Garage Essentials: 6 Items Every Garage Must Have


Whether you are the DIY-weekend warrior who is fixing your child’s bike, or working on your 1950 Chevy-Camaro, there are certain items every garage should have available to its owner.

Therefore, properly allocating the space for these items, and having them handy whenever you might need them, are some things to keep in mind when you are setting up your garage workstation.

These are a few items every homeowner (or shop-owner) simply must have available to them in their garage for any job or DIY project they run into.

Proper Lighting:

Seems simple enough, but many people don’t consider this when setting up their garage space. Whether you will be performing basic oil-changes, changing the brakes, or working on DIY projects with the kids, lights are imperative to a fully-functional workspace.

LED lighting or dim light switches might work well depending on the area where you will be working. You might also consider installing lighting of different shades, colors, or hues, depending on what kind of work you plan on performing in the garage.

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Regardless of what kind of work you perform in the space, without the right lighting in place, it will be nearly impossible to do any work. From cleaning up and organizing, to changing worn out tires, or building a birdhouse with your kids, lighting is an essential many homeowners or shop-owners overlook.

Grease Gun:

A grease gun is one of those items most DIY-enthusiasts probably have lying around their garage. For the rest of us, this is an essential must-have in your garage if you don’t already own it. A grease gun is basically used to apply lubrication to apertures.

Whether you are working on your car, and need some grease to prevent friction beneath the hood, or need something to move seamlessly (if it is rusted or otherwise stuck), a grease gun will do the trick.

In a garage, you are working with metal, power-tools, and other items which can easily get jammed or otherwise rusted. A grease gun is a simple and affordable solution, to help you out in sticky situations, you would otherwise not be able to complete a specific task without.

Bench Vise

Don’t you ever wish you had a third hand (or a second person) to work with? Often you will find you can’t hold something in place, or can’t stabilize a wooden plank when installing new shelving. A good bench vise will serve as that third hand when you need additional assistance on a project.

Whether something needs to be held in place, additional force needs to be applied, or something needs to be held in place (while glue is drying), this is the solution you’ve been looking for.

A bench vise will serve as a clamp and assist you in performing difficult or trivial tasks if you don’t have another person who can help you. For those times, you’ve ever had to forego doing a project, or didn’t do it properly because you lacked assistance, this handy tool will work wonders going forward with different projects you intend on completing in the garage.


For the car-buff in you, this little tool will come in handy when you are performing something as simple as an oil change, or changing all four tires on your car. Since most people simply don’t have the space (or the money) to install and maintain a car-lift, this is a viable alternative.

A good jack stand with safety pins in place is an invaluable asset for the mechanic in you. Regardless of what work you will be doing on the car, the jack will not only stabilize it, but will allow you to easily get underneath the car, and provide you headroom to work below it. And, the built-in safety pins guarantee your car won’t fall while you are lying down beneath it.

Also you can use an Wheel Lock for security of your cars. 


If you’ve ever been looking for one specific screw, nail, or bit-head to use with your power-drill, you know how hard it is to find in all that clutter that builds up in your garage. Good storage space, with identifiable storage spaces for each item, is the simple solution you’ve been looking for.

Storage including: hanging-racks, drawer-sets, or even dedicated tool-storage sheds, are a simple way to maintain a clean and functional garage, and to easily find what you need, when you need it.

The storage solutions will help you keep the garage clean, easily find what you need, save time on your projects, and have dedicated space for those tiny items that always end up getting lost (and are usually so expensive to replace).

Another obvious “must-have” for any garage, which many people overlook. When setting up your garage workstation, make sure you set up dedicated storage solutions for the items you will place in the garage.

Air tools

Yes, they will cost more than hand-tools such as a manual set of pliers and wrenches, but the amount of time and manual labor saved,is well worth paying the additional cost for these tools.

From installing a new fence with an air compressed nail-gun, to switching your tires during the winter with your air-powered impact gun, the amount of time you will save is incredible. And, the quality and precision in your work is far greater, since the air-compressed tools exert sufficient power required to complete any job.

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If you have the budget in place, or can somehow manage to install a few air tools in your garage, it is an investment you won’t regret making.

No matter how much time you spend in your garage, or what type of work you perform out of your garage, the right tools will make a world​ of difference in the outcome of these tasks.

For any homeowner setting up their outdoor workspace, these are a few essentials to consider investing in. Not only will they make your life easier, they will help eliminate the clutter, stress, and undue amounts of additional manual-labor you would perform, without these tools.


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