal. As a result, you can enjoy an uninterrupted nap.

The design adds to the aesthetic of your baby nursery room. Moreover, the upholstery design is easily washable unlike few of its competitors available on the market.

Things that Prompted me to Advocate for Baby Relax Mikayla:

  • Aesthetics. It looks beautiful with any baby nursery you may have.
  • The track arm design is perfect for nursing mothers to rest their arms on.
  • The lever is conveniently placed near your arms to pull.
  • It is a recliner and a rocking chair at the same time.
  • This thing supports your legs and knees properly due to full reclining.
  • The fabric can be properly washed and quickly dried as well.

5. Coaster Home Furnishings Coaster 600398 Power Lift Recliner

People don’t settle for anything less than what they want while shopping. I can tell you because even I didn’t plan on settling for anything less than the “Best” when it came to buying the most comfortable recliner for sleeping.

Here’s where Coaster Home Furnishing comes in with its “Coaster 600398 Power Lift Recliner.” This sleeping chair can easily carry the weight up to 300lbs.

As far as depending on the reclining chair for your bodyweight is concerned, you can very well do that of course. There won’t be any discomforts whatsoever.

You can depend on this for the leg support that you need for sleeping. This couch helps you to put your legs at ease with the upholstered bottom part.

Slightly on the heavier side, this recliner does a good job in comforting you with the cushioned design. Seat and the back part is well-cushioned for utmost comfort.

Personally, I found it awesome. I was in need of something that could relax my muscles. This thing is my answer. That too, within budget.

For those of you who don’t know, this thing is battery operated. Feel free to experiment with massage settings. You’ll have a remote to help you in the cause.

Handling the remote isn’t really a burden either. Easy-to-interpret functions make it a breeze. Once you are done, feel free to put the remote away into a side-pocket that’s on the product.

5-year warranty is more than enough to satisfy a user like me. The warranty itself grants Coaster 600398 Recliner a sense of longevity.

Reasons I am Rooting for this Product:

  • It is a sturdy reclining lift chair with the ability to carry 300lbs of weight at its maximum.
  • This couch has got an awesome leg support that eases your legs into a comfortable position.
  • The cushioning for Coaster 600398 Power Lift Recliner is neatly done.
  • Coaster 600398 Recliner has a machine-driven system for massaging and a remote.
  • 5-year warranty period is an assuring factor as well.

6. DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner with Cream Piping

Want a sleeping recliner that swivels?

Try DaVinci Piper All-Purpose Upholstered Recliner. Although it comes at number 6th on my list of Most Comfortable Recliner for Sleeping, this thing has everything that makes it worthy of the spot.

Heathered polyester fabric makes it softer than the competition out there. The fabric is chemical-free. Your skin is completely safe from any harm that might come to pass.

You might have guessed that it swivels. In fact, it swivels 360 degrees and reclines to positions favorable to you and members of your family. It is appropriate to say that this chair “Glides” smoothly.

You are probably expecting DaVinci Piper to have an upholstered design, right? Congrats! You’ve hit the nail on its head.

But, it doesn’t stop there. The footrest moves upward too. This way, one can keep the back and his/her legs in a position of maximum comfort. I call it the “Popup” leg support.

Don’t be worried about your back. The wonderful brand comes with upper and lower back support. For all you wondering souls, upper back support is firm. It will keep your spine upright.

In addition, a lumber pillow comes with the package. It makes you feel just a bit more comfortable than on other recliners.

Manufacturers kept the reclining mechanism hidden. This gives the chair a streamlined look that most customers want.

With the comfort in mind, I bought it for my wife’s pregnancy days. Even after two years of our first child, we are still using it to our heart’s content. 

Why Would You Buy This?

  • DaVinci Piper uses Polyester fabric in the making; non-toxic, non-chemical and lightweight fabric.
  • The design and cushioning keeps you upright with a complementary lumber pillow.
  • This thing is great for pregnant women and the post pregnancy nursing period.
  • This is a “Lift Up Chair,” perfect for the elderly people at home.

7. MSG Massage Recliner Leather Sofa Chair Ergonomic Lounge Swivel Heated with Control Brown

Since we are upon the 7th candidate on my list of Sleeping recliners, let me offer you the cherry! That’s right! I saved the very best for the better and comfortable sleeping. 

This leather-made chair “Slash” recliner is here to comfort you after long day of work or during the tiring days of pregnancy.

My niece owns one of these and I can tell you, it’s mighty comfortable! It is a plush chair for you to sit on. Besides that, you get “Eight-Point” massaging system. It eases the stress by massaging “Eight” different pressure points of your body.

This is one of the most comfortable recliners for me to sleep in thanks to the backrest. It is super comfy. MSG Massage Reclining Chair comes with manual lever system. I could operate it with my hands. With one pull, I could push the backrest back and my foot holder came up.

Of course, you can adjust the headrest and the cushion at the back to your comfort. The reclining thing is smooth. Plus, it swivels 360 degrees! How cool is that?

That’s not the only thing setting this baby aside from the rest. MS Massage Sofa Chair is ergonomically designed to give you the perfect posture when you are sleeping or sitting upright. The spinal alignment is “Just” perfect. I enjoyed how this chair rocked up and down too!

In case you didn’t notice, MSG Massaging Recliner comes with heating system that warms people up when they need the touch. Oh, there are also two cup holders in case you like to drink coffee while you are at it.

Thirsty for more? This beauty of a product offers you two front pouches as well as one side pouch to keep your essentials close by when you are napping. 

The Great Parts about MSG Massage Recliner:

  • The lather is durable and grants you comfort beyond what you think of it.
  • Ergonomically designed chair keeps your spine in perfect positions for napping or for massaging.
  • There’s a heating system under the seat that keeps you warm and well while comforting you.
  • Despite the heating system beneath, the fabric doesn’t melt.
  • The product comes with a swiveling capacity of 360 degrees and with a headrest.
  • A bunch of pockets are there to keep your essentials nearby when you need them.

8. Homelegance 9636-1 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Glider Recliner Chair, Chocolate Brown

For pregnant or nursing women, this is the recliner to consider. And, even if you simply want something sturdy, comfortable, and with a swivel feature for mobility, this is a nice option to consider when purchasing a sleeping recliner.

The soft microfiber finish is comfortable for lying down or sleeping. It comes in several colors, making it ideal for any nursery, living room, or napping corner in your home.

A tufted backrest helps keep your lower and upper back/shoulders fully supported at all times. This eliminates tension, stress, and pain in these areas, even if you are seated for several hours at a time.

The tufted lower back also helps reduce movement if you are carrying your baby, so it will make sleeping for mommy and child a little easier.

If you want to fully recline your legs, the pull mechanism in this chair allows you to do so. Simply pull the lever at the side, and your legs are up for a completely reclined, comfortable night’s rest.

Elegant trim details also add a nice touch of elegance if you want to dress a room up. The core spring foam interior is fully supportable as well.

Your back, neck, and entire body are going to thank you if you want comfort, stability, and total relaxation while lying down in your new chair.

What makes this recliner different from others?

  • The design,The comfortable microfiber, fabric protection, and trim detail offer elegance and comfort in one chair.
  • Fully recline position, with pull lever to lift your legs, while providing back/neck support.
  • Fully padded interior with a tufted back support helps keep your spine aligned.

9. Davis Fabric Recliner Club Chair Review

The Davis Fabric club chair features a unique design which anyone can appreciate. A fabric exterior is durable while providing optimal support, comfort, and it is breathable, so you won’t be sweating a few minutes after you lie down.

There is a foot extension and back reclining feature built into this chair. This allows you to fully kick back, kick your feet up, and extend completely, for a comfortable night’s rest. It features a solid frame which can support your body.

A fully padded interior helps maintain your body’s infrastructure in place while you lie down. So, whether you prefer laying on your back or side, your body will remain in place, and you won’t feel the pain when you wake up.

With nearly 23’’ depth, you can sit comfortably in the chair, and your legs won’t be dangling off the front edge. Sold wood base and feet maintain the structure, and provide added depth and support for heavier users as well.

Design features you will appreciate:

Comfort, stability, elegant design, and well-constructed finish. These are some of the synonyms you are probably looking for when investing in a new recliner. In addition to these, the Davis Fabric club chair features:

  • Fully reclining legs (kick back), and reclining back (lie down) features.
  • A solid frame for added stability and strength.
  • Comfortable cloth finish.
  • Recline up to approximately 35 degrees for a comfortable position for short naps, or several hours of sleep at a time. 

10. Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Brown Microfiber Kids Recliner with Storage Arms

If you want a recliner for the kid’s room, this is it. The deluxe child recliner has a microfiber finish, so you don’t have to worry about ripping, or the children staining the chair, as it is a solid fabric material.

The chair features a plush padded finish. This provides added support to the column, the spine, and neck. With a fully padded (rounded) neck finish, your child’s head won’t move if they fall asleep in the chair. This means no back or neck pain when they wake up in the morning.

You receive an additional headrest cover with the chair. Your new recliner is easy to clean. The microfiber material can be padded with a damp cloth/rag.

So, if the children spill soda or juice on the chair, you can easily clean it up without worrying about it staining their favorite chair. 

Some nice features this chair offers:

When purchasing furniture for the kids, you want something durable, easy to care for, and well-built. In addition to these features the contemporary recliner offers:

  • Fold up armrests. This makes it easy to store when the chair is not in use.
  • Various colors to choose from. Your kids can decorate with their room’s décor.
  • Strong wood frame, with a soft foam padded interior.
  • Contour design. The chair will conform and envelope their body for comfort, and added support.
  • Built in storage arms. The kids can put the controller, toys, or other items in their chair.
  • Added depth. The chair has a long base for comfort, and padded back for more support when relaxing in it.

11. Flash Furniture Contemporary Brown Microfiber Kids Recliner with Cup Holder

This reclining children’s chair is made of a microfiber exterior. It is easy to clean. Even if they spill juice or get it dirty, the chair can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth. It features a fully padded, memory foam type interior.

This helps provide added depth, comfort, and helps conform to your child’s body so they won’t feel the aches and pain when sleeping in this chair.

It has a built-in cup holder as well. You can put a juice box, or other beverages in the chair while your child is playing. It features raised, black plastic feet.

So, even if the chair slides when the kids are playing, it won’t damage or scratch your flooring. It will also remain in place on carpet or rugs in their bedroom.

The deepened back cushion helps provide more support when they are seated for extended periods of time. The chair won’t give in, or soften, providing proper padding and support.

 A strong wooden frame helps maintain the chair’s structure, and won’t cave or crumble, even after several years of use.

Highlighted Features:

  • The color variety. Choose from several colors to add personality to their bedroom.
  • The cup holder. They won’t have to get up for drinks when they are comfortably seated in the chair.
  • Solid plush design. The chair won’t cause back or neck pain.
  • A fully padded back region. Their lower back will feel comfortable as they are seated in the chair for extended periods of time. 

12. Pulaski Birch Hill Swivel Glider Recliner, Doe with Coffee Piping

Swivel. Recline. Kick your feet back. Yes, yes, and yes with your new Pulaski Burch Swivel recliner. With this swivel glide recliner, you get the best of all three worlds.

You can kick your feet back for optimal comfort and relaxation. You can recline back to lie down for a quick nap, or sleep all night.

And, the swivel feature helps create that soothing ambiance, for a nice, serene setting, while you are seated in your new recliner.

Drop-in coil seating provides more support for the lower portion of your body. Your back and legs aren’t going to fall asleep or feel tension/pain if you are seated for extended periods of time in your new reclining chair.

It also features a soft-cloth finish. This provides added comfort for extended periods of use.

Padded back and arm rests provide stability and comfort. You can sit for several hours, or take a quick nap, and you will feel as if you are lying down on the most expensive memory foam mattress. 

What Makes the Pulaski Birch Hill Swivel Glider Recliner Unique?

  • The soft-padded seating. Cushioning for your neck, back, and lower body.
  • Soft-cloth finish. You won’t feel overheated, nor will you get stuck to that hot leather when you are seated for extended periods of time.
  • The ability to recline, sit back, or swivel at the same time.
  • All metal reclining mechanisms. Your chair won’t get damaged or break easily.
  • One touch recline design. Simply lift the lever, and you’re ready for a comfortable night’s rest or a short 40-45 minute nap. 

13. Lucas Brown Leather Modern Sleek Recliner Club Chair

If you are looking for a recliner with style, comfort, and durability all wrapped into one, look no further than the Lucas Brown leather recliner.

 It features a multi-recline position feature allowing you to sit up straight, or recline on multiple angle settings.

The firm leather finish allows you to sit comfortably, without having to worry about lower/upper back problems.

The recliner is heavily padded for optimal comfort, and to avoid dipping (flattening) regardless of how often it is used.

Firm support keeps your back upright, eliminating too much tension on the joints. It also limits movement while you are sleeping, to ensure your body is steady and in a stable position for a good night’s sleep.

Whether you prefer sitting upright or reclined, the chair affords up to 3-position changes to recline to. This helps alleviate tension or too much strain on the neck, back, or shoulders while you are in the chair.

It also helps stabilize your body to provide limited movement while you are laying in it, guaranteeing a comfortable night’s rest (or nap), regardless of how long you are seated in the chair.

Is this recliner right for you?

For those searching for a multi-purpose chair, look no further. Comfort, design, and stability, are a few of the features you’re sure to appreciate.

Additionally, some features consumers might appreciate include: 

  • Fully bonded leather exterior for comfort and limited heat transfer while seated in the chair.
  • Support for the lower back to limit pain while sitting on the chair.
  • A sleek, contemporary finish, goes well with any décor/home.
  • Solid construction arm and back rest keeps your spine aligned for comfort and stability.
  • 240-pound weight capacity allows most individuals to sleep/recline or sit in the chair. 

What To Look For When Buying A Best Recliners to sleep in?

Unlike most of you think, this is not too difficult. Once you know the rules, tips, and tricks of the trade, you can choose right Sleeping Recliner with less effort and more efficiency.

So, what are the tips and tricks of the trade? Let us find out!

Figure Out the Size of the Room You Want to Keep It

First thing to do before you actually head to buying one of these recliners is mapping out your room. Scope up your room then go for the recliner by measuring the complete length of your room.

Whether you are shopping for the recliner online or in the stores, make sure to measure it too. You’ll do good to measure the recliner in “A Full Reclining Position” to see how good or bad it will look in comparison to your room. For convenience, most of the online shops do have measurements of these products pointed out. Make sure to have a look before you press the “Buy” button.

Figure Out What Type of Recliner You Need

If you have been paying attention, you know that I discussed the types of recliners in the earlier part of my article. Just to be clear, different types of reclining chairs suit different types of rooms and purposes.

If you want to take a nap, the most comfortable recliner for sleeping would be one, which rocks back and forth. It will provide you a nice motion that will entice you to sleep and make the experience comfortable.

For nursing, you’d need a plushy and well cushioned recliner with armrests.

Shopping recliners for elderly people? You need to account for the height of the seat, footrest, and whether they can adjust the height of it.

If you need one to massage you after a tiring day’s work, go for the ones that have mechanical massage systems. Don’t forget to ring in some extra cash for the feature.

Make Sure to Account for Your Body Size

Let’s face it. If you go in and buy a sleeping reclining inappropriate for your body size, it won’t do you any good. It will cost you money, sure. Yet, it won’t serve the purpose you are buying it for.

That is why my advice would be to “Cut your cloth according to your coat.” Meaning, measure your body size and plan out intricate details before heading to purchase a recliner.

Firstly, I’d sit on the recliner to measure how comfortable the seat is. If I can fit on to the seat, a quarter of the job is done.

The next step is checking up with the headrest. It should fit my head perfectly. This will help when I am relaxing or taking a nap. A fitting headrest keeps the blood circulation normal. In addition, top-quality recliners for sleeping will let you keep your feet grounded while sitting still.

One more detail I would care for is the distance between my legrest and the seat. It should never be greater than 5 inches. Any more and it would be hazardous for any child using the recliner.

Pay Close Attention to How the Recliner is Made

In less dramatic terms, look at the construction. Your recliner of choice should have a streamline look. If people are going for motorized couches, they shouldn’t give a hint from the outside. Also, the motor should be quiet when in operation.

These products can carry a lot of weight. Just to be safe, make sure the screws are tightly bolted. People having trouble with lower back area, go for the metal coil ones. They support the weight of your lower back while keeping the torso steady.

If you want a swiveling recliner, I’d recommend the metal coils and frame even more. Typical board panel-based recliners only give you few years of lifespan tops. But the ones with metal frames go the distance when it comes to lifespan.

But metal frames will cost you a bit more cash than the regular ones do.

Get Fair Amount of Cushioning

When it comes to comfort, I advise you to go for thick foam padding on the sitting area. The thick cushion allows you comfort when you are planning to take a quick nap or sleep on the couch over the night. Some people do actually prefer to sleep on the recliner over the bed.

Regular spring-based mechanisms present the danger of springs poking out and hurting you. Thick foam allows you to be comfortable. If you have a heating mechanism underneath, the foam will trap the heat. With springs, you have the danger of meltdown over time.

Types of Recliners for Sleeping

Now, I might have explained recliners in a sentence or two but there’s more to it. When you are out to buy the top sleeping recliner for your family, you’ll encounter certain types.

Knowing about them beforehand can save you the extra time of looking around and surfing through hundreds of pages online. Let us get to it then!

The Rockers!

Just to be clear, I am not speaking of Rock Music. Although the rocking recliners do rock back and forth besides reclining. The motion is quite gentle and nothing you can’t handle.

If you have a pregnant woman in your house, this is the ideal and most comfortable recliner for sleeping. It goes for the insomniacs and night owls too.

Some of the rocking recliners might even have do a 360-degree swiveling facility. You’ll have to shed some extra bucks for that.

The Wall-Huggers

Fit for a small-ish room and some of them can be “Rocking Chairs” too. Wall-Hugger Reclining Chairs got their name because they can be stacked next to a wall.

People with back problems can be at ease now. This variant helps you in keeping your spinal cord straight whenever you sit on it.

It comes at you with a lesser price tag. That doesn’t stop it from being adjustable. In fact, the elderly people can adjust the height of these things. As a result, they can comfortably get up from these chairs when done resting.

The Lifting Recliner Chairs

If you didn’t notice before, we are slowly moving up the price-ladder. More expensive than simple rocking recliners and Wall-Hugging Recliner Chairs, lifting chairs come with a motorized system.

With the push of a button, you can make the sleeping recliner move up or down. Easy to use, these things are suitable for people who can’t move much (i.e: elderly, pregnant women, differently capable people, and nursing women).

Lifting chairs are available in different size options and shapes. You can get one suiting your body size rather quickly if you look around.

(Hint: There are a few in the “Short Review” section)

Massaging Recliners

Feeling tired? Need a hand to caress your back? Well, with everything around us evolving, recliners are picking up that habit too. Now you can enjoy gentle massage while lying down on the reclining sofa.

Thanks to Massaging Recliners, people can massage their backs and backs of the legs too. Some of the advanced variants have “Pressure Point Massaging” to help you get rid of fatigue quickly.

There are some massaging recliners, which have a heating system built in. These things provide an extra layer of massage. You can pick from a range of price tags and designs.  

How To Take Care of Your Sleeping Recliner

Okay, you’ve decided to invest in a new sleeping recliner. Of course, you want to buy the best recliner chair for sleeping, and you want to preserve it for years to come.

Cloth, microfiber, leather, or padded materials are just a few of the options you have when it comes to the material.

You are going to have to consider the care options available for your recliner as well. You don’t want to ruin your pricey investment after only a short time of ownership.

So, how do you go about caring for your new recliner?

What products should you use to maintain it? Are there specific things you can do to extend the chair’s lifespan? These are a few things to consider to properly maintain and care for your new sleeping recliner.


If you’ve decided to invest in a leather recliner, you need the right cleaning and care solutions to maintain it. Before applying the leather treatment agent, make sure you vacuum, dust, and brush off debris from your recliner.

Use a leather cleaner routinely (once weekly). Don’t over rub into the leather. Make sure you use a damp cloth, and simply pad the areas to preserve the leather exterior.

Watch This VIdeo and Take Care of Leather Recliner Chair/Sofa Now!


With a cloth or fabric finish, you want to vacuum your new recliner regularly. Doing this at least once a week helps get food, dirt, and dust from getting into the frame. In addition to this, you can use spray solutions to help with odors.

Applying a sweat resistant spray is another way to keep the fabric from getting dirty/smelly over time. Using a soap solution to wipe the chair or deep clean the fabric will also help preserve it.

Additional Recliner Care Tips:

Even with leather material, punctures, holes, or other damage is possible. So, make sure you keep sharp objects away from your new recliner.

Open the recliner fully when vacuuming/cleaning it. This will allow you to get out debris, food, or other items which have seeped their way into the base of your new chair.

If you spill anything on your chair, immediately use a dry cloth to absorb as much moisture as possible. This will help prevent seeping into the fabric/cloth or damaging the leather.

Lastly, take precautions with your chair. Make sure you only use it in the intended manner (sleeping, sitting, napping).

Don’t put too much weight on it to avoid damaging the frame and spring coils. And, make sure you don’t over-recline or overuse the mechanisms.

These simple tips will not only help prevent damage to your chair, but also help extend its lifespan as well.

Whether it is leather or cloth/fabric, these easy-care tips are a simple way in which new owners will maintain their chair, and extend use for years to come.

Benefits of Sleeping on a Recliner Sofa

There are several benefits to sleeping on a recliner sofa. From relieving pressure/pain, to helping with alignment issues, you will realize the comforts of reclining when you invest in a high-quality, well-made chair.

A reclining chair poses many benefits to users. Reclining can help eliminate lower back pain and help avoid placing too much pressure on the back.

If you have tension, suffer from disc problems, or otherwise experience pain when you are fully extended/lying down, a best sleeping reclining sofa might be a viable solution to help eliminate such pains.

It helps with posture. Throughout the day we tend to hunch over. We typically have poor posture.

 A reclining chair does the exact opposite. It basically places your body in a reverse crunch position.

So, if you do have issues with posture, or tend to crouch/hunch over regularly, the chair can help improve posture overtime.

Research has proven that sitting in a reclined position helps to relieve tension placed on our joints.

It also helps to eliminate the compressive pressure we place on our spine. For the back-pain sufferer, this can result in all-day relief.

If you are a short-breather (many of us are), your reclining chair can help expand/open your lungs.

You will relax, and it will help you with deep-breathing techniques. It will help those who suffer from shortness of breath.

And, if nothing else, your new reclining chair is a great relaxation tool to have in the home.

Who hasn’t seen those commercials with people sleeping and snoring in a reclining chair on TV? If you have, you’ve probably dreamt of doing the same.

So, kick back, relax, and start realizing the many great benefits of owning a new reclining chair. These are just a few which anyone will appreciate, whether they suffer from these problems or not.

Before I Leave You Be…

I believe you are somewhat of an expert on recliners. Unlike what most people think, these things are not just for therapeutic use only. These days, everybody tends to have one in his or her houses.

Be it in the living room for relaxing and watching TV or in the nursery for feeding the baby, there’s a recliner for every purpose. You just need to know what you are buying one for and which one you want.

For the first part, the buying guide should point you in the right direction. If you don’t want to go through all the hassle, allow me to direct you to my short list of best recliners for sleeping.

Trust me, in that list, there’s a product for every need.