What Is Sour Honey? Is Sour Honey a Cancer Cure? Let’s Find Out

So, you’ve heard some people claiming that sour honey is a cure for cancer?

The truth is, it’s not.... or may be 

But wait, You need To know some interesting matter about sour honey.  

In this post, I will elaborate sour honey and tell you why it is not a cancer cure.

What is Sour Honey?

The first you should know is that sour honey doesn’t exist. There is no kind of honey known as sour honey. There is a kind of honey though, called sourwood honey. This honey is created sourwood tree blossom nectar, and it’s sweet; not sour.

However, this is not the honey that the propagandists are promoting. 

Bees normally make honey from nectar. In the process, most of the water evaporates. This leaves the honey resistant to microorganisms, and that’s why it’s able to last a long time.

Sometimes, farmers will harvest the honey early before the water evaporates, and thus it ferments and gains a sour, bad taste. Note that the promoters of sour honey aren’t talking about this honey either.

The substance the viral campaigns refer to is not really honey but instead a stuff called propolis or simply bee glue. It’s a sticky mixture of bee saliva, wax, and secretions from sap flows and tree buds.

Benefits of ‘Sour Honey’: 

Bees usually utilize propolis to seal spaces in the hive. Other sour honey health benefits purposes of this substance include:

  • Minimizing vibrations in the hive
  • Curbing the growth of fungi and bacteria
  • Preventing the entry of parasites into the hive.

How Cancer Affects People in The Twenty First Century:

Today, cancer is the illness that seizes the imagination of societies around the world the most. It is rare to find anyone that has not lost a friend or relative to cancer. In fact, anyone who survives it is often treated with reverence and looked up to as a hero.

Though the exact cause of cancer is not known, research points to conditions like environmental pollution and poor dieting as important contributors to the increased cases of cancer today. The cancer menace does not affect the developed world alone; poor people in the developing countries are feeling the misery too.

People, nowadays, point to different items as the causes of cancer. As a matter of fact, virtually every harmful substance is quoted as being “carcinogenic” – the term they use to describe agents that can cause cancer. In these uncertain, sad circumstances, there are those who have seen opportunities in the suffering of other people.

These con-artists have then decided to capitalize on them to make money by claiming to have found a cure for cancer. One of the famous cancer cures discovered recently is sour honey.

Is the rumor true?

Could sour honey really cure cancer?

Is the honey worth your time and money?

How It All Started

The claim that sour honey cures cancer is nothing more than a scam. You might have heard, during the 2016 US election campaigns that there was a cure for cancer and that a group of politicians and pharmaceutical companies that were trying to keep it from the public for their own selfish gains.

The story was that Hillary, in collaboration with a corrupt pharmaceutical cartel, was aware of a product known as Brazilian sour honey, that could cure cancer. The propagandists then went on to claim that Hillary and her cohorts were withholding the knowledge from the public to safeguard their financial gains.

How Sour Honey Works as A Cancer Cure – Supposedly

The honey is allegedly made at a remote place in the Brazilian jungle where bees manufacture the rarest kind of honey, which has remained intact for thousands of years. According to the rumors sour honey from brazil, the product was tested in laboratories, where it discovered miraculous results.

When the tests were first performed, the sour honey was able to destroy around 13 percent of the cancerous breast cells instantly. They then carried out a study involving human-like mice tumors and the product stopped the spread of cancer by 50 percent.

The promoters of these rumors then went on to create YouTube videos and articles illustrating many other medical breakthroughs that the fantastic substance portrayed.  

Is Sour Honey a Cancer Cure?

Bee glue has been used in the production of traditional medicines for millennia. In fact, several health organizations have observed that it could be effective in dealing with genital herpes, cold sores, and post-surgery mouth pain. However, currently, there’s no medical proof that the substance is useful in treating other conditions.

There have not been enough tests to find out the role of bee glue in managing cancer. Nonetheless, a group of marketers have taken it upon themselves to promote the product, dubbing it sour honey, and claiming it’s a sure cure for cancer.

Some smart con-artists will come to you with twisted truths. For instance, they will tell you that artepillin-C, a chemical found the product, has been shown to cure cancer.

There is some truth to that. However, those are only speculations. According to research, the chemical shows potential in fighting some types of cancer; there is no undisputable proof that it cures cancer.

Only animal tests have been conducted. It is therefore, not clear, if the same potential to fight cancer cells applies to human beings.

Hence, it’s apparent that the campaigns for sour honey cancer treatment  are just clever marketing strategies that use unconfirmed research data to sell an old product under a new name. 

Additionally, the claim that Hillary and some crooked pharmaceutical cartel are withholding a cancer cure from the public for selfish gains is adequate to show there is something suspicious about these marketing campaigns.

Where to buy sour honey from brazil?

Good Questions!

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Final Word

What is sour honey? There is nothing like that – the real name is bee glue or propolis. Should you spend your money on this product? I would recommend that you don’t spend a single buck on it.

Until there is information from credible scientific institutions and the FDA about the effectiveness of bee glue in treating cancer, the claims to cure cancer remain only speculations.


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