Top 10 Best Garage Floor Epoxy Reviews 2018 (UPDATED)

Who doesn’t want to have a glossy brilliance floor in his garage?

Doubtlessly everybody of us dreams about that.

But with a normal poor-quality coating over the concrete floor, this is not possible. They can't fight well with those dark organic chemicals and dust that makes your floor blackish after a couple of months.

It’s time to give your garage floor an extra dimension of brilliance with best garage floor epoxy. With a nice decorative coating of epoxy, you can make your garage floor attractive just like a car showroom.

I'm really excited to introduce you with some of the garage floor coatings that you can use to get your dreamed garage floor.

As a Garage owner, I've used around 20+ different companies garage epoxy in the last 7 years, and among these I found 5 garage epoxy very interesting to me. 

If you have less time, you can choose any Garage Epoxy coating from the table below. From my experience, I can assure you that you will be highly satisfied.

Top 10 Best Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Reviews 2018

1. Rust-Oleum 238467 Professional Floor Coating Kit Review

If you ask any professional expert what is the top garage floor epoxy coating for the money, the answer you will most probably get is Rust-Oleum 238467.

A high-solid base epoxy resin that has been used in this garage floor coating kit gives the surface durability and brilliance.

As this isn’t a water base kit, you can use this one as a waterproofing agent. But make sure you make the floor dry enough and balance with the atmosphere.

As your garage is the heaven for the organic corrosive and contaminating agents like grease, oil and gasoline and another chemical, if you don't have a durable and strong coating over the concrete surface, it will get dark soon.

But this one is fully resistant to these materials. So, even after a long time, you will get the same brilliance of your surface.

Another corrosive agent is standing water. You may be wondering how this can be so dangerous. But this slowly causes efflorescence and dampness to the coated floor. 

This pack can cover up to 200 square feet area. At this sense, this is economic as the price isn't that much high.

Quick hardening is another great feature of this item. The surface gets ready to walk within one day and traffic ready within four days.

A great adhesion power has made this one of the most durable epoxy kits. This won't get peel and scratched that easily due to the high solid base epoxy.

You can park a car having hot tire due to long drive as this is highly temperature resistive.

One thing you should know about this pack is that it won't give you a high level of brilliance. For semi glossiness this is considered the best epoxy kit.

You can also add decorative chips. This one works with them finely.

For long time durability, great resistivity against various corrosive and contaminating agent as well as micro dust, this one is the best garage floor epoxy ever.

Highlighted Features

  • High Solid epoxy.
  • 200 square feet coverage.
  • Highly resistive against chemical and standing water.
  • Gets hardened enough within one day.
  • Becomes ready for traffic within 4 days. 
  • Compatible with decorative chips.
  • Semi-gloss finish.

2. Rust-Oleum 261845 Epoxy Shield Garage Floor Coating

The Rust-Oleum 261845 won our 2nd  spot for the best garage floor coating.


This is another high-performance epoxy kit that has been manufacturing for those who need some extra coverage.

This is two-gallon pack the can cover 500 square feet. This cover 2.5 times more area than the Rust-Oleum 238467. But the price is only 1.5 times more.

This gives superior performance with garage, basement and workshop surface.

Again the surface that is coated with this is easy to clean. You can clean it with soap and water. With soap and water, it won’t lose its glossiness.

The application process is straightforward. It also dries quickly – the floor becomes fully usable within four days and walkable within one day.

This gives a semi-glossy look to the surface that is durable and fully resistant to ho tire. Again this gives you the full guaranty of non-peeling. Again even after a long term of use, the surface holds its new look.

Other characteristics of this epoxy kit are same to the Rust-Oleum 238467. The great advantage you get is the extra coverage combatively in less money.

Highlighted Features:

  • 2-part epoxy formula.
  • Long lasting protection from chemical and organic agents.
  • Semi-glossy performance.
  • Longlisting and doesn’t get faded.
  • No hot tire pickup.
  • 500 square feet coverage in just two gallons.

3. Valspar (81052) Premium Clear Epoxy Kit - 1 Gallon

Valspar is an American international paint and coating manufacturing company that has been manufacturing quality products since 1806. The premium 81052 isn't a difference. The glossy finishing and durability it provides are appreciating.

The adhesion capability of this garage floor epoxy is much higher than normal epoxy paints. As a result, this one doesn't get a peel or effloresce that easily.

So if you want to apply this on a relatively old floor that is damped and attacked by salt on other things, this one will be the best option for you.

Who doesn’t love a glossy finishing on his floor?

Valspar (81052) Premium Clear Epoxy Kit will do this for you. In addition, this one has the ability to preserve its glossiness for a long time.

After driving a long way, the tires get hot. And if you park your car with a hot tire on the normal epoxy floor, the floor will get damaged.

But this one is free from this problem and allows you to park your car at any condition without damaging your floor.

Every garage floor is contaminated with oils, grease, and other chemicals. The normal paints and coatings can't resist, them.

As a result, the floor soon loses its glossiness and gets damaged. The advanced oil and chemical protection of this epoxy coating resist those corrosive and destructive agents effectively.

If you want to give your garage floor a premium glossy look, you can go for this one for the best result.

Highlighted Features

  • Masterclass glossy finish.
  • Resistant to chemical and oil.
  • No peeling.
  • Long durability.
  • Highly adhesive.
  • Heat resistance.

4. Rust-Oleum 251966 Garage Epoxy Floor Kit

Whenever it comes about to give an ultra-glossy look to your garage floor just like you see in the car showrooms, nothing can be better than the Rust-Oleum 251966 Garage Floor Kit.

Rust-oleum is renowned for manufacturing home and industrial paints. Although this model is manufactured considering home purpose, this one is capable of providing industrial performance.

One thing that has made this one unique is that you can clean this one with soap and water just like the Teflon surface protector.

Although epoxy can't be made odorless because of the strong odor of resin and resin is the base of any epoxy paint, Rust-Oleum has kept the value to a minimum. So if you are afraid of bad smell in your garage, this will be the right option for you.

Sometimes the engines go wrong and oils came out from it. Again there are also chances of attack by other organic compounds. This one gives full protection from them.

This pack contains two parts water-based 1 gallon of epoxy coating that is able to cover approximately 250 square feet area.

Its promise to give an anti-peeling performance but make sure the floor is clean and damp proof before you apply it.

On the other hand, this one is also hot tire pickup resistance. So, whatever the degree of the temperature of the tire is if you have applied this once, you needn’t worry anymore.

Doubtlessly, this one has the ability to make your garage floor like a car showroom.

Highlighted Features

  • Less odor.
  • Hot tire picks up proof.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Covers up to 250 square feet of area.
  • Highly glossy.

5. Rust-Oleum 238468 Professional Floor Coating

Although the rust oleum 238468 isn’t able to give the same performance as the 251966 gives, this one is best for nominal performance at a reasonable price.

This one has the ultimate adhesion power. Therefore, there is no chance of scratching out by foot or tire bit.

It's based on water solution but has the ability to resist standing water and even chemicals. As the garage is the haven of various types organic corrosive agents, you must need a strong one to beat them and the 238468 will do this job for you.

This one is also an economic pack. With just one gallon, you can cover up to 200 square feet. And the price isn’t that high.

One thing I should tell you to be legit that, this one won’t give you that much glossy floor. But this is ok for semi-gloss floor and solid base color.

While working with this, you can also add some decorative chips to make your floor more attractive and it will combine with them easily.

The application process is very easy and the liquid part evaporates quickly. So that you can park your car in just four days. So if you need a quick solution for your garage, this one is for you.

Most of the epoxy users are afraid of peeling and effloresces. But if you have this, you needn't worry about them at all. Just make sure that the floor dries and has in balance with the atmosphere. 

For covering porous and puffed concrete floor effectively this one is the best epoxy floor coating if you are satisfied with semi-glossy finishing.

Highlighted Features

  • 200 square feet covering in just one gallon.
  • Can be applied on woods.
  • Effectively fills the porous concrete floor.
  • Gets hard quickly.
  • Works with decorative chips.
  • Chemical and peeling resistance.

6. KILZ 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

Whenever it comes about good covering, nothing can be better than the KLINZ. But not only the coverage that has made this one the top garage epoxy kit. Durability, strength, and glossiness of this item are fabulous. Let me break them down in parts.

This one is very easy to apply and clean. Because of having a slate gray color, this one won’t blister that easily. Again after long age, this will hold its glossiness because of its color.

Most of the users are afraid of cracking and spelling. But this one easily prevents them. It's hard enough to prevent cracking that may be caused due to a sudden high pressure of car tire.

Spelling can cause when you suddenly brake the car. But as the adhesion capability of this epoxy kit is higher than ordinary epoxy paints.

This one doesn’t only perform well against mechanical agents, but also against the chemical agents.

The garage is the heaven of various types of organic chemical compounds that cause corrosion to paints and coating. It effectively prevents the surface form oil, grease, and gasoline.

One thing you must know about that it's only applicable for a horizontal surface.

It also hardens quickly. You can touch the surface just after two hours of application. As you know you must apply a second coat after the preliminary one, the time duration for this one is four hours.

As I have mentioned at the beginning, this one has a great coverage. When the surface is rough one gallon of this kit will cover 300-400 square feet and when the surface is smooth say, finished concrete, it can cover 400-500 feet.

For economy, durability, and coverage, this is one of the best garage floor epoxy I think.

Highlighted Features

  • Average 400 square feet coverage with just one gallon.
  • 1-part epoxy acrylic.
  • Prevents attack of gasoline and oil.
  • Crack, spelling proof.
  • Doesn’t get fed.
  • Quick setting time.

7. Rust-Oleum 203373 Professional Floor Coating Kit, Silver Gray

This 203373 Professional is another superior epoxy kit from Rust-Oleum. This Product is mainly manufactured for concrete surfaces but you can also use this one on brick masonry and rock surface.

One thing that I love most about this epoxy kit is the easy application. All you need is just to clean the surface. It's better you use concrete Etch. Then apply with roller and dry for four days. Then you are good to go.

It easily adopts the decorative chips. So if you want to add a new dimension to the beauty of your garage floor, this one will help you most.

Again this is a complete package that includes everything that you are going to need to have a modern decorative floor.

You will get one gallon of base fluid, one-gallon activator, and one bag decorative chips. I think going for this one is wise rather than buying these things separately. this will save you some bucks.

This pack won’t give you that master class finishing. If you are good with semi-glossy finishing, this one is for you.

Ultimate adhesion capability makes it resistance to spelling. Again as this one is a polymer of resin and acrylic, this is fully resistant to chemical attack whether it's inorganic or organic. This water base coating also has the ability to prevent the corrosiveness of static water.

For your home garage, basement and workspace this is highly recommended if you are looking for durability against heavy foot and traffic.

Highlighted Features

  • Covers 200 square feet in one pack.
  • Includes base, activator and decorative chips.
  • Solid base color.
  • Semi-gloss finish.
  • Ready to use in 4 days after apply.
  • Resistance against chemical water and organic materials.

8. Rust-Oleum 203007 Basement Floor Kit

If glossiness isn't your main concern; all you need is an epoxy kit that makes the surface good looking without any laborious effort, the Rust-Oleum 203007 Basement Floor Kit is for you.

While most of the epoxy coating isn't applicable for the wall, this one also works fine with the horizontal wall just like the vertical ones.

This one is less odorous. Therefore, while you apply this, you will fill less sophistication.

The surface that you coat with this is easy to clean. Water and normal soap work fine with this surface coating.

After application, this becomes hard quickly. It's very much durable against chemical attack, abrasion, and shock.

You can park a car with hot tire after a long drive as this one is resistant against heat.

Roughly you can use this on 250 square feet area. You will also get decorative chips in this pack.

If you are one of those who is looking for a good epoxy coating in an economic value, this one is for you.

Highlighted Features

  • 250 square feet area coverage.
  • Not for Catalina Island.
  • Easy cleaning with soap and water.
  • Abrasion and stain proof.
  • Less odorous.

9. Coloredepoxies 10002 Clear Epoxy Resin Coating 100% Solids, High Gloss for Garage Floors, Basements, Concrete, and Plywood.

Coloredepoxies 10002 is a non-water base epoxy kit that is favorite among the users because of its professional grade performance.

What makes this one different from other epoxy coatings is it’s applicable for both concrete and wood surfaces.

The coverage of this coating pack isn't that high. It ranges from 125 square feet to 170 square feet that depend on the roughness of the surface and degree of application.

As this one is not water based, for waterproofing this one works great. Another benefit of no water basing is that it quickly evaporates the liquid portion and hence dries quickly.

This one is 100% solid base and colorless. Therefore, for professional grade smooth surface there is nothing superior to it. 

It also has great resistance against abrasion, cracking, chipping and spelling.

This one is also resistant against ultra-violate rays and free from VOC and VOHAP.

In this pack, you will get two containers of resin and one container of curative. So you needn’t buy anything separately.

If you need ultra-glossiness this one is strongly recommended for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Non-water base.
  • Resistant to ultra-violate rays.
  • Contains resin and curative.
  • Solid and colorless.
  • Best for waterproofing.
  • Works on concrete, wood, plywood, and fiberglass.

10. SUPERCOAT Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat

All the coating that we have reviewed above are epoxy based. But the SUPERCOAT Waterborne Urethane Glaze Coat is based on urethane.

When the temperature difference in your home varies a lot, this one can give you the best performance. This one works on a large temperature rating which is as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit and can be maximum to 95 degrees.

If you feel uncomfortable with the bad odor of epoxy, this is the best solution for you.

Generally, people use a coating over the epoxy coating to give the surface brilliance and make it odorless.

This pack is able to cover up to 500 square feet. This is not that great if you compare this with other as the container size and price is more than them.

This one easily evaporates after application. You can use the floor just after 10 hours. So for a quick solution, this one is unbeatable.

To add a dimension of ultra-brilliance in the surface and get the surface quickly ready to use, you can go for this item.

Highlighted Features

  • Polyurethane base coating.
  • Works on large temperature range.
  • Odorless.
  • Gives ultra-brilliance.
  • Hardens quickly.
  • 500 square feet covering.
  • Colorless.
  • One-gallon coat with a modifier.

11. Valspar (81020) Light Gray Garage Floor Coating Kit - 120 oz

Valspar (81020) is a medium grade garage floor coating kit that is manufactured for that one who a semi-glossy surface that durable against the various types of chemical and mechanical corrosive agents.

This one uses advanced bonding technology. Therefore, there is no chance of peeling and effloresce. This is also resistant to heat attack. You needn't worry about the hot tire after a long drive.

It's also resistant to the abrasion that is caused by braking for a car.

This one gives a semi-gloss finishing. Therefore, if you need ultra-brilliance on your floor, this one isn't for you.

This is only recommended to those who are looking for durability and strength over brilliance.

Highlighted Features

  • High Heat resistance.
  • No peeling and effloresces.
  • No hot tire pickup.
  • Semi-glossy finishing.
  • Advanced bonding technology for more adhesion.
  • 2x stronger than another epoxy kit.

12. Epoxy Concrete Clear Coat - UP TO 500 SF KIT

Epoxy Concrete Clear Coat - UP TO 500 SF – a complete package than you need for a brilliant surface in your garage.

One thing about this pack that appeals me most is its non-skid performance. This is a clear base that gives your floor ultra-brilliance without making it skidding.

This one is fully odorless. So, application process of this kit is non-suffocating.

This is also a hygienic product. If you have kids I think you should choose this one, this is because you will get an anti-microbial coating over the floor.

In this pack, you will get everything you need in order to get a smooth and glossy floor.

This pack includes all the ingredients, brush, finisher and instructional CDs.

The coverage of this kit pack is also impressive. You can coat around 500 square feet area with this. Although this one varies from surface to surface.

As the manufacturer said, this one is 12x more durable than any other coating and resistant to scratch.

So if you need a durable brilliance for a long time, I recommend this one for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Anti-microbial.
  • Non-skid performance.
  • Includes all the things that you need for make the floor brilliant.
  • Include Instructional CDs.
  • Covers around 500 square feet area.
  • Odorless.
  • More durable than any other coating available in the market.
  • Three-gallon pack.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Garage Floor Epoxy

Although the criteria for choosing the right garage floor epoxy varies from person to person depending on their needs, desire, and interest, there are some common points that one should check before picking one. Some of these as follows.

Glossiness, Brilliance, and Finishing:

The main purpose of using an epoxy coating on the floor to increase the glossiness. If you want something over glossiness than you should choose those ones that give higher brilliance.

But above them, one thing you must ensure the finishing that the coating takes. Because without a great finishing, the above two are useless.

In general epoxy coating gives semi glossiness. But if you chose the polyurethane coating you will get extra brilliance.

The finishing greatly depends on the fineness of the particles of the kit.

Resistivity to Corrosives and Dust Particles:

Your garage is the heaven of organic corrosive and dust materials.

If you visit any old garage, you will notice the black spots of grease, oil, gasoline and old lubricator.

These things are mainly responsible for making your floor dirty. So make sure the coating is resistive against them.

Again, you should consider the standing water resistivity of the coating.


Because when you park a wet car in the garage, if the coating isn’t fully resistive to the water, it will get peel and cause effloresce. So make sure that the coating is resistive against water.

Area Coverage:

Area coverage is another thing that you must know before you buy an epoxy kit. If you are a newbie, you may ask why?

This is for two reasons. One that is you must buy one that covers the whole area you need to be coated.

But the second one is a serious reason.

When you mix epoxy paints, you have to use it within an hour. So if you don’t measure the are previously and prepare them, that will be a loss of money.


You can’t paint your floor once a month. Right?

Say you used a bad coating and at some points, the floor got damaged. Then what you have to do is to remove the old one and get a new one. But removing the old one isn't that easy.

Again, if the coating isn’t durable enough, it will get dark soon and lose its glossiness.

Moreover, you have to ensure that the coating is durable enough against the hot tire. Because some low-quality coating kit gets picked up by the hot tire.

On the other hand, the coating should be strong enough against the heavy load of the car so that it doesn't develop any crack.

Peeling is a common incident with poor quality epoxies. This depends on the adhesive power of the kit. So, make sure the kit has enough adhesion power.

Colorful or Colorless:

At this point most of the beginners get confused.

Let me break this down.

If you want semi-glossy floor and decorate it with decorative chips, go for the colorful one.

But if you want to have highly glossy and brilliance to your floor, choose the colorless one. They give more good finishing and ultra-level of brilliance.

Ease of Application:

You don’t want to make your floor decoration a mammoth task, right?

So, make sure that the kit is easy to apply on the surface that you are going to work with.

If you want to decorate the floor with decorative chips, you must ensure that the kit accepts decorative chips and creates a good bond.

Drying Time:

Choosing a good kit also depends on how quickly you want to get your floor ready to use.

Most of the epoxy kit gets ready to walk within a day and for traffic within four days. But you may have some that get hardened more quickly. So go for them if you are in that hurry.

How to Apply Coating Like a Pro

Preparing the Garage:

Preparing the garage has a great impact on workability. You must transfer all the tools and gadgets to another place and make the floor fully free.

Judge if the Floor is Ready to Coat:

Before you start working, you have to inspect the condition of the floor. The first step is to see the humidity level. If it’s in balance with the outer temperature you are good to go.

But if it has more entrapped water inside, you must make the floor dry first. Because entrapped water causes peeling and effloresces to the epoxy coating.

After the humidity, it comes temperature. Make sure the room temperature is in between 60 to 65 Fahrenheit for proper adhesion.

Cleaning the Floor:

For getting the most out of any epoxy kit, a properly cleaned floor is a must.

Clean the outer dust of the floor with a brush. For oil and grease removal, use detergent. But make sure that you also remove the excess detergent because even a small oil particle can cause peeling.

After that, you should check if there is any other coat over the concrete. You can check that spraining small amount of water. If the water gets absorbed soon there isn't any coating. But if not there is a coating and you have to remove it first.

Then you should etch the concrete with a concrete etcher. In general, Muriatic acid is used to do this. Because this acid is safe for concrete.

When you have done the above, you have pressure clean the surface with a pressure washer. A pressure washer will remove the smallest particles of dust.

Nest you have to clean the floor with hydrochloric acid. This is a hard task.

I recommend you do this with safety and read all the instructions properly. Make sure you cover yourself with proper cloth and wear gloves and goggles.

Don’t ever mix water into acid, instead mix acid into acid and stir continuously.

Now clean the surface with acid. Just after you apply acid, the derbies will come out from the surface. Clean them with water.

Now you have a properly cleaned floor.

Sealing the Wall:

As you won’t apply epoxy to the walls you have to seal the walls properly for nice decoration and finishing. You can do this simply by adhesive tape.

Sealing the Micro-Crack:

If the concrete has some free lime while manufactured, it will develop micro crack naturally. So, you must fill up these cracks. To do this you can use pozzolanic materials. If the cracks are larger use plastic putty.

Mixing the Epoxy:

Mix all the ingredients that you need.

Before doing this read the instruction manual. Always wear safety gloves and goggles while doing this.

Use the exact mix proportion that the manufacturer told. Stir properly to get a proper and uniform mix. Then you are good to go.

Cutting the Edges:

The first step to apply epoxy is to cut the edge. Because when you have cut the edges, you can freely apply throughout the floor.

Giving the First Coat:

Use a roller to apply the first coat. Make sure you have coat every pinpoints of the floor.

Apply the mix within one hour. Because after one hour you won’t get that adhesive power.

Giving the Second Coat:

Let the floor dry. Normally it takes an hour to dry properly. During this hour prepare the mix for the second coat.

Ware special boots so that you don't make any impression on the floor. Apply the mix again with a roller but make sure you have given a preliminary finishing.

In the second coat, you can also add non-skid materials if it's not added by the manufacturer of the kit previously. 

Sprinkle the Decorative Chips:

If you want to use decorative chips on the floor, simply sprinkle them on the floor. Make sure you distribute them equally.

Finishing with Epoxy or Polyurethane:

The final job is to finish the floor with epoxy. Now, remember if you want to use glossiness this is a must.

Again if you need more brilliance, then use polyurethane. This is famous for ultimate brilliance to the floor.

When you give finishing, start from the edge of the floor, use a smooth and sharp edge brush for a proper glassy finish.

Let the Floor Dry:

You have done the real hard work. Now let the floor dry for the required time. Make sure no one enters the room.

Keep it free from insects and flies.

Also, keep the room free from entering dust. Because, if this time you have dust on the floor, they will be permanent.

The Benefits of Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

We all have a floor at the garage which we’re not so attentive in. It’s barely taken care of in spite of being one of the essential reasons of productivity and safety.

But if you do care about the health of your garage floor, epoxy coating can be one best option for you to make it last long. In this section, that’s what we’ll be talking about.

For reminding you about the perks of it once more, here are the top 5 benefits of having an epoxy coated garage cleaner-

Resistance to Floor Damage

That’s many of our favourite reason to put an epoxy coating on the floor. Harmful materials like gasoline, oil, bleach, cleaners, transmission fluids, lubricants are very likely to stick to the floor while working. Same occurs to automate industries as well.

Epoxy coating is a premium quality water and heat resistant material absorber. Also, it’s impervious to most of the chemicals. So, no matter you’re cleaning the car or doing some automobile works, you can leave the worries of floor damage away.

To Boost Up the Durability

Epoxy coats have an active effect to increase the active lifespan of garage floor. In fact, epoxy floors are way durable than many other types (concrete is an exception though). Besides, they decrease the impacts of fatigue structure.

But one condition applies to make this happen. When you do an epoxy coating on the floor, it needs to be perfectly sealed and maintained.

They Are Easy to Clean

When you think of those sticky oils and grease on the garage floor, hardly you’ll want to do a clean job on it. Those stubborn dirt leaves even its permanent marks. But with an epoxy coated floor, that’s not a problem anymore.

On such a floor, a smooth and textured coating can be easy broom-swept or vacuum-cleaned. No manual effort is needed to take all the dirt away.

Safe and Slip Resistant

On many of the smooth coats on floors, I’ve seen it to be too slippery after the job. But that doesn’t work at all for epoxy coating. Also, they are not only slip-resistant, but also resistant to fire and excessive heat. So, the threat of security is long gone.

Attractive in Outlook

Lastly, they have a charming visual appeal to everyone. I know that garage is not a place that has to get quite visitors. But it’s a mental peace to yourself. And also, it will create a visual appeal to any visitors it has.

How to Take Care of Your Garage Floor

Taking care of a garage floor isn’t that hard but you have to make sure you do this regularly because if you not, the small particles will be compounded and create the ultimate bad appearance.

I have a small checklist for proper maintenance of a garage floor.

  • Always use a welding mat when you weld because the small iron particles that come out from the welder is hot and causes damage to the epoxy floor.
  • Use a welcome mat to keep the dust-out.
  • Don’t use any cleaner that contains acid.
  • Scrub the floor regularly.
  • Place a mat under the metal gears.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor.
  • Don’t apply heavy load on any dust, they can get permanent.
  • If anything requires to scrub out, scrub lightly.

How Many Types Are There?

If you’re looking for the best epoxy for your garage then I think you need to know at first types of Epoxy. It would help you to select the best one from the market. There are over fifty types of epoxy coating. But they all belong three main categories.

100% Solid

This one doesn’t require a carrier. This is the most preferable for industrial and heavy construction. But to apply this one must have enough expertise. 

Solvent Borne

They require a solvent to apply. After applying, the solvent gets dried and leaves a thin film of epoxy.They can be applied to a thin layer.One problem is that the carrier liquid is toxic and it needs proper ventilation.

Water Borne

This is a high-performance coating that is widely used in the concrete floor. This is free from HAP and VOC that is why it's so popular. It meets all the requirements of LEED for indoor use.

Why Epoxy is Better Option than Polyurethane?

Although both of them are thermosetting plastic, epoxy is better than Polyurethane for many reasons whenever it comes to coat a concrete surface. Some of them are as follows.

  • You can apply 100% solid epoxy which is not possible for polyurethane.
  • Epoxy is resistive to Ultra Violate rays. Polyurethane is not.
  • Epoxy comes in better bonding with concrete than polyurethane.
  • Putty of Epoxy is good for filling the small micro crack.
  • Epoxy adopts colors quickly.

Final Thoughts:

A glossy brilliant garage floor reflects one’s personality to some extent - I hope you will agree with me. And this is only possible when you have the best garage floor coating.

I hope you have already found that one as you have read this far.

If you still have problems and confusions, let me know in the comment section. I will be happy to talk to you.

And don’t forget to share the picture of your awesome garage floor with me.

Thank you for reading with patience.  

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