Top 14 Best Manuka Honey Reviews

Top 10 Best Manuka Honey Reviews, best manuka honey brands

If I ask you about your health expenses on treatments every year, what’ll be the answer?

I am sure majority will clock in somewhere in the thousands of dollars on average.

While most of the money goes in serious treatments, a significant amount goes in treatment of lightweight bruise, nicks, cuts, and burns as well.

Not only that, we spend a great deal of money on our facial care too! Almost too much.

I believe nature can save us from the hassle of paying these crazy fees. As insane as it sounds, mother nature has hidden her secret healing properties inside plants and liquids.

One liquid you can find in nature is called Manuka Honey. This product is a type of honey that is native to New Zealand. It comes from Manuka Bush's pollen. The significance of the products made from this natural resource is that they will grant you a cure from everyday pains that would typically send you running to the doctor, such as minor cuts and bruises.

If you use it in a wise way, Manuka honey can even be taken as a nutritional supplement to enhance your diet, as a natural skin care product, or as a digestive supplement in teas or foods.

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What is Manuka Honey Exactly? 

​“Manuka Honey”​ may be a new term for you. A while back, I too was a stranger to this term. From my understanding before, honey came from bees and not from anywhere else.

​A while back when I googled the term, "where does Manuka honey come from?" I found out that Manuka Honey comes from New Zealand, and the specific bush is one that only exists there. 

​Bees pollinate Manuka Bushes and that is how this specific type of honey is produced. ​Over time, it has been learned by natives that using this natural ingredient to treat their wounds works​.

​The word has spread and caught fire, and there are plenty of Manuka Honey Brands existing today that claim to be the best. ​

We want to show you how to differentiate between all the ones out there, and that begins with potency levels.

Now that’s a tricky question. I don’t have a straight answer to that. For this, I don’t have a particular product in mind. Instead, I have top ten candidates. Let me review these products in brief and tell you why I rate them so high on my list of choices.

Our Best Manuka Honey Reviews

1. Good Natured Manuka Honey (MGO 820+, 250g)

Manuka Honey MGO 850+ (NPA 20+) High Grade Medicinal Strength | Non...
  • ✅ MANUKA INGREDIENTS: 100% RAW MGO 850+ Manuka Honey (Often tests higher than 850 - see lab report image). Every...
  • ✅ BEES: Our bees are managed naturally by organic standards without the use of sugar feeding, veterinary...
  • ✅ COLD EXTRACTION OF MANUKA HONEY: The special cold extraction method we use preserves the exceptional properties...

The whole point of buying honey is that we want a natural source of nutrition. Same thing goes for Manuka Honey as well. There’s no use if you don’t get to the actual source of this product.

You have to have the raw, indigenous, and authentic product to work its magic. That’s where Bee's Inn comes into play. It is produced, packed, and packaged in Australia.

This brand goes to great lengths to ensure you get the authentic taste that you pay for. 

Thanks to the taste, you can use the jar of honey as a nutrition supplement, as part of workout diets, as a part of your regular breakfast etc. Since it is GMO-free, people can consume it without too much of a thought.

As it goes with this variant of honey, you can use it as a beauty product as well. 

Highlighted Features:

  • This is a Raw and GMO-free product.
  • You only need a small quantity of this product to work it’s magic.
  • Feel free to take it independently or as a part of other diet plans.
  • Smooth and Creamy  Tastes exceptionally well.
  • Good Natured are Genuine Australian Beekeepers.

2. Kiva Certified UMF 20+ - Raw Manuka Honey Review

Kiva Raw Manuka Honey, Certified UMF 20+ (MGO 830+), New Zealand (8.8...
  • UMF 20+ certified RAW Manuka Honey - equivalent to methylgloxal (MGO 830+)
  • GENUINE MANUKA HONEY: Harvested from the remote and pristine hills, forest, and coastal areas of New Zealand
  • Buying UMF rated Manuka honeys protects you from low grade honey (often labeled 'active' or 'bio-active')

If you’re looking for the product that will offer you the most powerful healing power, Kiva Certified Raw Manuka Honey is the one to get. With a UMF of 20+, this product contains high amounts of healing agents.

Can you believe the honey has an MG count of 825+?

That’s huge, right?

Kiva Manuka honey is harvested from hives in the remote Pristine hills, forests, and other areas in NZ where the Manuka scrub grows abundantly. The honey is then independently tested and packaged for sale.

Kiva says that its mission is to offer its customers innovative food that is tasty, healthy, and of high quality from all over the world.

They stress that their commitment is to use ingredients obtained from farmers who use sustainable, eco-friendly methods.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pure grade manuka honey From New Zealand Forest and Hills area.
  • High UMF rating – 20+
  • Genuine product – harvested from remote regions in NZ where the honey is purest
  • All batches are tested and verified before release to the public. There Have certification number on the jar that you can verify form official website.
  • Much different testes than other brands.

3. Manuka Health - MGO 400+ Manuka Honey

Manuka Health - MGO 400+ Manuka Honey, 100% Pure New Zealand Honey,...
  • NATURE MEETS SCIENCE: MGO 400+ is deliciously smooth and expertly crafted to naturally support general wellness;...
  • NEW ZEALAND BORN: Our master beekeepers and bees are key to preserving the quality and natural properties of our...
  • MEASURING THE MAGIC: We judge Manuka honey based on the quantity of methylglyoxal, the "magic Manuka ingredient,"...

I can't imagine make best manuka honey shortlist without Manuka Health - MGO 400+ Manuka Honey. This honey taste is very delicious that i never forget. 

This brand is particularly strict as far as the product quantity inside the jar is concerned. “Manuka Health” is raw and pure.

Why do I say that?

Well, it comes with the perfect quantity of Methylglyoxal.

This compound is explicitly found in Manuka Honey that comes from New Zealand. In fact, this is the ingredient that gives these products the characteristics they are famous for.

People can expect 400gm Methylglyoxal within per KG of this Manuka honey. This compound enables Manuka Health to be the natural sweetener and an essential component for first aid that it is today.

So, what’s so special about this brand? Well, it acts as a natural soother. Add Manuka Health to your tea and this will ease the sore throat to great extent.

Manuka Health 400+ worked its magic to remove my long standing cough problem. Not only that, this jar of a wonder is known to counter Tonsillitis as well.

​It is no secret that these things can be good face masks. Besides that, Manuka expertly treats skin conditions like acne and eczema. 

Preparing this wonder medicine for cuts and burns takes no artificial steps along the way.

The secret of its effectiveness against digestive issues and poor stomach condition is that “Manuka Health” uses bioactive ingredients indigenous to New Zealand’s flora and fauna. Pretty awesome, if you ask me!

Highlighted Features:

  • One of the Top Manuka Honey brands with an abundance of Methylglyoxal.
  • Extremely processed and packaged within New Zealand under ideal conditions.
  • It has a smooth texture and a creamy taste.
  • Does prove to be a great ally of your skin.
  • Boosts the overall immune system and contributes to the wellbeing of people.
  • The jars of this product are carefully examined and then certified for quality assurance.

4. Comvita Certified UMF 15+ (Super Premium) Manuka Honey

Comvita Certified UMF 15+ (MGO 514+) New Zealand's #1 Raw Manuka...
  • CERTIFIED UMF 15+ (MGO 514+) Super Premium Grade Raw Manuka Honey comes from the nectar of the Manuka flower in the...
  • BENEFITS Manuka Honey is one of nature’s powerful wonders, revered by naturopathic doctors, nutritionists and...
  • USES Add this superfood to your tea, oatmeal, yogurt, smoothie, or simply enjoy by the spoon. Great as a morning...

Did you know that Comvita are the largest Manuka honey dealers in the world?

Getting there is not easy; it needs the company to install measures to ensure that products are of unmatched quality.

The Comvita certified honey is super premium with a certified UMF rating of 15+. The UMF Honey Association (UMFHA) independently tests every batch of the honey, to assess the levels of the three major compounds (MG, DHA, and Leptosperin) with unique health benefits.

These compounds are found together only in pure Manuka honey. Remember, brands that are labelled ‘active’, ‘15+’ or ‘bio-active’ without the UMF or K-Factor trademark don’t have the same quality standards.

Comvita sells medical-grade Manuka honey, which is a sterilized strain with high UMF ratings. Their products are usually used in hospitals and clinics to treat burn patients.

Highlighted Features:

  • 15+ UMF rating.
  • Medical-grade honey
  • Kosher and Halal-certified
  • Supplied by trusted leaders in the Manuka honey industry.
  • 250g/8.8 ounce bottle Available. 

5. Manuka Doctor 24+ Bio Active Honey

Manuka Doctor Pure New Zealand Honey, 8.75 oz
  • 100% natural Manuka honey from New Zealand, independently certified country of origin
  • Independent laboratory tested Bio Active rating
  • Use in beverages, as a sweetener substitute or slowly dissolved in your mouth by the spoonful to receive the full...

Next on my list of top-class Manuka Honey products is Manuka Doctor Bio Active Honey. Now, totally indigenous element of Manuka aside, I can guess how confused you are with the term “Bio Active.” I am here to solve that.

Well people, there’s a rating system in place called TA rating. This measures the total Peroxide activity within Manuka Doctor. The higher the rating, the more “Bio Active” it is. In case of this product, the rating is 24+. The higher the rating, the better it is for your health.

This little jar we have here is perfect energy source. This is good for people who need quick bursts of energy. You see where I’m getting at, don’t you? Yes, this is perfect for people going to the gym.

Manuka Doctor does a phenomenal job of rejuvenating consumers after a tiring day! This thing is packed with antioxidants that work from within you and take away the fatigue. People feel fresh even after few rigorous hours at the gym or in the office.

Of course, this product is great when people use it on external wounds and cuts. Furthermore, it works in case of bacterial fevers. As far as the therapeutic benefits go, Manuka Doctor is perfect for treating or providing first aid to inflammations as well!

I’m not done yet!

Besides all that, people can use it as a super food as well!

Feel free to use this wonder product as a sweetener in beverages. This is also the prescribed way for people to get the honey inside of them. It dissolves in your mouth. So, no worries!

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a high Peroxide activity and thus it is Bio Active.
  • If you ever want a home treatment for bacterial fever or infections, “Manuka Doctor” is your answer.
  • This honey acts as a quick source of energy; perfect for gym-going people.
  • This thing dissolves in your mouth quickly.
  • This thing is great against wounds, scraps, nicks, and cuts as well. 

6. Airborne (New Zealand) Manuka Honey

No products found.

The Maori tribe used the Manuka flowers as medicinal plants to treat fevers and colds, and as sedatives against pain. The first European settlers to come across the Manuka plants dubbed them the “tea trees”, as they used their bark to make tea.

Airborne Manuka Honey persistently rates at an NPA of between 8 and 12, due to its awesome natural properties. Note, NPA (acronym for Non-Peroxide Activity) refers to antibacterial features beyond the natural healing properties of honey. The excellent NPA ratings give this brand its unique potency to deal with a broad assortment of ailments.

There are some brands that sell their honey in brown containers to darken it and make it seem like it’s excellent. Airborne, however, sells its products in clear jars so you have a truthful idea of what you’re purchasing.

Highlighted Features:

  • A pollen count of 70+, indicating the honey’s genuineness.
  • Pure and Raw Honey.
  • Transparent display of what is being sold – clear jars are used.
  • 8-12 NPA rating, portraying the brand’s effectiveness in dealing with bacterial conditions.
  • All Jar have details of pollen count, batch numbers, and active ingredients (lab tested).
  • 500g / 17.85oz Jar.
  • Affordable Price.

7. Happy Valley UMF 15+ Manuka Honey

Happy Valley Manuka Honey New Zealand Certified UMF 15+ MGO 514+...
  • QUALITY UMF 15+ manuka honey from the pristine native forests of New Zealand is lab-certified to UMF 15+ standard,...
  • UNIQUE MANUKA FACTOR - UMF is the association of New Zealand honey producers that governs the manuka honey UMF...
  • OUR LAND OUR BEES - Honey is a natural product created by the joining of nature and it's environment, making the...

The UMF trademark is the most vital internationally recognizable mark used to verify the quality and authenticity of Manuka honey. The trademark happens to be made by the UMF Association, the body that sets guidelines for the sale of Manuka honey.

Now, Happy Valley happens to be a member of the UMF Association, meaning that its products comply with the set guidelines for harvesting and packaging, and the testing requirements.

Happy Valley Manuka Honey comes with the UMF mark, thus giving you confidence that the product you are buying is genuine New Zealand-produced Manuka honey that has high levels of MG and DHA.

The Happy Valley Manuka Honey is tested independently and has been showed to contain high levels of beneficial compounds. Based on these independent tests, this brand has a UMF range of 15+.

Highlighted Features:

  • Lab-Certified MGO 510+(UMF 15+) Honey.
  • This Honey Also Come From New Zealand
  • Paleo-friendly.
  • A characteristic golden-brown color
  • Thick texture with a pleasant after-taste
  • 250g/500g Container Available. 

8. Wedderspoon’s Raw Premium Manuka Honey, KFactor-16

Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey, KFactor 16, 17.6 Ounce
  • MONOFLORAL HONEY: Our Manuka Honey is raw, never pasteurized, Non-GMO Project verified Manuka Honey, traceable from...
  • NEW ZEALAND HONEY BEES: Over a period of 6 weeks, New Zealand honey bees work at producing honey consumed globally....
  • AUTHENTIC FLAVOR: As the honey crystals dissolve on your tongue, your taste buds will come alive as they recognize...

Manuka honey is a unique alternative medicine with multiple uses for beauty, colds, active lifestyles, and more. The guys at Wedderspoon understand this fact all too well, and that is why they rely on the K-Factor scale, which is a grading system approved by the NZ government to guarantee the honey’s genuineness.

Manuka honey is made by bees. The way this happens is by the nectar contained in the flowers of the Manuka shrub, which is found all over NZ. Wedderspoon happens to have more than 10 years of experience in harvesting the honey, and therefore they can be trusted to get the purest strains.

Supposing they had a reputation of selling low-quality honey, wouldn’t they have been kicked out of business a long time ago?

Wadderspoon offers the honey in its natural form, without any addition or removal of constituents. Also, the company does not pasteurize the honey; it sells it raw.

Apart from that, this company uses the K-Factor to establish the degree of medical usefulness of the product.  The K-Factor is a measure of Manuka pollen in the honey.

With a K-Factor of 16, at least 75% of the pollen in the honey belongs to the Manuka flowers, showing that the honey is genuine.

Highlighted Features:

  • Produced and packaged in New Zealand.
  • Sold raw – it’s not pasteurized.
  • Verified to be non-GMO.
  • K-Factor of 16
  • You can use it for multiple purpose like in the kitchen, home remedies, DIY beauty etc.

9. Manukora Manuka Honey UMF 20+

Manukora UMF 20+/MGO 850+ Raw Mānuka Honey (250g/8.8oz) Authentic...
  • AUTHENTIC RAW MANUKA HONEY: With its medicinal properties and health benefits, Manukora UMF 20+/MGO 850+, non-GMO...
  • UMF & MGO CERTIFIED: Manukora is a licensed UMF Assocation member, the only independent organization that verifies...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: All of our raw Mānuka honey products are produced in our HACCP certified honey facility in New...

This is yet another extremely potent Manuka honey brand, perfect for those looking for maximum power. With a UMF of 20 and above, you can be sure that the honey contains just the right combination of natural compounds to offer you whatever you’re seeking, whether it’s beauty, better immunity or other health benefits.

Manukora Manuka Honey is obtained from native forests in NZ, and put into the selling containers directly, meaning that every jar is pure and natural. During harvesting, the honey undergoes a creaming process, to ensure that the product is smooth and delicious while staying natural and keeping its distinctive flavor.

This brand is obtained from the most virgin areas in NZ and has received certifications from independent UMF labs. For those reasons, Manukora believes that its product is the purest and most potent Manuka honey in the market today. Their products normally come with a code on the lid, which they advise their customers to scan to verify the products’ authenticity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Authentic Manuka honey supplied by a NZ-based company.
  • Obtained from the most virgin environments in NZ native forests.
  • Harvested and packaged straight from the hives.
  • Undergoes delicate creaming, which makes the honey smooth and delicious.
  • Comes with a code that you can scan to confirm the legitimacy of the product.

10. Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey KFactor

Manukora UMF 20+/MGO 850+ Raw Mānuka Honey (250g/8.8oz) Authentic...
  • AUTHENTIC RAW MANUKA HONEY: With its medicinal properties and health benefits, Manukora UMF 20+/MGO 850+, non-GMO...
  • UMF & MGO CERTIFIED: Manukora is a licensed UMF Assocation member, the only independent organization that verifies...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: All of our raw Mānuka honey products are produced in our HACCP certified honey facility in New...

Wadderspoon like using the K-Factor to measure the quality of their honey, as the scale indicates the amount of Manuka pollen, thus showing the genuineness of the product.

Raw Manuka honey from Wadderspoon has a K-Factor of 12, which denotes that almost all the pollen in the honey is from Manuka flowers.

That simply means that the product is genuine Manuka honey, and can be very effective for treating a wide range of illnesses.

This product is raw and unpasteurized, meaning that its natural properties are totally intact. Then again, its taste and texture are great.

As you will probably discover through other Manuka honey users, Wedderspoon is one of the most trusted brands, and their products are quite unique.

That is probably due to the fact that they focus on ensuring the purity of the product through the K-Factor, which helps them assess the amount of Manuka pollen in the honey.

Highlighted Features:

  • Packaged straight from the hives to ensure you enjoy it raw and natural.
  • Non-GMO
  • Has a K-Factor of 12, denoting a high degree of purity.
  • 100% Raw Honey

11. Manuka Honey Active UMF 20+ Raw Unpasteurized Certified East Cape Te Araroa New Zealand

East Cape Te Araroa Premium Manuka Honey UMF Certified 15+-MGO 550+...
  • PREMIUM CERTIFIED RAW 15 Plus MANUKA Honey with an actual tested rating of 17.2 (Please see list of certifications...
  • SINGLE SOURCE MONOFLORAL MANUKA HONEY East Cape, North Island, New Zealand Kept in a special honey room until...

Certified East Cape Manuka Honey is produced by the bees that pollinate the Manuka bushes growing wildly in NZ’s beautiful and undisturbed East Cape region. This strain is not blended with other types of honey, thus making it very unique.

This is yet another high-UMF brand that is produced from Manuka plants growing in NZ’s serene, undisturbed East Cape region.

This honey is not blended with other honeys and it’s, in fact, tested regularly in New Zealand government-accredited laboratories to ensure its purity. Most results from these tests indicate that the honey has a UMF of 20+.

Due to its high UMF RATING, East Cape Manuka Honey UMF is considered to have exceptional power against stubborn bacterial infections like pneumonia among other health conditions.

If you’re looking to kick out acne, this is the product to get as its antimicrobial properties are extremely powerful.

This brand is tested independently by the NZ Laboratory Services Ltd, which is a government accredited facility. According to data from this laboratory, the brand rates at a UMF of 20+, meaning it should be very effective at treating a wide range of medical conditions.

When handling honey, storage conditions are vital because heat can ruin it. The suppliers of Certified East Cape Manuka Honey are aware of this fact, and that is why they always keep it in special honey rooms until it’s shipped to buyers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Produced uniquely in the undisturbed East Cape region – this means it’s very pure.
  • Has a UMF of 20+, meaning it’s extremely powerful and Effective.
  • Protected in special honey rooms before shipping to ensure its outstanding quality is maintained.
  • Tested and verified by government-accredited labs.

12. Onuku Certified Manuka Honey

Onuku Premium New Zealand UMF 20+/MGO 830+ (250G) Authentic Manuka...
  • NON-GMO HONEY: Called "liquid gold" by the food industry; Full of goodness, rich pure manuka honey from New Zealand
  • MADE IN NEW ZEALAND: Sourced from the fertile land of Tarawera indigenous to Maori people and supporting Maori...
  • BENEFITS: Rich in mineral content due to a unique ingredient called methylglyoxal

Onuku Manuka Honey is based around Mount Tarawera in New Zealand’s North Island and each batch is guaranteed Non-GMO and possesses a high UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) of 20 and above which is quite high for most Manuka honey.

Additionally, Onuku uses a nifty app, called ApiTrak, which is a “honey track and trace” system that the entire industry uses to trace from what apiary your specific jar came from. Personally, I think that’s super cool!

Highlighted Features:

  • UMF rating of 20+
  • 8.8 oz
  • ApiTrak app integration which traces from which apiary the honey came from.

13. Wild Cape UMF 15+ East Cape Manuka Honey Review

WildCape UMF Certified 15+ East Cape New Zealand Manuka Honey, 250g...
  • AUTHENTIC UMF 15+ certified manuka honey is the only single source UMF Manuka honey harvested exclusively from the...
  • CERTIFIED Beware of honeys that only claim to be manuka but don't show a UMF certified rating. UMF stands for...
  • BENEFITS Most enjoy at least one teaspoon of WildCape Manuka Honey each day, either on its own, or dissolved in hot...

Wild Cape East Cape Manuka Honey is a product of not just business but also pure passion. Bill Savage, the brand’s founder, acquired his first bee hive at the tender age of twelve and 40 years later, his passion for the natural environmental process of honey production has only grown bigger.

In the course of his beekeeping career, Bill has created a team of 10 expert beekeepers and together, they position hives strategically in the Wild East Cape’s Manuka forests that have remained largely undisturbed and natural. Hence, the honey they harvest is pure and normally rich in MG and other healing agents.

When the bees produce and store the honey, Bill and his team transport the honeycomb boxes to their base in Gisborne. There, they operate under stern quality management, removing the honey gently so that they can return they combs to the hives intact. They then test the honey under the UMF grading guidelines and set aside the finest of it for sale.

Finally, they put the honey into containers that bear the Wild Cape Label. These containers also carry the UMF mark of quality.

Highlighted Features:

  • Produced out of pure passion.
  • This Product Has a UMF of 15+
  • Pure, with no artificial ingredients.

14. Manuka Honey UMF15+ Eco-Friendly, Raw And Pure By Tahi

TAHI MANUKA HONEY UMF 15+ (MGO 514+) | Natural and Raw - Sustainable...
  • THE REAL DEAL – The UMF trademark is your guarantee of the quality and authenticity of our certified UMF...
  • RAW MANUKA HONEY: 100% natural, unpasteurised, no added water, sugar or preservatives, to retain all its natural...
  • 100% FULL CIRCLE: 100% of Tahi’s profits go directly into Conservation projects, Community and Culture.

The guys at Tahi believe that nature is their most valuable asset and as such, following an eco-friendly production process is their motto. Tahi doesn’t follow the normal commercial beekeeping procedures.

Tahi bees are not given any sugar syrups or chemicals, and they don’t go on orchard visits. For those reasons, the bees don’t pick up toxins like pesticides and herbicides, and therefore the honey they produce is totally safe.

Tahi does not package honey that’s from hives under its management, and thus every jar sold is of exceptional quality. Then again, the honey isn’t pasteurized and it’s minimally filtered, to maintain optimal goodness.

The resulting sweet taste and aroma, and the creaminess come from the fact that Tahi follows careful procedures from harvesting to packaging.

This company values nature a lot, and that is why they have planted over 250,000 trees to ensure the habitat stays sufficient to its natural inhabitants.

These endeavors to preserve nature have seen great results. 

Highlighted Features:

  • UMF rating of 15+
  • The company has a UMFHA license, proving it adheres to the set guidelines on production
  • Pure honey that doesn’t contain any pollutants as the bees don’t go on orchard visits.

Things to Consider Before Buying Manuka Honey

Looking to experience the full medical benefits of pure Manuka honey? Note that not all Manuka honey has the same quality.

The honey is made when bees pollinate the Manuka scrub in New Zealand but not all Manuka plants contain DHA, the chemical that gets converted to MG, which in turn gives the honey its antimicrobial properties.

That means that not all Manuka honey is good enough to offer you the therapeutic properties you’re looking for. 

Your Manuka Honey Needs:

What’s your biggest reason for wanting to take this natural remedy?

Maybe, you want to treat a stubborn skin condition or you want to improve your digestion. You need to know precisely the condition you’d like to deal with so you can get the product that will be able to meet your needs. Every Manuka honey brand has some unique Factor that will meet your need.

The UMF Factor (Unique Manuka Factor):

  • 0-4 UMF: Non-therapeutic
  • 5-9 UMF: Perfect for those looking to maintain good health
  • 10-14 UMF: Ideal for those seeking natural healing
  • 15-20 UMF: Therapeutic honey – great for treating conditions like acne, eczema, acid reflux, and stubborn wounds

Like the UMF rating, the K-Factor is another metric used to grade Manuka honey. Its scale helps figure out the amount of Manuka pollen in the honey, as this is an indicator of the degree of purity.

Here’s a scale showing different K-Factor Levels:

  • K-factor 12 – 65% manuka tree flowers pollen
  • K-factor 16 – 75% Manuka flowers pollen
  • K-factor 22 – 90% Manuka flowers pollen

Keep in mind that the higher the Manuka pollen count in the honey, the more superior its healing properties.

USDA Approval:

Manuka honey is expensive to produce, and therefore some brands will try to add cheap sugar syrups or fructose to increase its quantity. Now, for a product to get accreditation from the USDA (stands for United States Department of Agriculture), it must be pure, without any additives.

The USDA has a strict set of guidelines that help make certain that the product is organic, meaning that it has undergone minimal processing.

The MG label:

When looking to buy Manuka honey, be sure to check its MG content. MG, which stands for Methylglyoxal, is one of the chemical compounds that give therapeutic power to Manuka honey. MG happens to be the main constituent giving Manuka honey its antibacterial properties.

Buy from The Real Certified Brands:

Based on data from the NZ ministry of primary industries, more than the produced Manuka honey is sold to the consumers. Where does the extra honey come from? Counterfeiting.

Most of the upcoming brands are, unfortunately, after money, and they often pack their products with alluring labels portraying how they work miracles.

I bet you don’t want to fall victim to such schemes, right?

If so, be sure to purchase your honey from the top brands only. Such brands include Wedderspoon, Comvita, Manukora, Happy Valley, and Tahi.

How to Check Manuka Honey Quality

A whole lot of business people and companies, both decent and indecent, have ventured into the Manuka honey industry.

Unfortunately, many people regularly fall for the deception of unscrupulous Manuka honey businesses, and they end up purchasing the wrong product. 

Fortunately, there are some ways in which you can ascertain the quality of the product you’re looking to buy.

First, you’ve got to check the UMF mark of quality. This mark indicates that the product contains antibacterial properties, and states precisely the level of these properties to help you ascertain whether or not it’s good enough to meet your needs.

The other way in which you can determine the product’s quality is by checking the MG rating. Tests are normally done to verify the amount of MG in the product, as it’s the compound that helps you deal with bacterial infections.

You will find that some brands do not use either the UMF or the MG rating, and instead use their own, uncertified ways to measure the quality of their products.

In that regard, you might encounter terms like “active”, “bio-active”, and so on. I’d advise you to stay away from such brands, as most of them have a reputation for supplying impure Manuka honey, which is often blended with other products, and thus mediocre when it comes to dealing with medical conditions.

What is the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF)?

The UMF, which is the acronym for the Unique Manuka Factor, refers to a quality trademark and rating system that gives you quality assurance and protects your rights as a consumer.

It helps you identify pure Manuka honey that contains unique healing properties only found in some varieties of Manuka honey.

Only licensed producers who meet the standards of harvesting and packaging are permitted to use the UMF trademark. Also, producers have to be a NZ company to be licensed as authorized dealers.

The UMF quality trademark rates Manuka honey from level 5 going upward as follows:

  • 0-4 – Not detectable
  • 5-9 – Low quality
  • 10-15 – Medium quality
  • 16+ Superior quality

The UMF scale normally portrays the degree of medically beneficial properties in the honey. This shows you an possibility of the amount of unique compounds like leptosperin and methylglyoxal (MG), which exist only in very low quantities in other strains of honey.

These compounds give Manuka honey its antibiotic effect, and that’s why it has special healing power beyond what other sorts of honey have.

Remember, the higher the UMF rating, the stronger the honey. If you seek maximum power, I would recommend going for brands with a UMF rating of 16 and above.

What are the Real UMF Certified Best Manuka Honey Brands?

Only a few suppliers of Manuka honey are genuine and certified by the UMF Association. These brands follow strict rules on harvesting, packaging and transportation to ensure the product is of high quality and totally safe. Here are the top UMF certified brands.



Happy Valley



  • Treating sinusitis and sore throats
  • Last Words of Wisdom

    Not to sound like a Hardcore Naturalist, the best Manuka Honey brands do exceptionally well in treating some of our ailments.

    While conventional medicines treat us at a heavy cost, nature does it for free most of the time. Minus the side effects of course.

    If nothing else, Manuka Honey is a great sweetener and nutritional source.

    For you to make the most out of your honey, make sure it is a genuine product. Looking for an USDA approval on the product is a good place to start. Follow the buying guide in my post to make sure you choose the top brand.

    One quick word: Don’t just go applying these to any and every wound. Each condition has its own treatment. Consult your doctor. Run the course. Also, remain safe while using these things.

    Hopefully you were able to find the best manuka honey with our reviews of our favorite brands and manuka honey products.

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    1. I used Manuka honey 30 yrs ago. I had a staph infection an abscess that was treated in hospital etc. It lasted 6 weeks of draining with daily salt baths. I happen to pass a Holland and Barrett shop where on display was a leaflet about Manuka honey. Typhus was put into a Petrie dish. Within 3 days this was gone. Impressed I’ve used it regularly since then


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