[RECOMMENDED] Top 10 Best Wheel Locks Review 2019


What worries you most about your vehicle?

I can very well guess that the replies I’ll get in response will be fragmented. A portion of you might say the color job, others might vote in favor of door locks, few even go to the length of saying the entire car might disappear.

For me, it is the rims. I am no owner of a Mercedes Benz or a BMW. But my Hyundai Elantra is precious to me. Every part of this maestro of a car is fabulous. But the rims, they are something else.

I recently painted them in blue and they look ravishing. But there’s a hitch.

As much as I like them, someone else might too. Therein, lies the threat of these rims being stolen. One opportunity and the thieves will do a number on your car, believe me. They are out there, lurking!

But I got myself covered. One fine Friday, I looked up online and found myself some of the best wheel locks money could help me buy and chose the practical one.


Well, I’ll discuss just that in my Wheel Lock Buying Guide and provide you with some generous recommendations as well.

Oh, and I’ll go into the types of wheel locks you can hope to find out there too.

Let’s get going!

Types of Wheel â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹â€‹Locks:

At this point, I am not going to beat around the bush and dump a whole lot about best rim locks on you. Instead, let us see what types of locks we can find. Now, I am not throwing it on you. You are free to choose whichever type works best for you.

Spline Drive:

These wheel locks fit into aftermarket-vehicles. The lug-nut fits into a smaller lug-holes, as the diameter is thinner. These locks feature a closed-end design, larger seating surface, and also have more gripping power.

Extended stug-engagement is enabled, which makes these easy to install on aftermarket cars, and also makes them ideal for vehicles which have a narrower diameter lug-design.

Alloy Wheel Locks:

These are typically sold directly through the vehicle manufacturer. They are sturdy, made of a solid alloy material finish, and they require a specialty socket, which is designed by the manufacturer, in order for you to be able to remove the lock.

Locking Lug-Nut:

These systems are smooth on the exterior surface, and have a rigged pattern design on the interior, which makes them impossible to remove without the specialty key.

You need to have the key, which is a unique socket, in order for you to remove the lug-nut. These are popular because they look standard from the exterior, but afford owners additional security with the interior rigged design pattern, which can’t be broken with a traditional wrench.

Clamp Wheel Lock:

As the name implies, this is a clamp which is placed around the wheel, and the rims, in order to protect both from thieves. They are often referred to as a “boot,” which is a device that doesn’t allow you to move/drive your vehicle, until the clamp is removed.

Although these are a bit larger in nature, and harder to utilize daily, they can be used sporadically for optimal security if you are parking your car in a dangerous area, or new location you aren’t familiar with.

A Quick Tip: Glance over the type of car you own and the model you are choosing for the car (more on that in the latter part of the article) before you hit on the buy button.

Now that we are done with wheel lock types, we can move to the next section of the article which discusses my very own shortlist of the top candidates available on the market.

Our Top 10 Best Wheel Locks Reviews

Why a “Top Ten” instead of just one you ask?

Because, there are many candidates when it comes to Best Car Wheel Locks. So many that they’ll make your head spin. All the features, all the gimmicks and all the varying prices confuse the user.

Without an expert lowdown on things, you cannot choose the ideal one. That’s what this list will do for you. It is a healthy collection of products that make to the top tier whichever way you look at them.

1. Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

Trimax TCL65 is the perfect product to kick off my list of Best Wheel Locks this evening. This clamp-style lock by Trimax, might be exactly what you’ve been looking for as a vehicle owner to protect your tires and rims.

The ability to adjust from wheel to wheel, without a specific ridge/grove pattern in place, is a nice feature for owners who are looking for something a bit more generic in nature.

The heavy-duty steel material won’t be broken by pliers, wrenches, or other power tools easily.

This, equipped with the built-in chock helps to prevent trailer rollaway. Basically, a thief can’t simply place your car on a trailer, and drive it away with this device attached to your tires.

It features a pick-resistant internal mechanism. This basically means thieves can’t use small tools or picks to break the lock.

Add in the three security keys which are in place, and you won’t find many systems which are more superior or advanced than this wheel lock system is.

How does Trimax differ from competitor wheel locks?

Some features the product affords owners include:

  • The triple-lock system.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame, can’t be broken or unhinged with tools.
  • You can tighten the clamp to specifically fit your wheels for added security.
  • The clamp features an epoxy coating, so rain or elements won’t cause it to rust.
  • There are unique chocks which are in place, which work while the clamp is locked on the tire, to help prevent roll-away when the clamp is tightened on your tire.

Security, durability, and advanced internal mechanism; these are a few of the features owners will appreciate with this wheel lock clamp. It is easy to install, and affords three additional layers of security to vehicle owners.

2. McGard 24157 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks

Sold by one of the leading manufacturers in the wheel lock business, you can rely on the quality and durability which McGard delivers. This cone set features an M12X1.5 thread size, and comes with 4-wheel locks for you to place on the lugs of your tires.

At just 1.28’’ in overall length, these lugs can’t be seen by thieves, nor are they going to call extra attention to your vehicle when locked into place. There is a 19 or 21 mm hex size, depending on your vehicle’s lug size requirements when being installed.

The locks exceed OEM standard, so they are perfect for aftermarket-manufactured cars if you plan on installing them onto these vehicles. They are easy to secure in place, however they can’t be installed or removed with a traditional wrench.

A special lock key is required for both installation and removal of the lugs, meaning no thief will ever get these off your tires, eliminating the possibility of stolen tires and rims.

It features a computer-generated key design system, meaning the locks can be installed with an infinite number of key patterns.

An extra-narrow pattern grove, also eliminates the possibility of using pliers or other narrow power tools, in an effort to remove the locks. 

Highlighted  Features:

  • Durable, all stainless-steel, alloy finish.
  • Ultra-thin pattern grove, eliminates the possibility of theft.
  • Infinite key-patterns, allows these lugs to be placed on several aftermarket-cars.
  • There are 8 different hex sizes. This allows the new lug to fit the exact specific entry, where the manufacturer lug was originally installed on your car. 

3. The Club 1000 Steering Wheel Lock Review

You know those yellow-clubs you place on your steering wheel? Well, this is an amped up version which will afford you the added piece of mind you seek in protecting your car.

The Club 900 is going to dissuade possible thieves simply based on the look alone. The large, yellow-club is highly visible, and hard (if not impossible) to crack or break into.

It is an unauthorized use-deterrent, meaning those who shouldn’t be using your car, are automatically going to be deterred from trying to break in. The sturdy-tempered steel material can’t be dented, banged, or otherwise damaged.

An outer yellow, vinyl coating not only enhances the visibility, but also protects the car lock from being damaged by the elements.

A nice bonus feature is that this lock has a universal-fit. This means you won’t have to customize, or spend more money, if you need it for an SUV or truck.

It will fit your vehicle, regardless of the make or model, or the size of your car. Simply lock it into place over your steering wheel, and you have the added security in place, your monitoring and intrusion system alone don’t provide. 

Features which make The Club 900 a worthwhile investment include:

  • A universal fit. Place it on cars, trucks, vans, SUV, or pick-up trucks.
  • Vinyl coating prevents overheating, and also protects the tempered steel finish.
  • It actually locks the steering wheel in place. In the event a burglar/thief actually gets into your car, there is no way for them to turn the steering wheel to drive it. 

4. McGard 24538 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks (1/2" - 20 Thread Size) - Set of 5

McGard is a name which is synonymous with protection and security as it pertains to your car’s wheels and rims. So, you can expect the very best levels of security if you install these lug-nut sets into your car. With a unique grooved interior, no wrench, pliers, or power tool set is going to defeat these wheel locks.

A ½’’ to 20’’ thread depth allows you to install these on various aftermarket-vehicles. They easily slide into where your lug-nuts would traditionally go, and they will lock the rim into place.

A special key is required for both the installation and removal. A ¾’’ to 13/16’’ dual-hex size, allows you to place these locks in nearly any vehicle imaginable.

This cone seat style set comes with 5 cones, and one key for quick and easy Installation/removal. This specific lock-set is intended for use with SUV lock sets, affording you added security for your tires and rims. 

Features of the McGard locks include:

  • Unique groove design. The interior rigid design and ultra-narrow entry, doesn’t allow burglars or thieves easy access to the inter-locking system.
  • The micro-porous chrome exterior isn’t susceptible to rust or other element-damage.
  • The 8 hex-size patterns allow you to easily fit your new lugs onto most SUV tires.
  • An infinite number of installation patterns makes it virtually impossible for thieves to break in, and remove these from your tires.
  • Triple-neck chrome exterior protects the outer, inner, and inter-locking mechanisms of this lug set, for the highest levels of security imaginable. 

5. Gorilla Automotive 61631 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks for Wheel

You’re probably familiar with Gorilla glues; and, if so you know how powerful they are. Just imagine what the Gorilla Acorn Guards are going to afford you with, in terms of added security, when it comes to your car’s tires and rims.

12mmX1.5’’ thread size allows you to seamlessly install these wheel locks onto your car’s tires with the respective tool that will come with your lock.

A 60-degree conical seat is virtually impossible to break into; and, even if thieves are capable of accessing the interior of the lug set, they are virtually impossible to remove from your tires.

Your purchase comes with 4-wheel locks and the key, which is required for installation and removal. The lugs can’t be removed with a traditional wrench or power tools.

And, the super-fine and narrow interior, makes it virtually impossible to get into the rigid interior once these are installed onto your car’s tires. 

What does this set provide?

  • It features an external security-lock pattern, and unique lock system for installation and removal.
  • Ease of installation makes this lug a simple and efficient deterrent for thieves, and provides an additional layer of security for your car.
  • Lugs can’t be removed without the matching key, making it impossible for burglars to steal rims off your vehicle.
  • Hardened-steel, and chrome-plated finishes, protect both the internal locking mechanisms, and external section of your lugs.
  • As long as the correct thread-size and depth are chosen, your Gorilla lugs can be installed on nearly any car, truck, van, or SUV aftermarket-vehicle. 

6. The Club 1000 Original Steering Wheel Lock

Above we discussed the 900-model; so, what does The Club 1000 offer? It affords you added length, which allows you to lock it onto larger wheels and cars.

For drivers and vehicle owners who desire an added layer of security, which is highly-visible, and will deter nearly any thief, this is just what you are looking for.

Affordability is one of the premier selling points for this lock system. It is error-proof when it comes to installing this club onto your steering wheel.

And, it doesn’t only cover the wheel, it is actually going to lock the steering wheel into place once it is installed. This means that without the lock/key set, no thief can move/turn the steering wheel, if they somehow find their way into your car.

The bright orange, vinyl coated finish can be seen from a mile away. This, is in place to coat and protected the hardened-steel finish, which is nearly unbreakable, regardless of the powerful tools a thief might try to use to remove it.

Some of the features this club affords owners include:

  • A long-length club. It can be placed on larger/wider steering wheels, such as on pick-up trucks or SUV aftermarket-vehicles.
  • A cro-moly steel-construction will withstand: sawing, drilling, prying, hammering, and even frozen tools/attempts thieves might employ.
  • Locking-mechanism keeps the steering wheel in place. A thief can’t turn the wheel, meaning they can’t steal your car once this is installed on the wheel.
  • A universal fit design. You can use this club on your SUV, a pick-up truck, car, or larger vans.
  • The key doesn’t have to be inserted for installation, only for locking the club into place on the steering wheel.

7. Trimax TCL75 Wheel Chock Lock

Bold, yellow, highly visible. When it come to the Trimax TCL75 tire clamp, these are a few of the adjectives which come to mind to describe it.

However, it is not only a highly-visible deterrent; this clamp actually makes it impossible for a thief to drive your car away, as it will lock the tire and rim into place, so the car can’t be driven while it is on the wheel.

With a quick adjustment from wheel to wheel, this unique clamp is extremely easy for you to install onto nearly any vehicle you wish to use it on. It is made of a heavy-gauge steel construction.

This, with the built-in chock, makes it impossible for the car to be driven, or for trailer-rollaway theft to occur, while this is locked onto your tires.

It features a 3-lock system. It is also pick-resistant, meaning no plier, needle, or other thin-tool can crack into this lock. It clamps on tightly to your wheels, which makes it virtually impossible to remove without the appropriate lock and key set.

And, with the distinct key required for both installation and removal, pliers, or other power tools aren’t efficient when trying to remove the clamp from tires. Only the actual owner can remove it. 

Features of the Trimax TCL75 include:

  • Ultra-durable, hardened-steel design is nearly unbreakable.
  • A rugged, yellow-epoxy coat finish is highly visible, and protects the internal steel configuration of this clamp.
  • It completely immobilizes the tires when locked into place.
  • A 3-lock system makes it impossible for thieves to move your vehicle while clamped onto the tires. 

8. Coocheer Heavy-duty Car Tire Wheel Lock Anti-theft Lock (large)

Coocheer has truly perfected the design of this tire and wheel lock system. Placed on the exterior of your tire, it will not only lock the wheels into place, but will make it nearly impossible for thieves to try and remove the rims, as they are securely locked below the tire-lock mechanism on this system.

It is a universal fit for nearly any vehicle. Car, truck, van, or SUV vehicles will benefit from this nifty-design lock. You can easily adjust it with the gliding-design, depending on the size of the tires and rims which are in place on your vehicle.

It is made of a heavy-duty steel finish material. This is coated with a bright-yellow vinyl material. This will not only protect the lock from the elements (rain or shine), it will also help in rust-prevention in the event it snows or rains frequently where you live.

The clamp is extremely durable, and is wrapped in a soft-PVC finish, meaning it won’t dent, ding, or otherwise damage those costly tires and rims you have installed on your vehicle.

In addition to the durability and rugged design, this clamp offers:

  • A universal-base system. It can fit nearly any car, truck, SUV, or van; and, it can fit virtually any make/model vehicle you own.
  • It fully stops tires from turning or rotating. This means thieves can’t move or pull the car away on a trailer, while this clamp is placed over the tires.
  • It is extremely easy to use. Simply push down gently with the key to lock it into place, and removal is simple as well. It won’t damage the tire or rims on your car. And, the soft PVC-coating is going to help preserve your car as well. 

9. Gorilla Automotive 61631N Chrome Acorn Gorilla Guard II Wheel Locks - Set of 4 (12mm x 1.50 Thread Size)

Another great product from the Gorilla brand is this acorn lock-set for your wheels and tires. As a vehicle owner, you want to do as much as you possibly can to protect your investment. With this locking system, which fits into place with most aftermarket-vehicles, you can do just that for your car.

With a dual-hex key, these lugs are extremely easy to install. The caveat is that from the exterior, it appears that they are smooth surfaces on the interior as well.

However, there is a distinct interior pattern-groove in place, which makes it impossible for a wrench, thread, or other power tools to remove these lugs from your car. You need the specialized key to do so.

A 60-degree conical interior makes these virtually impossible to break-into without the appropriate key set.

So, even with the most sophisticated tools, and knowledge, thieves are rendered helpless as they try to remove these from your car’s tires. You receive 4 lugs and one distinct key with the set. 

Owners will appreciate the fine craftsmanship of the Gorilla set. Additionally, they will:

  • Deter theft as your car’s tires can’t be moved without the appropriate key.
  • A unique exterior security-pattern is in place. This means the key is the only way for you to place, replace, or remove the lugs from the car’s tires.
  • Once in place, the lugs won’t allow the rims to be separated or otherwise altered on your vehicle. Only you, the owner, can remove these, and therefore protect your expensive tire-rim investment with this lug-set by Gorilla. 

10. The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock

A bright-red exterior. Simple locking mechanism. The ability to lock your steering wheel into place, without a mechanical-system. Yes, these are all possible security features you can add to your vehicle, by installing The Club CL303 onto your car’s steering wheel.

What’s even better is the fact that this club features a universal fit. You can buy one club, and you can place it on a truck, a trailer, car, SUV, or a van. Regardless of the vehicle, it is going to fit right over the steering wheel.

It is error-proof in terms of installation as well. All you have to do is place the locking mechanism over the steering wheel, properly align the club, and you completely eliminate the possibility that a thief can turn the steering wheel when this is in your vehicle while it is parked.

A nice feature of this club is that it locks/aligns with your steering wheel brake or the clutch-pedal of your vehicle. This makes steering, starting, and stopping the car impossible while the club is in place.

Highlighted  Features:​

  • The bright-red finish helping to deter thieves from trying to steal your car.
  • The patented, self-locking feature, renders your car useless while this is in place.
  • A sturdy, tempered-steel design, coated with a PVC-finish, protects your club investment. It won’t fade, or otherwise get damaged by sun, and it is rust-resistant, even in harsh or inclement weather-areas.
  • A longer length-design, allows you to place this U-shaped club on nearly any steering wheel, regardless of the interior size/wheel area of your car.

11. McGard 24215 Chrome M14 x 1.5 Thread Size Cone Seat Wheel Lock Set Review

Suitable for tires up to 14’’ in width, this system by McGard features a conical shape-design for ease of installation. It will fit into place, implementing a cone-seat style design. It features both 21 and 22 mm hex-dual systems for different vehicles you plan on installing the lugs onto.

With this set, you will receive a set of 4-locks and one key. The smooth-exterior makes this lock-system easy to install. However, the internal, rigid-lock mechanism, makes this nearly impossible to break or remove, if you do not have the appropriate key to do so.

Even the most heavy-duty power drills, or plier sets, aren’t going to break into this thread lug-set once they are properly installed onto your tires.

A stainless-steel finish is sturdy, rugged, and durable. It is fully coated, meaning the set will be protected against rust or corrosion, no matter how long they are installed onto your car’s tires and rim-set. 

Additional features of this set include:

A universal fit for cars, trucks, trailers, or SUV models, allows you to place these lugs on your investment, especially with newer vehicles, or aftermarket-rims you choose to install onto your car.
  • The ability to install your new lug-set onto tires up to 14’’ in width.
  • OEM standards are met in terms of: construction, durability, and material finish.
  • Powder-coating prevents rust and corrosion once installed onto your tires.
  • User-friendly keys. This is the only way to install, replace, or to remove the lugs. Without it, power tools and wrenches are rendered useless in the event a thief tries to steal your tires and rims.
  • A universal fit for cars, trucks, trailers, or SUV models, allows you to place these lugs on your investment, especially with newer vehicles, or aftermarket-rims you choose to install onto your car.

12. Genuine Honda Accessories 08W42-SNA-100 Alloy Wheel Lock Review

These genuine- Honda lug wheel locks, are specifically designed for your Honda manufactured vehicle. They feature a chrome-plated exterior design. Made of sturdy, high-quality nickel, nothing is going to rust, damage, or corrode these lugs once they are installed onto your Honda.

The triple-nickel finish not only brings out the natural shine in your new lock set, but also helps to prevent from rusting if you live in a region where rain or snow are frequently present. A hardened-steel construction is also theft-resistant.

If you do not have the appropriate key, you aren’t capable of prying these off any car, or otherwise using power tool sets to remove them from tires and rim sets.

With your Honda set, you are also going to receive a storage pouch, if you choose to remove these from your car. You can easily store them away when you don’t need them with the locking-key set, so you always know where your protective lugs are, in the event you choose to install them onto another Honda vehicle in the future. 

Some features owners will appreciate are:

  • The Honda-name. You can rely on the quality, stability, and durable materials used in designing these lugs.
  • A hardened-steel finish guarantees these won’t rust or corrode, providing you with years of use for your Honda-vehicle.
  • Inexpensive, durable, and solidly-designed. These lug nuts will not only provide protection to your Honda, but will also protect any rims you choose to install onto the vehicle after you purchase it as well. 

13. Goplus Wheel Lock Tire Trailer Auto Car Truck Anti-Theft Security Towing Tire Clamp

As the name implies, this wheel clamp made by Safstar, is durable, rugged, and locks into place, with a fully-adjustable clamp mechanism.

This means regardless of the size of the tires and rims, you can easily toggle this clamp, to adjust it, so as to ensure it will fit onto your car or truck, and protect your rims/tires.

The tire-claw, trailer system, prevents rollaway theft, or motion, when the clamp is secured onto the tires. It is also made out of weather-resistant steel, meaning rain, snow, or shine, isn’t going to cause this locking mechanism to rust or corrode, even after several years of use on your vehicle.

It features a soft-coated clamp interior. This isn’t going to chafe, nor is it going to scratch the tires or rims. You don’t have to worry about puncture wounds, bleeds, or scratching/denting to the tires or rims, when you use this clamp over your car’s tires. A highly-visible, yellow and orange PVC finish is going to deter theft, by the looks of this clamp alone. 

Some additional features to keep in mind if you are considering the Safstar Clamp include:

  • A rugged stainless-steel finish, coated with soft-interior PVC finish for security.
  • Yellow and orange design are highly visible, affording your car added deterrence from theft.
  • Simple and convenient set-up and installation, makes placing these on your tires error-proof, even for those who understand nothing about cars.
  • A unique lock and key system. These can only be installed, removed, or altered with the specific key/lock set which is included with your clamp. No power tools, pliers, wrench, or cooling-removal technique will otherwise remove this clamp from your car’s tires. 

14. TMS Wheel Lock Clamp Boot Tire Claw Auto Car Truck Rv Boat Trailer Anti-theft Towing Review

Simplistic design, highly-visible yellow and orange color-scheme, and a softened-interior PVC coating, are a few of the features TMS has taken into account in designing this sturdy-wheel clamp. The system is extremely easy to use.

Basically, it adjusts in width, for nearly any sized tire. All you do is place it over the tire and rim, adjust, and lock it into place with the specialty key that comes with your clamp.

The heavy-duty clamp will completely immobilize your car’s tires. Even rollaway isn’t possible with this system, as the clamp fits into place, and locks over the rim and tires, for optimal security.

The lock system is extremely lightweight, so installation is very simple. A soft-coated clamp interior prevents scratching, denting, or dings to your tire’s and the rims, while the sturdy, interior stainless-steel provides optimal stability and support for your car’s protection needs.

Even ATVs, three-wheelers, golf-carts, cars, trucks, or vans, can utilize this clamp for protection. The highly-visible exterior in and of itself, is a theft-deterrent which owners are bound to appreciate.

A bright yellow and orange finish is going to help protect the club from rust and corrosion, while affording the bright and bold finish, which will push wrongdoers away from your vehicle.

Features of this club include:

  • The universal fit. Even for smaller tires/vehicles, you can place the club on for protection.
  • Deterrence. Simply placing this over your tires will deter thieves and burglars.
  • Soft-coated interior. The clamp won’t damage tires, puncture them, or damage your costly rims.
  • The wheels are immobilized with installation. Nothing will move the tires with this clamp over them.
  • Simple lock and key system, which utilizes a specialized key, means only you (the owner) can install and remove the clamp for optimal security and protection. 

Things To Look For Before Buying a Wheel Locks

So, you’ve decided you are going to invest in some type of wheel lock. You’ve seen the clamps which lock into place right over the rims and tires.

We’ve discussed the lug-nut sets, which allow you to place lugs into the socket where the original nuts (manufacturer nuts) would otherwise go. We’ve also looked at the club, which locks the steering wheel into place, and won’t allow your car to be driven while it is locked.

There are different systems, styles of wheel locks. In addition to the types, what else should you consider prior to purchasing one?

The Brand:

Sure, you should consider the brand before you invest in a wheel lock system. High-quality items are typically made by and sold by the top manufacturers. So, even if it does cost a little more money for this protection, it is worth the investment for your car and rims to be fully protected.

The Key:

Each of these requires a specialized key to utilize. You can’t open, close, or otherwise replace these clamps and locks without the specialized key.

What if you lose it?

You want to choose a system which offers a specific way for you to remove/replace the clamp or lugs in the event you lose the key. So, choosing something with a back-up system, is a factor of consideration you should at least contemplate prior to purchase.


You can’t take away from concrete facts. Do your research. Find out if the club is more efficient where you live, in comparison to a clamp or lug-set (and vice-versa). Understanding how efficient these systems are, and how well they work in any given area, will help you choose the best lock mechanism for your vehicle.


This is more-so the case for clamps and lugs. Depending on the size and width of your tires, not all lugs are going to fit into the nut-bolt. Make sure you know the measurement before investing in the lock mechanism for your car. 

The Reviews:

Imagine if a product has 100 1-star reviews, and only 2 5-star reviews.

Would you purchase this product?

Probably not. So, before you buy, make sure you do your research. Learn about the experiences others have had with their lock systems.

Find out if they actually serve as deterrents. Find out how easy they are to install and use. The more you can glean from reviews, the easier it is going to be to choose the right lock for your car.

Use and Installation Process:

Of course, you want the best in protection. However, you don’t want to purchase something you won’t know how to use or install. Before you purchase your clamp or lugs, make sure it is something you will actually use, know how to install, and can properly install, in order to ensure they are actually going to protect your car, in the manner they should protect it.


It is important to choose a product which guarantees effectiveness. Look for those items which guarantee the benefits of protection, while also offering you some kind of money back guarantee or deductible, in the event a break-in occurs while the deterrent system is installed on your vehicle.

A company’s guarantee is one of the most important things imaginable, which informs you that you are buying a well-made product, and one which will work as it is intended to work.


This shouldn’t be the highest factor on your list, nor should it be the deciding factor. But, like any other purchase you make, when comparing products, you have to consider the cost. Cost of maintenance, improvements, replacement, and so forth.

 It is also a good idea to compare different sites and stores, in order to find the best deal when you have decided on the system you are going to use for your vehicle’s protection.

Ultimately, every vehicle owner is going to choose something different when it comes to protecting their vehicle(like car), the tires, and the rims. With this in mind, using these variables when comparing and considering these items, is a good way to help you pick the right protective-items for your lovely vehicle. Make sure you consider these factors, in order to ensure you choose the best wheel locking-protective systems available.

Importance and Advantages of Using an Wheel Lock

Protecting your vehicle, and the investment of new, high-priced rims, is a smart-practice for any vehicle owner to engage in. Even if you have the top-of-the line electrical security system in place, wheel locks are a worthwhile investment and security device.

Why are they so important in protecting your car?

1. They Can Only Be Utilized By The Owner

A special lock and key set means only you, the owner, can install and remove these. If you want to keep the kids from using the car (and obviously deter theft), this is a premier way of doing so.

 2. Your insurance Premiums

Cost of insurance will drop with greater security in place. The more security you have for your car, the more savings you will realize with your auto-insurance provider. So, consider this if you want to keep deductibles low when paying your premiums.

3. Deter Theft

A huge security-gate at the front of a home is a deterrent to thieves. The same rule applies when it comes to your car. Imagine if there is a huge, bright and yellow lock on the wheel. This is immediately going to deter thieves to a less-risky vehicle, making yours less of a target.

4. Wheel Looks Are Easy to Use

There really is no guesswork. Even the lug-nut system which requires installation is error-proof. These systems are affordable, so you might as well utilize them for added security for your vehicle.

5. They Are Affordable

Consider any electric-security system, and compare it to the price of a club, lug set, or clamp. You will pay far less for the later.

Regardless of the benefits you are searching for when it comes to vehicle protection, with a wheel lock, you instantly protect your vehicle far more, in comparison to those which don’t utilize these systems.

There are many benefits as detailed above which may push you to choosing these systems as a means of protection for your car. For those who desire optimal security, affordability, and ease of use, look no further than any of these wheel lock systems which are available for most aftermarket-vehicles. 

Some Security Things About Your Vehicles That You Need To Consider

We’ve detailed wheel locks; however, there are other security options available for vehicles as well. Understanding how to implement a wheel-lock, in addition to other options of security-systems, is the ideal way to protect your vehicle.

So, what security features should you consider? 

1. Security Alarms

This is probably the most common option available to you as a vehicle owner. Installing an alarm is a simple deterrent for thieves. Alarms are triggered when the door is unlocked (without the appropriate key).

With a passive-alarm, the alarm will activate immediately after the ignition is turned off and doors are locked. Meaning if you try to unlock the door (open it), without first turning on the ignition, the alarm will sound.

Active-alarm systems require the owner to trigger the alarm. Pressing the transmitter button will activate/deactivate your alarm system.

2. Vehicle Tracking System

Most cars today are armed with some form of tracing GPS. Further, services like OnStar allow you to activate a tracking chip/device, so you can monitor your car’s whereabouts.

In addition to knowing exactly who is driving and where, police and insurers can easily find your vehicle in the event of theft. Many of the higher-tech models even deactivate the engine if the tracker can’t ping the user/location, or once you inform the insurance company/police of possible theft. So, thieves or burglars are stopped in their tracks as your car’s ignition automatically shuts off.

3. Immobilizing Device

These devices are intended to prevent specific events. If the key isn’t present (a thief tries to hotwire your car), they can’t perform certain functions with the car (such as drive it). Transponders, FOBs, or kill-switches, are a few of the immobilizing devices available for security today. 

4. Motion Sensors

In the event a thief/burglar invades your space, these motion sensors will prevent theft. If anyone comes into your space, or tries to steal something, motion detectors/sensors are a simple way to prevent certain types of theft. If any form of unwarranted motion (light sensitivity) is activated, the alarm will sound.

As a vehicle owner, you want to take as many precautions as possible to protect your vehicle. These are some of the systems available to you today, to protect your car.

Many manufacturers today have built-in, high-tech alarm systems. Many insurance companies also offer great discounts if you have these newer systems, as you are considered to be a “safer” (less risky) client to insure.
Regardless of the options you eventually choose to go with, consider these when deciding upon the best ways to protect your vehicle.

Verdict: Should You Invest in a Wheel Lock?

Ultimately the decision is yours. However, a wheel look affords you additional peace of mind as a vehicle owner. In the event your alarm doesn’t go off, or there is a glitch with your vehicle’s internal computer system, a wheel lock is in place to afford you additional security.

 It will lock the rims in place, won’t allow thieves to remove them, and will send of an alarm/alert (with newer models) to your insurer (or the company which you purchased the wheel lock from), to inform authorities of possible theft/vandalism.

Like any optional feature or security item for your vehicle, a wheel lock isn’t something you simply have to own as a driver and owner today. With this in mind, if you want the benefits of added security, knowing your car’s rims are safe and can’t be stolen, it is a worthwhile investment to consider.

You want to choose additional security systems which can only be activated by you, and want to know your car is safe, no matter where you leave it. The best wheel locks may be a worthwhile investment to consider if you want to protect your car, and the pricey rims you’ve installed on it. 

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