why obama?

The Jewish Council for Education & Research is proud of our endorsement of Barack Obama during the 2008 and 2012 elections. We stood with other Jewish voters who comprised a critical contingent of the Democratic coalition, joining African Americans, Asians, Latinos and the LGBT community who all gave Obama at least 70% of their vote.

JCER endorsed President Barack Obama for reelection in 2012 because we believe his administration made significant progress towards fulfilling the pledges he made during his campaign. To help the President secure these gains, stand up to the Tea Party agenda, and advance new priorities, we launched an innovative, multi-platform campaign to mobilize Jews as well as Obama's broader base of 2008 supporters.

It is no surprise that so many Jews voted for Barack Obama. In 2008, he received between 74% and 78% of the Jewish vote; in 2012 he received 70%. His personal story resonates with a community whose collective successes often relied on education, hard work, ambition, and a desire to serve the public good. Jews were among President Obama's most important mentors and supporters, long before he first ran for public office. These personal and cultural connections are deep and meaningful.

The President has also advanced an agenda that reflects the values and priorities of most American Jews. By passing the Affordable Care Act, President Obama achieved something comparable to the most important programs of the New Deal or Great Society: universal health care. Jews have always been at the forefront of the women's right movement, so most were heartened by the President's support for pay equity and access to reproductive health care, and his appointment of two brilliant women to the Supreme Court. He extended the life of Medicare for eight years while protecting it from Republican plans to voucherize the popular and effective program. After inheriting an economy in freefall, the President stabilized Wall Street and the banking sector, bailed out the auto industry, and passed a stimulus bill that put almost $800 billion into people's wallets while saving or creating 2.5 million jobs.  

In foreign affairs, President Obama achieved three important goals: bringing American troops home from Iraq and beginning to exit from Afghanistan, stepping up the fight against Al Qaeda, and restoring America's relationships and reputation among our allies. In the Middle East, the President has backed up his words of support for Israel with an unsurpassed record on issues of security, while balancing American interest in democracy, human rights, and stability as the Arab Spring swept the region. President Obama has organized an unprecedented international coalition and made clear his determination to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.  To learn more about the President's record on Israel, visit our Schlep Labs project

In re-electing President Obama, the work has only just started. Please stay involved to help President Obama overcome conservative opposition to a progressive agenda.