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Owning a quiet dishwasher is great to resume watching TV or continue your conversations without being disturbed by a loud mechanical noise in the kitchen. The best quiet dishwasher also allows you to operate the unit late at night while people are sleeping without interrupting them.

We’re seeing an increase in low-noise dishwashers that are equipped with all the features of a typical model, if not more. These advanced units require a lot of research and consideration before choosing the best one for you.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Quiet Dishwasher

To discover the best quiet dishwasher for your needs and budget, there are some essential factors to consider. Here’s how to decide what’s the right unit for you.

Size and capacity

Program options

Energy efficiency

Stacking options

How We Reviewed the Best Quiet Dishwashers

We wanted to present the best-quality dishwashers to you, and that required thorough research. Here are some factors we kept in mind while delivering the best units to you.

Noise levels

Choice of programs

Extra features

Wi-Fi connectivity

Automatic switch-off

Temperature customization

Discover the Best Quiet Dishwasher for You

To keep the buying process fair and extensive, we’ve provided units that have different qualities to help you discover the best quiet dishwasher.


1. Samsung DW80R9950UT

Samsung DW80R9950UT 39 dB Tuscan Stainless Steel Top Controlled...
  • 15 Place Settings | 3 Spray Wash Arms
  • 7 Wash Cycles | 8 Options
  • Quiet Operation: 39 DBA | Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Samsung DW80R9950UT dishwasher is one of the quietest models on our list and only produces 39 dB in total.

In addition to a low noise level, this unit has many programs a large household would appreciate. These programs include: rinse only, speed booster, zone booster, self-clean, hi-temp, smart control, and sanitize. This incredible variety allows you to achieve the best results possible without wasting any time or water.

Our favorite feature of this unit has to be its robust racks that have a solid aesthetic to them. You can conveniently customize the shelves to accommodate having more mugs or plates one evening.


  • The stainless steel finish offers fingerprint resistance
  • LED panel stylishly displays the program options
  • 39 dB is extremely quiet


  • The cutlery basket is difficult to remove


2. Bosch SHXM63WS5N 

Bosch SHXM63WS5N 24" 300 Series Built In Fully Integrated Dishwasher...
  • Stainless Steel Interior W/ FlexSpace Tines
  • 16 Place Settings / 5 Wash Cycles / 4 Wash Options
  • Flexible 3rd Rack With Fold Down Sides

Although the Bosch SHXM63WS5N dishwasher has a slightly higher noise level of 44 dB compared to the previous unit, it still remains quiet in operation.

This Bosch SHXM63WS5N unit comes equipped with numerous features and is the best quiet dishwasher for a large household or couple. One unique feature is the light that shines on the floor under the appliance door when there’s a cycle in progress.

Some dishwashers are prone to leaking, which is why Bosch designed their unit to feature an AquaStop system. In the event of a leak, the dishwasher will automatically switch off to prevent any damage to your floor.


  • The dishwasher is equipped with an eco-friendly setting
  • A large capacity of 16 items
  • The Speed60 program cleans and dries dishes


  • Might be too large to a single person


3. Maytag MDB4949SHZ

Maytag MDB4949SHZ 50dB Stainless Built-in Dishwasher
  • Stainless Steel Tub With Premium DuraGuard Nylon Racks
  • 6 Wash Cycles
  • 14 Place Setting Capacity

The Maytag MDB4949SHZ dishwasher operates at 50 dB, allowing you to continue conversations and watch TV undisturbed.

This dishwasher enables you to increase the temperature for dirty dishes and reduce any moisture, so your dishes return to you clean and dry. The dishwasher is also built from stainless steel, so it means robust and durable for many years.

If you need just one reason to purchase this unit, it definitely has to be the tiered upper rack. This design allows you to fit all your plates and glasses of various sizes to limit the number of times you use your dishwasher.


  • On-screen indicator for progress updates
  • 10-year warranty
  • The PowerBlast cycle removes stubborn food


  • The tap-to-activate buttons are very sensitive


4. Bosch SHS863WD6N

The Bosch SHS863WD6N dishwasher operates at 44 dB when in use, and Bosch is renowned as owning the quietest dishwashers on the market.

This Bosch SHS863WD6N dishwasher features three height levels and nine rack positions so you can accommodate all sizes and shapes. For a deep clean, or if you’re expecting guests, take advantage of the Extra Shine option to leave your dishes and utensils gleaming.

Our favorite feature is the Half Load Option that uses minimal water consumption for when your dishwasher isn’t full, but you need your dishes cleaned urgently. Aside from the low noise level, this is another reason to purchase this unit.


  • The Extra Dry option leaves dishes dry
  • The InfoLight lets you know when the dishwasher is on
  • Intelligent sensors check your dishes’ progress


  • No leak-proof setting


5. Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9N 

The Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9N dishwasher features a low noise level of 45 dB.

This is the best quiet dishwasher if you're looking for a small unit, making it great if you don’t regularly need to wash dishes. It’s also built to eliminate any bending, making it kind to your back. This Fisher Paykel model comes with various programs, including: rinse, delicate, normal eco, fast, normal, and heavy, so there’s a suitable wash for every load.

This Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9N dishwasher looks stylish in your kitchen, and instead of a typical pull-down door, it features a drawer that offers a unique design and can be incorporated into any kitchen size and design.


  • Flexible wash options
  • Drying technology
  • Easy to operate


  • Not suitable for a large household


6. EdgeStar BIDW1802WH

EdgeStar BIDW1802WH 18 Inch Wide 8 Place Setting Energy Star Rated...
  • Accommodates up to eight (8) place settings and features a silverware basket and cup tray
  • Six (6) Wash Cycles: Heavy, Normal, ECO, Glass, Rapid, and Rinse; Three (3) Options: Sanitize, Hi Temp, Heated Dry
  • At only 17.75 inches wide, using this unit to replace an older appliance such as a trash compactor is a great...

The EdgeStar BIDW1802WH dishwasher has a quiet operation mode of 52dB, and it’s available to purchase in three colors.

It comes equipped with a leakage sensor. This feature constantly detects the water flow inside the unit. The dishwasher will automatically switch off in the event of a floor to ensure there’s no water damage in the room.

This EdgeStar dishwasher also offers six wash cycles and there are three temperature options. These include: sanitize, high-temperature, and heated dry so your dishes leave the unit dry, with no need to use a towel before placing in your cupboards.


  • Sleek design at only 17.75 inches wide
  • Includes a cutlery basket and cup tray
  • A buzzer notifies you at the end of a cycle


  • No energy-efficient setting


7. SPT SD-9254W

SD-9254W: Energy Star 18″ Built-In Dishwasher w/Heated Drying –...
  • Built-in, top-mount, stainless interior
  • 6 Wash Programs: Normal, Heavy, Energy, Glass, Quick, Rinse
  • HEATING function during drying cycle

The SPT SD-9254W dishwasher has a noise level of 52 dB, and is one of the cheapest units on this market.

Though, you get excellent value for your money. This includes six cycle programs to choose from, and a time delay feature so your washing is completed at a time that suits you. Its compact design makes it an ideal purchase for couples or if you have limited storage space.

One of the reasons this is the best quiet dishwasher for a reasonable price is its energy rating. Plus, your purchase includes a one-year warranty for excellent peace of mind.


  • Offers a heating function to dry dishes
  • Energy-efficient, using 234kWh/yr water
  • Door fully opens to the floor for easy access


  • Not available in other colors



BOSCH Benchmark Series 24" 40 dBA Fully Integrated Dishwasher...
  • Bosch Benchmark Series SHX88PW55N.
  • 24 inch.
  • Fully Integrated Dishwasher.

This Bosch Benchmark Series is one of the best quiet dishwasher units and measures 40 dB.

You can easily customize this Bosch unit to suit your household. For example, adjust the upper rack with a choice of three height adjustments. The entire dishwasher has a total of nine possible rack positions. This makes it possible to wash plates, mugs, cutlery, and pans in one cycle.

We love that this unit uses EcoSense technology to automatically adjust the temperature, water, and cycle length to suit the number of dishes you have and how soiled they are.


  • No need to pre-wash dishes
  • Comes with a water softener
  • Includes an AquaStop leak system


  • One of the most expensive dishwashers on this list


9. KitchenAid KDFE104HPS

KitchenAid KDFE104HPS 46dB Stainless Built-In Dishwasher
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes...

This KitchenAid KDFE104HPS dishwasher operates at 43 dB, making it one of the quietest units on this list. This is impressive considering the dishwasher has high-pressure spray jets to remove tough stains.

This is the best quiet dishwasher for eliminating the pre-wash stage. There’s no need to rinse your plates before placing them into the dishwasher. Thanks to the Clean Water Wash technology, the unit removes food particles from the water.

We love the quality of the interior. KitchenAid uses high-quality materials for the racks so that they’re not flimsy.


  • Powerful jets that spray food residue off of the plates
  • Stylish and slim design
  • No need to pre-wash plates


  • Not very energy efficient


10. Frigidaire FFCD2418UW

Last but not least, the Frigidaire FFCD2418UW dishwasher operates at 55 dB, so you can remain in the same room and continue your conversation.

This is the best quiet dishwasher to have unique features. For example, you can position the door at any angle and it’ll remain still. This is ideal for loading your dishwasher. It’s also designed to clean 14 place settings in one use to minimize water waste.

You can set this dishwasher to run on your schedule. Set the timer four hours in advance to suit your schedule. We also love the cleaning filter that ensures dishes are clean by removing food particles throughout the cycle.

Choosing the Best Quiet Dishwasher

The above models are a great option to keep your dishes clean without disturbing anyone in the household. To discover the best quiet dishwasher from the options above, create a budget, and consider if your preferred units fit your home’s aesthetics, such as the design and color.

Once you’ve selected a dishwasher, post your decision in the comments. Alternatively, let us know if you own the best quiet dishwasher. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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