Former Israeli Security Experts on Obama...

In this short film, many of the most respected military and intelligence experts in Israel discuss the impact of the Bush/McCain foreign policy on Israel, the need for the United States to engage directly with Iran, and their personal feelings about Sen. Barack Obama.


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Israelis for Obama...

In this short film are Israelis and Israeli-Americans who believe Barack Obama will be good for America and good for Israel. In such dramatic times a leader who is able to employ intelligent diplomacy hand in hand with a strong defense is crucial to our future. We urge the Jewish community to hear our voices. The video was made with the support of The Jewish Alliance for Change.


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A Jewish Mom for Obama...

This video is the first one to come from the Orthodox Jewish community, which is largely in support of Republican candidate John McCain and where so many anti-Obama rumors have been circulating. (courtesy of )


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Dennis Ross on Israel and Obama

This video represents the best recording we could find of Dennis Ross, Middle East advisor to Barack Obama, speaking to a Jewish audience about the election. Ross is highly respected by Democrats and Republicans for his depth of knowledge about Israel and the Middle East and his commitment to American interests and Israel's security.