The 9 Best Countertop Water Filter Choices Available

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The best countertop water filter has proven to be more than capable of battling the impurities in tap water. Not only does it eliminate contaminants, but it also boosts your immune system and alkalinizes your drinking water.

What we love most about these filtration systems is that you can finally take control over what goes into your body. With a water filter, you no longer have to worry about what's in your bottled water and the health practices of the bottling plants.

But before we dive into the nitty-gritty of countertop water filters, let's get on the same page.

Unfiltered Curiosity

Let's discuss some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the best countertop water filter. Hopefully, we'll tackle yours.

What is a countertop water filter?

Are countertop filters better than bottled water?

What does filtration capacity mean?

What does filtration capacity mean?

How do countertop filters work?

So, Basically, One Filter Fits All, Right?

Not entirely, there are several models on the market. And since you now have substantial knowledge about the best countertop water filter, let's take a moment to explore your options.

Carbon filters

These filters have a remarkable ability to improve the taste of water. A carbon filter is efficient in eliminating VOCs, organic compounds, pesticides, and herbicides. Carbon filters reduce or remove contaminants in water through a process called adsorption.

This process also strips the water of foul odors and improves the aftertaste.

Ceramic filters

If you're concerned about bacteria, cysts, and other microbiological organisms, you should invest in a ceramic filter. These filters use microscopic pores between 0.7 to 0.5 microns to filter out debris, sediments, and bacteria from water.

Unlike most filters, ceramic filters consist of natural elements and as such, can be cleaned and reused.


If you're looking to eliminate dissolved solids without striping the drinking water of essential minerals, this is your guy.

Currently, it's the only filtration system on the market that offers the highest levels of purified water. Ultrafiltration filters water by pushing it through a chemical-resistant hollow fiber membrane. The membrane has an excellent micron rating and reduces almost all water contaminants.

Water distillers

Water distillers produce mineral-free drinking water that has the highest purity. A countertop water distiller boils the water until it's converted entirely to steam before condensing, cooling it, and producing it in a liquid state.

This cycle is powerful enough to eliminate chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful compounds.

How We Round up Our Products

To bring you an unbiased review, we made sure to select only the best countertop water filter that fulfills basic requirements. First of all, it should be able to eliminate contaminates that include rayon, chlorine, and sediments.

We also made sure to select models that are very easy to install and maintain. This helps consumers to save money on professional plumbing services, as well as maintenance.

Another area we made a priority was filtration technology. We only picked those that are relatively quiet, reliable, durable, and require filter change once or twice a year.

Lastly, we studied several sources of customer feedback and expert reviews to gain in-depth consumer knowledge.

Product Comparison Table

9 Best Countertop Water Filter Choices

We explored the world of the best countertop water filter to bring you the very best filtration system that can get rid of contaminants. So, in no particular order of relevancy, meet our finalists.


1. Apex Advanced Alkaline Mineral Countertop Filter

Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter, Alkaline, Clear (MR-1050)
  • REDUCES CONTAMINANTS IN TAP WATER: The APEX Clear Countertop Alkaline Drinking Water Filter System removes...
  • CONNECTS TO STANDARD FAUCETS: APEX’s Clear countertop water filter system has been designed to conveniently sit...
  • COST-EFFECTIVE WATER FILTER: By using an APEX countertop alkaline water filter, you can stop wasting money on small...

This water filtration system sits conveniently on your kitchen counter to give you sparkling, fresh drinking water. It utilizes a simple DIY installation process and connects to most standard faucets. The Apex Advanced Alkaline Mineral Countertop Filter removes contaminants that include rayon, chlorine, and sediment.

It also filters mercury, harmful pesticides, giardia cysts, and cryptosporidium, all of which contribute to various waterborne illnesses.

This makes the list for the best countertop water filter because of the benefits that come with installing an alkaline water filter. The essential advantage of drinking alkaline filtered water is that it neutralizes the body's acidity by balancing the pH levels in the blood.

It also provides daily body cleansing, reduces fatigue, and promotes better hydration than bottled water.


2. Brita Ultramax Dispenser with Longlast Filter

Brita Extra Large 18 Cup Filtered Water Dispenser with 1 Longlast+...
  • This large UltraMax water dispenser is easy to fill, fits in most fridges and can hold 18 cups of water, enough to...
  • This space efficient water dispenser fits perfectly on refrigerator shelves, features an easy locking lid and...
  • Get great tasting water without the waste*; by switching to Brita Longlast+, you can save money and replace 1,800...

This best countertop water filter is ideal for people who are space-conscious and enthusiasts of clean aesthetics. It holds 1.13 gallons of water, making it suitable for a big family or a bunch of roommates.

The Brita Ultramax Dispenser with Longlast Filter has a minimalistic yet modern design. Without water, it weighs 3 pounds, has a height of 10.47 inches, and a depth of 14.37 inches. The Water Quality Association (WQA) guarantees that this BPA-Free filtration system can eliminate 99 percent of lead particles.

It also reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, benzene, asbestos, cadmium, mercury, and other harmful elements found in tap water. This affordable dispenser features an electronic filter change reminder, which alerts you to replace the filter every six months.

We love that it also fits easily on a refrigerator shelf, making it convenient to enjoy chilled, great-tasting water.


3. iSpring CKC1C Countertop Water Filter

iSpring CKC1C Countertop Drinking Water Filtration System with Carbon...
  • CLEAR HOUSING - See-through housing allows you to visually inspect the filter and know when it's time for a filter...
  • ULTRA SAFE - Includes a standard 5 micron Carbon Block Cartridge that removes 95% of chlorine, odors, sand, silt,...
  • EASY INSTALLATION - No drilling required. Portable and easy to install. Sleek and efficient design offers a natural...

An option for the best countertop water filter is the iSpring CKC1C Countertop Water Filter. This affordable system consists of a clear housing that allows you to see the water level and its quality, as well as notice when the filter needs a replacement. It makes use of a Carbon Block Cartridge that removes 99 percent of chlorine, odors, sediment, silt, sand, and rust from your tap water.

It also works efficiently to eliminate volatile organic compounds such as pesticides, herbicides, and industrial chemicals. Similar to the previously discussed countertop water filters, this model also has an easy installation process. Simply follow the detailed user guide, and you'll be up and running within minutes.

A feature worth mentioning is the CTO Carbon Block Filter. This filter uses first-rate coconut shell carbon and a unique fabrication process to maximize efficiency and improve filter life.


4. cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System

cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System - No Plumbing Water...
  • No Replacement Filters! Saves Money! Easy to install and comes with instructions and pre-filter included!
  • Granulated Activated Carbon - 97% Chlorine reduction, effectively filters sediment, volatile organic compounds...
  • Stylish diverter valve attaches right to most standard faucets, NO TOOLS NECESSARY!

In the running for the best countertop water filter, we present the cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System. An incredible feature of this home product is that it doesn't require replacement filters and cartridges.

This means saving big bucks all year round. The filtration system comes with an easy installation guide that doesn't require plumbing or drilling of any kind. All you have to do is connect the diverter valve directly to a standard faucet and voila!

Investing in this affordable system means enjoying 10,000 gallons of clean, great-tasting water daily. Additionally, you'll add a touch of modern stainless steel to your countertop aesthetic.

The cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System uses granulated activated carbon to remove contaminants, odor, and bad taste from water. A few of its filtering capabilities include 97 percent chlorine reduction, sediments, and volatile organic compounds.


5. Brondell Cypress Three Stage Countertop Water Filter System

Brondell H630 H2O+ Cypress Countertop Water Filter System,...
  • POWERFUL FILTRATION: three-stage patented Nanotrap technology delivers high quality filtration usually found only...
  • CONVENIENT FAUCET ATTACHMENT: easily attaches to your faucet without compromising power of filtration, fits most...
  • INSPIRED DESIGN: elegant and slim profile countertop design with ergonomic push-button control for dispensing water

This water filtration system is incredible, to say the very least. It provides users with the convenience of choosing between two installation methods: under the sink and faucet diverter. As an option for the best countertop water filter, it uses a three-stage filtration technology to deliver incredible results.

In the first stage, the water passes through the Composite Plus Filter. Here, a double filter system eliminates particulate materials such as sand, fine particles, and rust. From there, it flows to the Nanotrap Filter, where specialized nanotechnology reduces turbidity and waterborne microorganisms.

In the final stage of this process, a Carbon Block Filter works to improve the taste of the dispensed water. It reduces bad tastes, odors, and water contaminants such as chlorine and VOCs.

The Brondell Cypress Three Stage Countertop Water Filter System is worth the investment for a quality water filtration system.


6. New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Plus Water Filter

New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Plus Water Filter System
  • DRINK SAFE WATER: Remove contaminants found in tap water such as chlorine, lead, trihalomethanes, organic and...
  • VERSATILE:  Odorless, great-tasting water at your kitchen sink.  All the water you want anytime you want...
  • SUSTAINABLE: Filtering water at home is great for the environment. Your 10 Stage Plus System filters up to 800...

New Wave raises the bar with a 10-stage filtration system that produces refreshing drinking water. It removes lead, trihalomethanes, organic and inorganic arsenic, mercury, chlorine, and PCBs. It also removes pesticides, herbicides, floating solids, asbestos, and organic contaminates. These contaminants are dangerous and contribute to serious health issues.

The New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Plus Water Filter comes with a filter and a pre-installed cartridge, which helps to fast-track the installation process. It also has the capability of filtering approximately 1,500 gallons of water, about enough to last one year for a family of four.

We love that this best countertop water filter attaches to most standard faucets. Unfortunately, it's incompatible with designer faucets, pull-out spray faucets, and sprayer faucets. This filtration system allows users to switch between tap and filtered water.


7. AquaCera Pioneer SS4 Gravity Fed Filtration System

In the running for the best countertop water filter is a filtration system that has been around since 1989.

The AquaCera Pioneer SS4 Gravity Fed Filtration System, when assembled, has a width of 8 inches and a height of 19 inches. It's made from high-grade stainless steel and features a smooth pour-through design.

It also consists of a two-part water storage system. An upper reservoir that holds 2.5 gallons of untreated water and a lower tank that holds 2 gallons of treated water. Additionally, it allows up to four ceramic filters — users can choose between the CeraPlus, CeraMetix, and Imperial CeraMetix GF filters.

AquaCera also uses filter candles to remove stubborn contaminants. A few include chlorine, parasites, cysts, rust, pathogenic bacteria, sediment, and dirt. The AquaCera Pioneer SS4 Gravity Fed Filtration System is perfect for places where space is limited.


8. Home Master Jr. F2 Sinktop Water Filtration System TMJRF2

Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 Counter Top Water Filtration System, White
  • Highly pure water - three-stage filter removes up to 93 percent of fluoride, chlorine, and other chemicals
  • Efficient, space-saving design - compact design takes up minimal space and easily fits on any sinktop
  • Simple and easy installation takes only minutes

A simple way to describe this filtration system is that it removes almost every contaminant in your drinking water.

We're talking about eliminating up to 93 percent of fluoride, chlorine, and other chemicals that contribute to serious health issues. It also removes VOCs, Total Organic Carbon (TOCs), and other contaminants that create foul tastes and odors in your tap water. The only elements it leaves out are dissolved solids like calcium and magnesium minerals.

The Home Master Jr. F2 Sinktop Water Filtration System TMJRF2 uses an advanced multi-stage granular filter to produce great tasting water.

This filtration technology, from bottom to top, consists of a compression disk, activated alumina, a second compression disk, and coconut shell carbon. As an option for the best countertop water filter, TMJRF2 takes only minutes to install.

It's also affordable and features a beautiful space-saving design.


9. Ecosoft BOB Countertop filtration system LEAF

Any filtration system hoping to be the best countertop water filter must provide great tasting drinking water. This is precisely what the Ecosoft BOB Countertop filtration system LEAF does, and more. The device is compact, simple, and provides a convenient way for a family to have access to clean water.

The countertop filter removes chlorine, organochlorine compounds, heavy and non-ferrous metals using an advanced coconut-based activated carbon technology. The benefits of using this unique filtration technology include the removal of lead, organic impurities, dangerous chlorination by-products, and sediment particles. We also love that it consists of a reminder when the filter needs a change.

This should be every three to six months, depending on the size of your household. You should know that this affordable device has a straightforward installation process, which, of course, doesn't involve any form of drilling or plumbing.

Filtering Your Way Through Life

Before you start shopping, we'd like you to pay specific attention to certain areas.

The first is the faucet connection. Most countertop water filters work with standard faucets and allow under the sink or beside the sink installation. However, they're mostly incompatible with pull out or down faucets, handheld, sprayer-type, sensor, and other unconventional faucets or spouts.

So, before you make your purchase, check your plumbing and the product description to make sure there are no compatibility issues.

Another area to pay special attention to is the filtration capacity. This helps to determine the kind of contaminants the model specializes in. Of course, this step only works well if you've performed a water test and know the specific contaminants in your tap water.

Furthermore, the price, maintenance, ease of use, and size are all areas to consider. However, once you've got those things squared away, you're ready to grab one of these great filters.

What's your pick for the best countertop water filter? Is there a model that you'd recommend to a friend that we missed? Let us know in the comment section below.

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