What does it mean when you talk in your sleep?

talk in your sleep

Have you ever woken up and been asked, “What was all that talking about last night?” You will surely be confused because you wouldn’t know what they are talking about. What it means is that while you were sleeping, you were probably chattering.

This nighttime chattering may be funny and harmless or it could be graphic and vulgar.

Some people are more eloquent while others issue forth nonsensical mumblings that are difficult to understand. You may see your friend shout or whispering and gesticulate as if he were discussing with somebody whereas nobody was present. Unknown to them, the people sleeping with them are disturbed by all these night-time activities.

This abnormal behavior usually happens when a person is sleeping. Although it is a common occurrence, it does not necessarily mean that it is a medical condition.

If you are one of the people that are suffering from this malady, it really means that you are suffering from a condition known as Somniloquy.

Somniloquy otherwise known as talking in your sleep is a sleep disorder that makes you chatter in your sleep. It usually happens many times during a sleep cycle for instance during the less-deep delta-wave or at the time of interim wakefulness.

It usually lasts for about 30 seconds for every episode although some people may sleep talk many times during the night.

Other times, it occurs when you are in a deeper sleep stage that therapists call “motor breakthrough” which is a kind of dream speech.

It is a condition that induces a sleeping person to speak while he or she is still at the sub-conscious state. Those that engage in this nighttime activity do it either spontaneously or in reply to somebody else talking to them while they are sleeping.

Anybody sleeping with them might be shocked because the voice the usually speak in is quite different from their normal voice.

This condition usually occurs to everybody but those who are prone to this condition are children and males.

Children that are between the ages of three to ten years and adults from the age of 25 years are usually talked in their sleep.

The majority of the children that are afflicted with this malady usually grow out of it while an estimate of 5 percent adults still suffers from this disorder.

Before you can call it a sleep disorder, you will have to monitor the frequency of its occurrence. This is because sleep talking alone does not need treatment but when it joins together with other sleep maladies like “parasomnias” otherwise known as night terrors, sleep walking or sleep apnea, you definitely need treatment.

Causes of Sleep Talking

This sleep disorder can be caused by a number of factors.

Lack of sleep:

If you are deprived of sleep, it is certain that you will talk while sleeping. So it is advisable to go to bed in time to ensure getting enough sleep.


When you are not sober, you are surely going to be sleep talking. Imbibing alcohol at night can cause talking while you are sleeping so try to abstain from alcohol close to your bedtime to avoid disturbing people as you sleep.


Sometimes there are drugs that you will take that can lead you to sleep talking. Such drugs like the local anesthesia or others that induce people to sleep can have the side effect of sleep talking. Therefore, if you want to run away from this condition, avoid taking such drugs.


When anybody is running a high fever, they are liable to hallucinate and this makes them feel that they are seeing somebody that is not really there. When this happens, they will be comfortably carried on a conversation with the figment of their imagination. When you are sick, take the appropriate medication to avoid putting yourself in this situation.


When you are stressed, you will find out that you are liable to sleep talk. Therefore if you do not want to talk while you are sleeping, try to reduce the stress factors in your life.


This is another condition that is likely to induce somebody to sleep talk. When you are anxious about something, your subconscious mind will be trying to resolve the issue even while you are sleeping and this can cause sleep talking.


This is a state of mind that someone may fall into that makes them unable to differentiate reality from illusion. People who are suffering from this condition are usually prone to sleep talking.

How can you find out if you are sleep talking?

The reason this condition is called sleep talking is that it is an activity you do while you are sleeping.

Therefore, there is no way for you to know that you have been participating in this nighttime activity except your sleep mate.

It’s also important to remember that if you’re exploring reasons why you can’t sleep restfully, this is only one possible explanation.

A roommate may complain that you are keeping him or her awake with you chattering then you will confirm that you really sleep talk.


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