How To Get Rid Of Blocked Nose In Bed: 7 Executive Tips for You

How To Get Rid Of Blocked Nose In Bed

Imagine spending the day sneezing and people looking at you with horrible eyes, avoiding your company in the hope preventing flue.

Frustrating, right?

But it is even worse when you lose an important event or that invitation to be with the most important people that you love.

Nothing disrupts the day like waking up with a blocked nose. It kills confidence and self-esteem. It is no secret that a blocked nose can make your day difficult or end your day in bed/recliner rest.

In fact, if not treated early it can lead to something else like flue or the common cold. You don't have to worry, because in the next minute, I want to show you how to get rid of a blocked nose in 7 easy ways. My 7 ways comprise of both home remedies and medical treatments that you can take at home.

Note that if you regularly struggle to sleep, it may be more than a stuffy nose and require deeper investigation.

7 Tips to Get Rid Of Blocked Nose In Bed

Take a Hot Shower

Although not scientifically proven, a shower is a better way of decreasing the nasal congestion. The steam from a hot shower assist in the draining of the mucus and this open up the nose thereby improving the breathing.

In other words, hot shower provides temperature relief. When you wake up, this is the first thing that you should do before thinking of other remedies.

Saline Spray

Saline Spray is known for one thing: Decreasing the inflammation in the nose. This reduces stuffiness in the nose because it opens up the nasal cavity. Saline Spray is safe because it doesn't contain any medication. You can get it through over the counter.


If you experience nasal congestion most of the time, it may be a time to consider a permanent solution. That's investing in a humidifier. A humidifier relieves you from stuffy nose and sinus pain.

What this machine does is convert water to moisture that fills in the air; this increases humidity in the room. Before buying a humidifier know that they are different types of humidifiers. We have warm mist and cold mist humidifier. A good humidifier helps you empty the fluids in the nose and makes you have a normal breathing.


Stay hydrated. Fill your body with fresh fluids like water, sports drinks and juice. Hydration thins the mucus; open the nasal cavity to push the fluids away. Hydration also lessens the pressure you experience in the cavity and this reduces the inflammation. When you have blocked nose, try drinking warm water the rest of the day. You see better changes than when you use cold water.


Make a good spicy decongestant. Decongestants have been proven to decrease the nasal cavity congestion. What decongestants do is narrow the small blood vessels?

Narrowing the blood vessels decreases the lining of the nose and reduces stiffness.

Decongestants come in different forms. You can buy one in the form of pills or you can make one at home. Nasal sprays, OTC and other prescription work well because they don't have to be absorbed in the stomach.

People with lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or pregnant mother should ask the doctor before using it.

Use a warm compress.

Warm compress involves a piece of cloth that you soak in warm water and place it on your head. A warm compress works like a hot shower. It decreases the sinus congestion and the stiffness in the nose and face.

Use lukewarm water when using a warm compress. Feel free to use ginger or lemon in the water; it will help speed up your recovery.

Drain your sinuses.

Flushing clogged nostrils look weird, sometimes is the best options. The best way to do this through neti pot. A neti pot flushes mucous and fluids out of the nostril, opening up the clogged passage.

Feel confident using it because FDA approved and recommend that you use it with distilled or sterile water. Here is what you can do: Stand with your head next to the sink. Put the neti pot inside the nostril.

Then, you do the crazy part, which is titling the container, so that water enters the nostril. Do it well to avoid chocking. Know that when you put water into one nostril, it comes over the other nostril.


Blocked nose is not something that you have often. It shouldn't way you down or cut you from having fun with your friends. But when it occurs, you want to use these 7 tips to decrease the nasal symptoms fast before it leads to flue, common cold or another condition.


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