Baby Won’t Sleep? Video Tips For Baby Sleeping By an Expert


A disturbed baby sleep can be a result of many things and therefore the need for the mother to investigate to know why the baby wont sleep.

Normally if the little angel has a full stomach and is warm enough, he should sleep like the angel it is. Nevertheless, no matter what the mother does to satisfy the above conditions, the baby wont sleep.

Baby Sleeping Pattern

A newborn baby is expected to spend 65 percent of the time sleeping. To ensure that the baby sleeps, it is good to make a clear distinction between day and night. If is at night, make sure that the room where the baby is sleeping is dark enough. Do not use bright bulbs, have deemed ones.

Another way of curbing an instance where the baby wont sleep is by ensuring that the baby is kept warm at night and if you have to do some feeding at night, do it under the cover of darkness and do not take long to feed the baby.

Note that you are not expected to play with the baby at night. With time, the baby will distinguish feeding at night and feeding during the day. You are now quite closer to solve your worry about baby wont sleep!

Why Baby Won't Sleep?

If you are to avoid saying, “my baby wont sleep,” you need to determine whether your baby is sensitive to noises. If so, then ensure that after he is through with feeding he is laid down to rest and the TV volume scaled down.

If it is during the day, ensure that your baby sleeps in something that can be carried without waking it up. If a baby has disturbed sleep, he will be irritable and might spend most of the time crying and in the worst-case scenario refuse to sleep again.

If you are still worried that baby wont sleep, the other way of ensuring that the baby spends most of the time asleep is the mother sleeping next to the baby so that breastfeeding becomes an easy task. In such a case, it is difficult that the baby refuses to sleep after feeding.

Tips For Baby Sleeping

If the baby is to sleep peacefully, the temperatures need to be regulated. When cold, the baby wont sleep and when too hot, the baby may wake up as well. If it is daytime and the baby is sleeping outside, let the baby sleep under a shade and let the little one be well wrapped and there should be no direct sunlight contact. Never let your baby be out of your sight no matter what.

In conclusion, the only way to ensure that your baby gets the required sleep is by making the baby comfortable. Change the little one at regular intervals and make sure that the diaper is easily accessible. Remember a disturbed baby sleep impacts negatively on the baby’s growth and no mother will be at peace when the baby won't sleep peacefully.


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