Can Recliners Cause Leg Problems? Let’s Find Out

can Recliners Cause Leg Problems

Sitting down is the most sensible thing to do when you are tired because you don't need to use up your energy. If you are sitting down, you have to either fold your legs or stretch your legs.

The down side is that when you sit in one particular place for a long time, you are creating health problems for your legs.

A recliner is a very comfortable and easy place to sleep and rest. Sitting in a recliner that has a backrest, armrest and headrest are advantageous to your health.

It helps to prevent muscle deterioration, high-rate of tissue inflammation and bone loss.

However, it is also harmful when used for a long period of time and with a poor posture. If you find yourself as one that likes to go to sleep sitting in your recliner or unintentionally doses off on your recliner, you are liable to have problems with your calves.

These calve issues may be muscular related, tendon related or situated at the ligaments.

Now! Actually Can Recliners Cause Leg Problems?​

A recliner can cause leg problems if you use it all the time.

Prolonged sitting down in a poor position will surely cause swelling of the legs because you are no longer making use of your muscles. The inactive muscles make it difficult for the blood in circulation to go back from the legs.

When the blood cannot go back upwards, it causes the blood to gather in the veins and cause them to distend. With the veins distended, when water comes out from the tissues around the veins, the resultant effect is that your leg will swell up.

If this happens regularly, the tiny veins that surround your leg will get weak and this will create more room for water to slip into the tissues easily. As this is going on, the heaviness of the stagnant blood causes the collapse of the valve which will make the leg swelling much worse.

The swelling of the legs also causes poor circulation to the skin. When there is poor circulation, the skin surrounding the ankle will end up discolored. Owing to the fact that the skin is weak in nature, it will break and form open sores that are known as Stasis Ulcer.

Owing to the fact that the skin is weak in nature, it will break and form open sores that are known as Stasis Ulcer.

Another condition that can be caused by a recliner is the "Airplane Syndrome". This happens in a situation where a person has to sit in one particular place for a long time. This will develop thrombotic clotting on the leg and it can become lethal when it heads for your heart.

The good news is that these conditions can be remedied if you are using a recliner that can be set fully to the Trendelenburg position. That is a position that will allow your leg to be a bit higher than your body when you recline.

You can also remedy this condition if you give yourself break period at intervals to keep your muscles active. Making out time to walk around will enable the blood circulation that stopped all the time you were sitting to begin its upward journey again.

Another remedy used by hospitals is the Sequential Compression Device. This instrument helps to improve the blood circulation and can be used to pump the stagnant blood along when it is inflated and deflated.

They are usually designed like leg wraps, boots or sleeves and connected to a pump so that whenever there is a compression, the blood will flow upwards.

A leg massage is another remedy for your swollen leg. Although it does not push the blood upwards like the Sequential Compression device, it helps to massage your feet and ankles to prevent stagnant blood that causes swelling.

Again, if you spend more time lying horizontally in your bed, you wouldn't have to suffer leg swelling.

Therefore if you don't want your recliner to cause you a leg problem, you should do the following;

  • When you want to purchase your recliner, make sure to get the ones that will not do you more harm than good.
  • Get the recliner that is built to extend to the Trendelenburg position.
  • Do not sit inactive in your recliner for a prolonged period of staying overnight for days or weeks in succession.
  • When you are sitting in your recliner, position yourself very well.
  • Your sleeping should be done on the bed and not the recliner.
  • Do not sit or sleep in your recliner with your legs dangling.

In conclusion, always buy a recliner that will be suitable to your health requirements.

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