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During the 2012 election cycle, JCER proved that a combination of humor, social media, unvarnished truth-telling - and a dash of celebrity - could carry a powerful political message to millions of people with a comparatively small investment.

JCER's twelve videos, including Wake the F*ck Up!, Let My People Vote and the Actually... series received almost 12 million views and sustained high levels of online buzz throughout the final weeks of the election. JCER videos topped The Wall Street Journal's online advertising charts for three of the final six weeks in the election - spending more time in the #1 spot than either presidential campaign. Our videos achieved higher aggregated rankings on the top ten list than all of the other Super PACs combined.

See below for highlights from JCER's 2012 media coverage.


Wake the F*ck Up!: With nearly 5 million view Samuel L. Jackson's uncensored wake-up call for Obama's base of supporters was one of the most-watched videos of the election cycle and a major rallying point for GOTV efforts. WTFU was a partnership between JCER, writer Adam Mansbach (author of Go The F*ck To Sleep) and directors Boaz Yakin and Kitao Sakurai.

Let My People Vote: Sarah Silverman's warning to students, minorities and the elderly about the dangers of new Republican-driven voter ID laws topped the charts in late September with 2.6 million views.

Actually...: This humorous fact checking series launched in partnership with the American Bridge Super PAC, features Rosie Perez, Cher, Sarah Silverman and other performers. With more than 2.2 million views, Actually... set the record straight on Romney's lies and out of touch statements.

 Scissor Sheldon: With just under 2 million views, Sarah Silverman's special offer to Sheldon Adelson in exchange for redirecting his campaign spending to President Obama drew widespread attention to the issue of money in politics.

Call Your Zeyde:  JCER's spoof on Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" urged young Jews to reach out across generations to their grandparents in Florida and other battleground states. 

Israelis on Obama: JCER fact-checked Republican candidates' assumptions about US-Israel relations. Israeli thought leaders and citizens explain Israel Defense Minister Ehud Barak's remark that the Obama administration invests an unprecedented level of support in Israel's secure.

Childish Things: JCER's forward-thinking GOTV message was crowdsourced by millennials. 

Highights from 2012 television media coverage

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