When Is The Best Time To Buy A Refrigerator? A Timely Buyer’s Guide

when to buy a refrigerator

If you are re-decorating, filling in a new house, or replacing a broken fridge, planning ahead is step one to saving money. Much like buying fruit in season, certain times of year are better for appliances. If you need to know when is the best time to buy a new refrigerator, we have you covered.

Before you start shopping, be sure to keep your price range, style, and size in mind. Normal refrigerator prices start at $1000 and can go as high as $8000! We want to save you as much as possible, but be prepared to spend a decent amount.

There are several styles of refrigerator available on the market nowadays. To be really happy, you should look into which one suits your needs and preferences. The most common full-size refrigerators on the market are top-freezer, bottom-freezer, side-by-side, and french door.

When To Start Looking

Unless you are one of the lucky people who have appliances that never break, you’ll need a new refrigerator eventually. But if you don’t know when you need one, you might not be prepared to replace it.

A large appliance is pricy. They’re hard to move. Having your old one removed and a new one placed can take up an entire weekend. So to help know when to replace your refrigerator, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Look for the manufacturer’s estimated lifespan for your model. This is rather vague sometimes. But when your refrigerator is approach the tail-end of the estimated time, it’s time to consider replacement
  2. Monitor performance. One of the first signs that your refrigerator will need replacement is when it struggles to hold temperature. Check for faulty seals, as these may be replaced. If broken cooling elements are the issue, the entire refrigerator will need replacing.
  3. Look at your utility bills. Modern refrigerators are much more efficient than older models. If you are in the process of getting your home in its most efficient or eco-friendly state, then a new refrigerator could be invaluable.

The Best Time To Buy A Refrigerator

You may have heard that September and October are the best months for buying a new refrigerator. This is a common myth, which is correct for other appliances but not refrigerators.

Most major appliance manufacturers (GE, Samsung, Etc.) do, in fact, unveil their new models during September and October. However, this doesn’t apply to refrigerators. For fridges specifically, here are the best times of year to buy:


Most major refrigerator manufacturers will unveil new models during the summer. It might be because the heat makes you more interested in the cold! But for whatever reason, companies unveiling their new models in the month of May means that older models will drop in price accordingly.


Another time to shop is at the beginning of the year. Most stores want to make sure they have all of the newest models on the floor and avoid too much old inventory.

Holiday Weekends

No doubt you’re familiar with labor day, 4th of July, and Black Friday sales. These are always good opportunities to get a new refrigerator. But these ‘sales’ are sometimes manipulated by raising the price and then discounting it down to the original number. Be careful with holiday sales!

End of the Month and Weekdays

The end of the month is when people working sales need to hit their quotas. They’ll be more willing to work with you at the month’s end.


Fewer people shop outside of the weekend, so you may have an easier time shopping during the week. You may find this more pleasant in general if you enjoy taking your time.


Not a time, but there are websites and tools available that aid in finding the best price for appliances. This is the most convenient method, but you’ll miss out on the possibility of negotiating with the salesperson

Knowing the best time to buy a refrigerator is the just first step to getting a great deal. With these times in mind, you can plan out your next remodeling project that much easier.

If you find a great deal, look to see if your preferred store has a price match option. Many major stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes, will match the price if you find a cheaper deal elsewhere

Replacing an old refrigerator

For Immediate Replacement

Sometimes, you don’t get to decide when to replace your refrigerator. Things break unexpectedly all the time. If your refrigerator fails, you may be in need of a quick replacement without as much interest in quality or style. Look into these shopping options if you need a new fridge, fast:

  1. Craigslist and Other Local Listings. If you are in a decently populated area, there will almost always be somebody selling an older – but functioning – refrigerator. You will likely need to do the moving and installation yourself, however.
  2. Refurbishing Centers. Many businesses work by taking in old and malfunctioning products and fixing them for resale. A good refurbishing center will offer refrigerators for a very reasonable price and often offer installation as well.
  3. Scratch and Dent. Most major retailers will have sizable markdowns for any units that were damaged in transit. If you don’t mind a ding here or there, ask your salesperson if they have these units around.
  4. Liquidation Centers. When a company orders too much product, receive returned items, or go out of business, a liquidation center might sweep in and buy them for cheap. These kinds of businesses offer sizable discounts compared to brand new models.

If you are able to plan out your replacement, then these times are absolutely ideal for buying a new refrigerator. Just a little time and planning can go a long way. But hopefully you are also prepared if the purchase comes up unexpectedly.

Now that you know when to buy a new refrigerator, you can be well prepared for the future.


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